Dec 312015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

As you read this column New Years will be upon us. Have a great time with your family and friends as you welcome in 2016.Think of the good times of the past year and start thinking of new adventures for the coming year.

Look around the Lilly/Washington community and see the finished pavilion at the new ball field; the United Mine Workers water fountain at the Miners monument and the beautiful bell tower across the parkyard. All completed this year.

Christmas came and went with out any snow and I didn’t miss it at all. Guess we can live without a White Christmas. Sorry! Bing Crosby.

A sincere community sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Paul Smith who recently passed away. Paul was very active with the Lilly Fire Company and was their chief mechanic. He will be missed.

Today, December 31 finds Brian Behe, William McCarty, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips , Louise Tranquillo and my son in law Don Nadolsky observing their birthdays as will Fred Kuntz on January 1and Elizabeth Budzina,Anita Connor, Michael Malinski, Carol Bucynski, John Kodosky and Ronald Muldoon on the 2nd. Breanna Kuhns parties on the 3rd. Sara Jane Latoche celebrates on the 4th as will Brett Dively, Mark Lykens, Ava Poborsky, Colin Shable, Mario Corcetti and Gloria McGarry on the 5th.

You are an old timer if you celebrated New Years Eve at the Sokols or VFW and some of your bar tenders were Ron Guzic, Foster Nagy, Gump Risko, Jiggs Talko, Sam Talko. Rocky Waschalk, Chumsy Sanders etc.

If you have any stories, birthdays etc that you would like published in my column call me at 814-886-4694. I will gladly get the information in. I am a bit more home bound so I cant rely on being down town to gather information. I will be writing timely article concerning the up coming Great Lilly Home Coming to be held July 1-2 and 3, of July 2016. Plan to visit Lilly then. Thanks

Dec 302015
Dec 172015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

Just a friendly reminder to pick up candies ordered from the Lilly Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of the Alleghenies church hall on Saturday, December 19, and Sunday December 20, before and after all Masses.

Was told by a trail walker that it was very thoughtful of someone to decorate a tree along the walking trail in the Christmas spirit. I was told it was such a nice gesture and that a few other trees had single balls on them. The season is contagious!

Would you know it? Brian Fonk hit the road for another newspaper job after stirring Lilly up over the wild chickens. He was however doing a good job of covering events while here with the Mainliner. Just maybe a few wild chickens will follow him to Ohio instead of settling in artist Scott’s back yard.

After December 31 the Pennsylvania State Police will be covering Lilly Borough and Washington Township. Just dial 911 for any police emergency. Non-emergency police calls can be made at 472-2100. Parking problems and ordinance enforcement will not be covered. Any other questions call the Borough building at 886-7227 or the Washington Township building at 886-5359.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Audrey (Glenn) Shedlock who recently passed away. She was a daughter of the late Richard and Angie Glenn and grew up in Lilly. Sympathy also is extended to the family of Victor “Tom” Weatherwalk who also grew up in Lilly, a son of Charles and Edna Weatherwalk. He died recently while residing in Benscreek.

One of the largest bears harvested this year was taken nearby on Woppsy Mountain in Blair County. The bear weighed over 700 pounds. 50 years ago one never heard of a bear in this area. In fact at that time Bill Misiura got one that is still mounted in the Bear Rock club. He got it several counties northeast of here. Did you know the last elk shot in the area was a doe taken out in Dutchtown in a farm field above Cassandra? This was after elk were reintroduced to the area and finally: Around 1900 there were no deer left in Cambria County. They had all been taken either legally or illegally. Efforts were made to bring Michigan deer here to start a stock but they could not adapt and was an unsuccessful venture. Finally, deer were introduced from West Virginia. They adapted, so you now are hunting for cousins of West Virginia deer

Carissa Vyhonsky will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology from Carlow University tomorrow evening in Pittsburgh. She is a daughter of Pamela (Sweeney) and Ed Vyhonsky of Johnstown and a granddaughter of Richard Sweeney of Lilly and Eileen Sweeney of Johnstown.

Today, December 17 finds my son Steve celebrating his birthday along with Rick Koval, Frank Klayko, Josephine Kozak and Andrew Lysic. On the 18th Bill Latoche and Nyla Robine will be partying as will Brayden Artko on the 19th and Phyllis Beres, Adam Nagy, Rocco Ricupero and Vincenzo Ricupero on the 20th. Eileen McDermott and Nicholas Baker enjoy cake and ice cream on the 21st as will Ken Leap and Les Devett on the 22nd and Alexis Pauley on the 23rd. Happy Birthday to All!

