Oct 222016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

The Lilly Knights of Columbus will have order forms at Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church and Chapel for their annual candy sale. Help support the Knights by purchasing some Christmas tasty Christmas candy from them. Orders are due by November 20th and can be picked up on December 10 and 11
Call Mary Custer at 886- 7468 , Patty Nagy at 886-7374 or Shirley Patterson at 886-886-7213

The Lilly Borough-Washington Township area trick or treat will be held Sunday. October 30th with the parade line up at 3:00PM and parade starting at 3:30 PM at the ambulance/borough building, treats will be given after the parade. A trunk to treat line up of those wishing to give out candy from their trunks will be held as will the town wide trick or threat until 6 ;00

After the most disgusting national campaign ever held in this country time is coming to vote. Make your best choice as we will have to live with the winner for at least four years.

John (Jack) Lazor was originally from Cassandra and went to school in Lilly. He was a Navy SeaBee who took pride in the military and traveled to many national convention. He visited ere in Lilly several times in the last few years and was a friend to me. RIP Jack

Georgia Borlie and William Weakland celebrate their birthdays to day October 20 followed by
Joy Eckenrode on the 21st and James McCabe , Dillon Tremel and Ron Cropsey Jr on the 22nd. On the 23rd RoseMarie Boast,Patricia Zoskey, Carol Funari, Trent Logan ,Trey Logan, Chad Pysher and Doris Sweeney get to party as will John Lingafelt, Elizabeth Lutton. Sue Ann Leap,Mary Louise Lingafelt, Bambi Brown on the 24th and Michael Zumer Sr on the 25th followed by Abigail Bost and Christian Quinn on the 26th. Happy Birthday to All!

Ray And Catherine Serre celebrated their wedding anniversary on October 20 followed by Chris and Nancy Rowe on the 21st and Joseph and Kim Gides on the 22nd Larry and Linda Behe celebrate on the 25th. Happy Anniversary to All!


if you soaped car windows….what can I say.