Nov 252015

November 25, 2015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694 

At dinner today and throughout a busy weekend take time to reflect on your family and the many good times together. Throw any bickering to the winds and enjoy life. Think back… ten, twenty and even fifty years or more to family get together’s on this joyful holiday. Can you still recall as a small child sitting down for the Thanksgiving dinner, enjoying the aroma of pumpkin and apple pies and the freshly baked turkey? Hasn’t changed much in all those years huh! Happy Thanksgiving.

There is a beautiful large pumpkin carving across the street from the Lilly Bank urging people to “Give Thanks” The carving was done by Anna (Shedlock) Leahey and is lit at night. Take a ride by to see it. (Since this posting the pumpkin has collapsed.)

The 2016 Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendar is available at Galls Insurance Agency on Main Street, The cover is a once in a life time shot taken by Ed Myers of the Lilly Fire truck and the Norfork Southern Patriotic locomotive here in Lilly. A limited edition keepsake.

“…..over the river and through the woods; to grandmothers house we go. The horse knows the way, to carry the sleigh through the wide and drifting snow” In days of old this was true. Give your kids a peak at the past with a sleigh ride this weekend at the Lilly Ambulance building. Sign up at Galls Insurance on Friday or take your chances at getting aboard Saturday from 5 until 9 PM. Rides are $3 per person. See me (Jack) at the hall and I will try to fit you in if you don’t get registered.

At 7:00 PM, Saturday the 28th, the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony will be held at the ambulance building. Santa Claus will arrive on a Lilly Fire Truck to greet the visitors and join them at the Borough building for cookies and hot chocolate.

From 7:30 until 9:00 PM, also on Saturday, there will be a display of Nativity sets at ST. Luke’s Church. The public is invited to visit this indoor display. On December 9th and 23rd, both Wednesdays, there will be an Advent service with healing orders at St. Luke’s. The service is at 7:00 PM each evening. On the 2nd and 16th of December the service will be held at the First Lutheran Church in Portage.

A friendly reminder that there will be a “Breakfast with Santa” at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church hall on December 9 with sittings at 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM. Adults and children over six breakfast is $8 and children under six $5. A complimentary photo with Santa will be taken of the children and Santa (Adults can beg for a photo if they still believe.) More details call 886-4904.

Celebrating birthdays with a turkey dinner on the 26th will be Joseph Gides, Deb Hartline, James Lego, Bernard Phillips, Sara Stauski and Gavin West. The 27th will be party time for Rick Nadolsky, Barbara Pysher, and Willard Wilkinson 3rd. Florence Stevens and Leora Abbotts enjoy cake and ice cream on the 28th as will Lucille Campagna and Taylor Tomlinson 0n the 29th. Lori Rainey observes her birthday on November 30. December 1 finds Nolan Russian and Amy Stauski celebrating birthdays as will Barbara Bart and Pricilla Sibis on the 2nd. Happy Birthday to All!
Today, November 25 finds Ted and Phyllis Myers observing their 59th wedding anniversary along with Donald and Frances George, Fred and Gloria Kuntz and Thomas and Patricia Muldoon. They are followed by Regis and Joan Kinback on the 28th and James and Mary Kozak on the 29th. Marilyn and Rick Nadolsky celebrate their anniversary on December 2nd. Best wishes to each couple!

With all the terrorist activity worldwide and threats here in the United States there is no use for gun control advocates to be pushing their cause. Instead each home should have at least one gun and a stock of ammunition and the inhabitants trained in the safe use of forearms.

You are an old timer or getting there if you remember Francis Andraychak as a game warden during deer season.

To the many hunters who will be plying the woods on Monday seeking an elusive buck. I have heard of quite a few different buck spotting’s so there are definitely some out there. Hunt safely.

Nov 192015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

The 2016 Lilly-Washington Historical Society Calendar is now available at Galls Insurance Agency. The cover this year is very unique and a once in a life time photo. Pictured is the North Folk Southern locomotive that was patriotically painted to honor Police-Fire and EMS and has traveled the system in their honor. The locomotive is pictured on the tracks near the carnival grounds with the Lilly Fire Company engine directly in front of it.

While at Galls getting a calendar you may as well book a sleigh ride for the night of Saturday the 28th. Ernie from Mystic Haven Stables will have his horses and sleigh here from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Rides are only $3 a person. The sleigh will hold up to a family or group of 12. This is always an enjoyable event during the annual Christmas tree lighting get together.

