Feb 282016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

Has the early political caucuses driven you nuts yet? I started out not watching them much, then catching a few alerts and then liking or dis liking candidates. I have changed ideas and candidates on both major parties. My bets are it will be Hillary and Trump into November.,

With the nice days out lately it is enjoyable to be hoping spring is not far away. Get out of hibernation and enjoy a short walk or some time outside. I am never happier now when I can get some fresh air. Enjoy, Enjoy!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic Church will be holding a Sunday afternoon Sports Raffle opening at Noon. A Roast Beef Dinner will be served starting at 1:00 P.M. Snacks start at 3:00 and there will be music by a DJ all afternoon. For tickets or details call 814-937-7093. Get out and enjoy better weather, win soe prizes and start to socialize into spring.i

It has been a sad time lately for the Lilly Area with the passing of several natives including Violet Pearson, 103 of Lewistown who died Saturday September 13. She was the last surviving child of Michael and Anne Bodenshatz and grew up in Lilly. Next to die was Veronica McIntosh age 92, she is the widow of Rodger McIntosh Sr. and has children here in Lilly. Marie Trybus also passed away. My sympathy is extended to all three families

Today, Ella Digruilles and Tom Suchta celebrate their birthdays as will Pam Sanders on the 26th
Bill Conley Jr. observes his birthday on the 28th and for two days on Leap Day there are no birthdays. March 1 finds Maddox Laret, Joseph Mardula, Julia Myers and Mary Jo Rainey celebrating. Happy Birthday to All!

You are an Old Timer if you remember when the Lilly Fire Company had carnival grounds and a refreshment stand on Cemetery Street between St. Brigids and the Polish Cemetery in the 1960s.