Nov 162016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

The Borough Christmas Tree lighting and town lighting will be held on Saturday, November 26th at 7:00 PM at the Lilly Borough Building (former ambulance) building on Main Street . Come join in the festivities of welcoming in the Christmas Season.

There will also be Sleigh Rides hosted by the historical society and provided by Misty Haven Stables from 5:30 until 9:00 PM. Sign up in advance at Galls Insurance on Main Street. Out of town families are welcome. Fortunately in over 10 years of holding the tides there has never been enough snow to use the blades instead of the wheels. Fingers crossed!

Celebrating their birthdays on the 17th are Ronald George and Tabitha Sibis. John Weber will be turning another year older on the 18th. On the 19th, Taylor Rabatin and Dominic Stiffler will celebrating their birthdays. If you see Diane Kuisick, Caleb Hurley, Noah Jones, or Chris Mulhearn on the 21st, wish them a happy birthday. Michael Quinn will be eating cake and ice cream on the 22nd for his birthday. Happy birthdays go out to Myrtle Haines, Hannah Glenn, Allison Przybys, and Trey Talko on the 24th.

Celebrating their anniversaries on the 20th are Andrew and Josephine Lysic and James and Sonja Moyer. On the 21st, James and Carmella Drass will be enjoying their anniversary. Russ and Gertrude Leap will have their 60th anniversary on the 22nd. If you see Robert and Deborah Rabatin on the 23rd, wish them a happy anniversary.

Yon are definitely an old timer if you remember Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson running for President and John Kennedy and Richard Nixon running four years later.

Nov 162016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

The Lilly American Legion Honor guard will hold a veteran remembrance ceremony at the Lilly War Memorial field at 11:00 AM on Friday November 11. The public is invited to this event that will honor area veterans who have passed away this past year including Larry Mock, Fred Arnold, Ralph Scoran, Larry Lucas and Paul Sweeney.
Orders can still be placed with the Lilly Knights of Columbus for their Christmas Candy until November 29.( See any Knight) The orders then can be picked up before or after Masses at Our Lady of the Alleghenies hall on December 10 and 11.
The entire community was saddened by the recent death of John Muldoon. He lived here in town and had a wealth of friends and family here. RIP

Aren’t you glad the elections are over and the TV programs are getting back to normal. This was the most frustrating campaign for president that I can ever remember and I now have no respect for either finalist or parties. Disgusting is too mild of a word to call the campaign.
As it was warm the other day I decided to take a scooter ride around town. I covered most streets and was also looking out for junk and problems especially groups of old autos in my duty as mayor. There aren’t many to be found and 1 without plates or inspection is ok. Ones with broken windows should be removed.
What I did notice was that a very, very large percentage of residents take pride in their properties. Only a few places in town need cleaned up and letters will go out shortly addressing this.
Today, November 10 finds Nancy Cassissi, Jenifer Craine, Sharon Diehl, Elizabeth McCool, Frances McIntosh, Dolores Seymour and Liza Tremel all celebrating their birthdays. A special greeting goes to Elizabeth McCool who is 100 years of age on the 10th On the 11th John Schaffranek, Brady Jones, William Mulhearn and Joyce Przybys celebrate as will Emma Miorelli on the 12th. Mary Ann Suchta celebrates on the 13th and Margaret Conrad,Stephen Mardula, Laureen Ronan and Ray Serre party on the 14th while Tyler Prebish, Mark Przybys, Joyce Pyo, James Steberger and Sarah Wilson all enjoy cake and ice cream on the 15th. Happy Birthday to All!
Michael and Shelley McIntosh celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 15th. Happy Anniversary!

You are an old timer if you remember cleaning erasers outside after class as they were full of white dust.