Stanley and Barbara Kukla observe their wedding anniversary on December 22. Congratulations!

You are an old timer if you remember when Alex Tickerhoff was the funeral director here in Lilly.

Dec 102015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

The Lilly American Legion Post 628 will meet this evening at 7:00 PM at the Legion Hall on Jones Street. All post members are welcome at the meeting. Home Association members are welcome at the home meeting that begins at 7:00 PM. All veterans that have served during war time dates are welcome and invited to join the post.

The Lilly/Washington Public Library will hold drawings at 4:00 PM Friday for items being chanced off recently. The Library is attempting to raise funds to operate as state money has been cut off with the budget crisis. According to librarian Brenda Marsh, fund raisers will continue in the future to maintain operational funds. The library is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM and on Saturday from 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM.

My comment: This is another example of your state bureaucrats caring less and less for the small communities. County government officials should get on the band wagon of support for these little libraries.

Don’t forget the Breakfast with Santa being held at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church hall on Saturday, December 12. Adult and children 6 or older $8; children 5 and under$5. Each child gets a complimentary photo with Santa. Servings are at 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM.

The Lilly/Washington Historical Society calendars can be purchased at Galls Insurance Agency for $2

I took notice to the newspaper staff having quite an interest in our local flocks of “wild” chickens. Scott, the artist, added to the merriment with his “wild chicken” movie posters. Maybe we, as a community, could make both the news staff and Scott happier by asking Santa to deliver each of them 11 wild chickens and 1 noisy rooster for Christmas.

Charlotte Muldoon celebrates her birthday today, December 10 followed by Bill Dunmyer, Barb Martino and Regina Robine on the 11th and Cris Wheeler and Martha Link on the 12th . On the 13th my daughter Natalie and my sister Maureen both get to party along with Bill Hershel Sr., Nicholas Marinak and Ashlee Weakland. The 14th brings cake and ice cream for Elizabeth Wilt and Joseph Digman while Mark Behe, Pearl Fishel, Helen Fordick, Francis Krumenaker, Cecelia Nadolsky, Sandra Ehrenfeld and Lyle Offman party on the 15th and LeAnn Cannonie observes her birthday on the 16th. Happy Birthday to All!

Edward and Lori Krug celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 15. Congratulations!

You are an old timer if you do not believe in Santa Claus.

Dec 042015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

There are many hunters plying the woods of Pennsylvania this week in search of an elusive buck. I look back on the days that I was included in their ranks. Now…No way in Hades would you get me out there in the freezing woods. I love the warmth of my home a lot more than the spine chilling winds and freezing snow and rain that greets you in the back woods, plus my health would not allow such an adventure if I wanted to. Setting out the season seems to be the best choice for me.

Approximately 150 citizens of all ages from the area got to enjoy a sleigh and horse ride on Saturday night from 5:30 until 8:30 PM, many others joined in the caroling at the ambulance building where Santa showed up to greet the crowd and turn the Christmas lighting on for the Season. Paul Sklodowski finished last minute preparations on the trees at the corner while Bev Mandichak and Anna Leahey made the corner beautiful in Christmas lighting.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Lawrence Lucas who recently passed away. Larry was a Navy veteran and raised a family here in Lilly. A brother George resides here.

The Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendar is available at Galls Insurance Agency, the limited edition calendar includes a front cover of the Norfolk Southern locomotive and the Lilly Fire Company pumper both decked out in fire truck red honoring fire, police and ambulance services.

Call 886-4904 if you want to register with the “Breakfast with Santa” being held at the Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Hill Top Road on Saturday morning December 12. There will be two morning sittings: the first at 8:00 AM and the second at 9:30 AM. Adult fee is $8 and children 5 or under $5. All other children are $8. Each registered child will receive a photo with Santa

Anthony Ronan celebrates his birthday, today December 3rd while Ryan Behe, Joseph Ditosti, Colin Nesbella and yours truly celebrate on the 4th.This being my 72nd trip for cake and ice cream. Charles Mulhearn gets to party on the 5th along with Edward Myers and Margaret Robine. On the 6th Tim Przybys celebrates as will Brook McIntosh on the 7th. December 8 finds Mary Ann Billick, Paul Cooney and Emma Sawinski observing birthdays. Happy Birthday to All!

You are an old timer or getting there real quick if you remember when Al Green would butcher deer at his store and/or butcher shop on Main Street.