The Penn Cambria junior and senior girls competed in a Powder Puff flag football game Friday evening, November 13 at the school’s football field. Other than a very cold evening the players had a good time with the seniors beating the juniors in this second annual venture sponsored by the cheer leading boosters.

A reminder! Order some Christmas Candy from the local Knights of Columbus chapter. Orders must be in by November 29th. Call Deb Kozak at 886-8296; Patty Nagy at 886-7374; Mary Lou Custer 886-7468 or Shirley Patterson at 886-7213. Your purchase helps the Knights with their charitable programs in the area.

Food for thought! Hershey Candy products are now made in Mexico, which took away American jobs. The Knights at least make their candy here and donate funds to needy people locally.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be hosting a breakfast with Santa on December 12th at the church hall on Hilltop Street. Adults and children over age 6 is $8 and children 5 and under is $5 .A complimentary photo of each child breakfast purchased and Santa will be available. To register for breakfast call 814-886-4904. There will be 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM sittings. The breakfast will be Pancakes, sausage, hash browns, orange juice and coffee.

The Lilly-Washington Historical Society will meet Thursday evening, November 19 at the Lilly Borough building at 7:00 PM. Anyone with ideas for the Homecoming celebration on July 2 and 3 are invited to attend.

The Lilly Library in co-operation with Penn State Extension programs will be conducting classes for the general public on nutrition ideas and how to prepare better meals for less. Anyone interested in such a program is ask to call 814-472-7986. Classes will be scheduled once interest is determined.

Today, November 19 finds Robin Lee, Walter Nadolsky, Taylor Rabatin and Dominic Stiffler celebrating birthdays followed by Evelyn Gresko on the 20th and Caleb Hurley, Noah Jones, Diane Kuisick and Chris Mulhearn on the 21st. Michael Quinn parties on the 22nd. On the 24th Hannah Glenn, Allison Przybys and Trey Talko all enjoy cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to All!


Andrew and Joseph Lysic and James and Sonja Moyer observe their wedding anniversary on November 20th followed by James and Carmella Drass on the 21st and Russ and Gertrude Leap on the 22nd. Robert and Deborah Rabatin celebrate on the 23rd and Donald and Frances George, Fred and Gloria Kuntz and Thomas and Patricia George all enjoy anniversaries on the 25th. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

You are an old timer if you remember hanging popcorn balls in colored cellophane on your Christmas tree along with stringers made from cutting colored paper and gluing the loops together.

Nov 142015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

You may have noticed the 248 pound pumpkin near the coal car at the bank corner. It is representative of both Halloween and Thanksgiving and was donated to the Decorating committee by David James who grew it in Washington Township. Thanks Dave!

Through the continued efforts of Bev Mandichak the center of town looked very nice both during Halloween and now leading up to Thanksgiving. With the nice weather the borough employees were able to jump start the Christmas pole lighting throughout town.
A special thanks goes to Betty Phillips and Chet Harker who both cleared weeds from monuments in town. A little help goes along ways in making the town glow.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Agnes “Dibby” Leap who recently passed away. Sympathy also is extended to the family of Shirley Bowman.

Although is was a cold day the hardy still got out. A flag football tournament of four games was held Saturday, November 7th at the War Memorial field. A thousand dollars was reportedly raised to help needy veterans.

The Young Marines from Ebensburg have placed a box in the Lilly Library for the Toy for Tots Drive. Anyone wishing to donate a gift for the program can place it in the box. New toys that are unwrapped are encouraged.

I didn’t realize how bad off our area is until a need for donations were brought up at local meetings including the Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, Coat Drive and on going food drives including a turkey drive. One figure that was stated was 400 families are in need in the Penn Cambria Area.

Donations to these causes would be a welcome Christmas gift by the recipients and will make the Holidays nicer for many children. Two local groups to consider making donations to are the Red Cross and Salvation Army . The Knights of Columbus locals and the Saint Vincent DePaul Society should also be considered.

A Lilly resident deserves the be named the outstanding citizen of the week here in town. Helen Talko, who is 99 years old, was one of about 150 voters who went to the polls on November 3 in Lilly’s Second Ward to vote.

Emma Miorelli celebrates her birthday today, November 12 followed by Amry Ann Suchta on the13rd and Margaret Conrad, John Schaffranek, Stephen Mardula, Lauren Ronan and Ray Serre on thw 14th. It will be party time for Tyler Prebish, Mark Przybyz, Joyce Pyo, James Steberger, Joanna Driskel and Sarah Wilson on the 15th. Ronald George, Krista Miklinski and Tabitha Sibis party on the 17th as will John Weber on the 18th. Happy Birthday to All!

