Oct 302016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

While we are trying to enjoy the leaves turning colors as we advance through the fall we must take time outside to enjoy the briskness of the air. This brings along the annual Halloween programs in the area.

Lilly will be hosting a Halloween Parade in mid town with line up at 3:00 at the Lilly Ambulance building (that is the new Lilly Borough building) on Cleveland Street with the parade moving down Main Street at 3:00 PM. After the short parade a treat will be given to each child at the Borough building compliments of Lilly Borough and Washington Township. At the same time there will be trunks of treats in the pavilion area for those wishing to distribute candy from their vehicles.

Following this there will be town-wide trick or treating until 6: PM.
Fire and Ambulance personnel will help watch the streets for safety issues during the treat.

The Knights of Columbus Lilly Local will be conducting a Christmas candy sale at Our Lady of the Alleghenies church. Orders must be received by November 20th and candy pickup will be December 10th and 11th after all masses. They have many chocolate and peanut butter arrangements available.

Kayla Ehrenfeld and Autumn Hall observe birthdays today, October 27th followed by Sherry Agosta, Jacqueline Myers and Jeff Wilson on the 28th while Judith Leap. Cathleen Lykens and Bill Wheldon get to party on the 29th. Ed Ziemba observes his birthday on the 30th followed by Doug Custer, Michael Summerville. Chris Wheeler and Ronald Wissinger on the 31st. November 1 will find Mackenzie Behe, Jacob Martynuska and Travis Nadolsky celebrate as will Kimberly Bloom and Susan Filak on the 2nd. Happy Birthday to All.

Phil and Carol McGivney celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on the 29th while John and Joyce Pyo celebrate their 45th anniversary on October 30th. Happy Anniversary to both couples.

Having problems with my computer that appears like outside hacking. I am in the debate stage of what to do about it. So, for the next few weeks I may seem off base.

You are an old timer if the type writers in Mr. Beichners class room was the newest modern equipment you knew.