Michael and Shelley McIntosh celebrate their anniversary on November 15. Congratulations!

You are an old timer if you remember when Molly Yingling’s art classes would paint the down town store window with colorful Christmas themes.

Nov 042015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694 

The Knights of Columbus, Lilly Chapter, is holding a Christmas candy sale. Orders are being taken until Sunday, November 29 and candy can be picked up at Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church hall on December 19 and 20 after Masses. There is a large variety of chocolate goods including chocolate covered peanuts, raisins, Melt away fudge, coconut cups, pretzel rods, white chocolate peppermint bark, lollipops and bite size shapes. Order from Deb Kozak at 886-8296, Patty Nagy at 886-7374, Mary Lou Custer at 886-7468 or Shirley Patterson at 886-7213.

The Lilly Decorating Committee recently mailed the 2016 fund drive letter. Your support of this effort helps make Lilly a beautiful place to live and visit. The committee funds the annual Christmas lighting program and also provides for many floral displays and holiday themes throughout the community. Future plans are to be considered for trees along the walking trail and a small pavilion along the mainline tracks for our train loving visitors and photographers.

Wednesday, November ll is Veterans Day. It is a time to honor the living veterans with a Thank You for your service and also a time to remember all deceased veterans. A service will be held at the War Memorial Monument at the ball field at Eleven A.M. The names of 23 veterans with Lilly ties who have passed away since last Veterans Day will be read aloud in a rollcall. The public is encouraged to attend this event sponsored by the Francis L. McCool Post 628, Lilly American Legion and the Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association.

Ernie from Misty Haven Stables will have his 12 man sleigh and horses here on November 28 from 5 until 9:00 PM providing nostalgic rides for the young and young at heart in celebration of the holiday season. Bring the children and grandchildren for only $3 per rider. Advance reservations required to guarantee ride. Register at Galls Insurance.

The deepest sympathy of the community goes to the family and friends of Walter Mardula who passed away on October 26.Walt was a retired coal miner and well-known Lilly farmer who raised a large family with his wife Anna (Homerich).His children include Tom, Steve, Bob, Joe, Rose, Mary, Ruth and Paul. He was a veteran of the United States Army and a member of the Lilly American Legion.

It is irresponsible of the Governor, House of Representatives and Senators who are holding local, county and school district budgets without the proper funding to pay their obligations and costing them interest. Think about it! The state is not lacking the funds. They collect all taxes and fees as usual whether a budget has been passed or not. What we need is a requirement that their salaries and operational expense cease the first day the budget is delayed and is not paid until the state
first has paid the local governments and schools after a budget is passed.

The annual Halloween parade and trick or treat was well attended on Sunday, October 22 as over 200 goblins and ghosts took to the Lilly Streets for an afternoon of fun. Three vehicles were decked out for the Trunks & Treats at the park yard including Charlie Brown and Snoopy by Father Lill; Aliens from 51 by Bill and Nadine Rodgers and the Great Frog by Cathy Corcetti Yarnish and her daughter Emily White. Helpers for the afternoon included Paul, Karington and Mary Ann Sklodowski; Shirley Zoskey and her son and Nadine Rodgers.

Blanche Marks and Joseph Smorto celebrate their birthdays today, November 5 followed by Bill Conley Sr.,Marie Trybus and Marianne Wheldon on the 6th and Marcee McDermott, Nicole Logan and Shannon McIntosh on the 7th. The 8th will be party time for Harry Behe and Sandy Miorelli. On the 9th Tyler Smorto, Ashley Zoskey, David Dunmyer and Jennifer Sklodowski get their turn as will Nancy Cassisi, Jennifer Craine, Sharon Diehl, Elizabeth McCool (who will be 99) ,Frances McIntosh, Dolores Seymour and Lisa Tremel on the 10th. Brady Jones, William Mulearn and Joyce Przybys all enjoy cake and ice cream on the 11th. Happy Birthday to All!

Bill and Joanne Dunmyer observe their wedding anniversary on October 5 followed by Frank and Anna Mae Giblock on the 6th and Joe and Amanda Smorto and John and Marie Dougherty on the 9th..Happy Anniversary to all!

You are an old timer if you remember when Pat Dougherty had a barber shop in the Smith hotel and Andy Columbo had one across the street.