Sep 272015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

The Lilly Knights of Columbus Council will be holding a bake sale after all Masses Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd and 4th at the Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church hall.

If anyone has a few hours a month that they don’t have anything to do, help is needed in keeping the weeds down at the Miners Memorial grounds on Piper Street. Couples are welcome as are older teens. Call Jim Salony at 886-7282 if you can assist.

The Historical Society is still looking for wedding pictures from the 1930 and 1940 eras to place in the 2016 calendar. Call Ron Muldoon if you have one you would like in the calendar. This can be parents, grandparents or other. Pictures can also be left at Galls and will be returned.

Some Lilly fans that attended the Penn State game on Saturday, September 19 had the opportunity to meet Franco Harris in person and pose for pictures with him. Included in the group was Alb Claar, John Sanders and Scot Selip. Franco was the Steeler who made the “Immaculate Reception” back in 1972 in a game with the Oakland Raiders in 1972. Only 22 seconds were left when Franco made the touchdown giving the Steelers the playoff win.

Saturday morning, September 19, was a beautiful sunny warm day as a nice crowd gathered at the UMWA fountain at the Miners Memorial park near the War Memorial for the dedication ceremony officially opening the fountain to public use. The drinking fountain sits on a pad along with benches, a street light, and a brick monument recognizing the UMWA locals and Mother Jones, an early aggressive union organizer.
The program opened with an invocation by Reverend Robert Monahan. Then Frank Rotherford, Aa UMWA International representative addressed the crowd, followed by yours truly as Mayor of Lilly and then Dan Kane secretary/treasurer of the United Mine Workers International. Tom Mardula of Local 1318 was master of ceremonies. He held a moment of silence for the miners lost at Sonman in 1940. Local 1318, 1368 and the International United Mine Workers had donated the cost of the fountain, its installation and hedge plantings. A job well done!

Today, September 24 finds Miranda Wilkinson and Jayden Pinkney celebrating birthdays followed by Kristen Diehl, Michael Felus, Katie Leahey, Michael Leahey and Linda Orlosky on the 25th and John Sweeney on the 26th. On the 27th Robert P. George, Lilah Livai, Pete Seno, Michael Sklodowski and Darla Summerville all get to party as will Joanne Dunmyer and Linda Sweeney on the 28th. Sam Podrasky Sr. parties on the 29th as will Theresa Dunmyer and Fran Kodosky on the 30th. Happy Birthday to All!
Willard and Kimberly Wilkinson observe their wedding anniversary on September 26 followed by Nicholas and Nancy Cassisi on the 30th. Happy Anniversary!

You are an old timer if you remember when Lilly High School played their football games at the War Memorial field

Sep 172015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Saturday at 12:30 P.M there will be the dedication of the United Mine Workers of America Rest at the walking trail at Piper Street near the miners memorial along the walking trail. The public is invited to join with UMWA officials to recognize the event. Dan Kane, secretary/treasurer of the United Mines Workers International will be the guest speaker along with Ed Yankovich, District 2 president. Tom Mardula of Local 1318 is Master of ceremonies.

The United Mine Workers rest stop includes a water fountain for drinking, benches for relaxation, a lantern pole light and a monument honoring the UMWA history. Locals 1318 and 1368 provided funding for the rest stop and Local 1318 also provided funds for flowers and hedges at the site.

Jessica and Troy Walk of Tyrone welcomed a daughter, Adrieyn Jordan, in to their home on September 9. She joins brothers Tanner and Tucker. Jessica is the daughter of Patrick Barlick. She grew up in Lilly and is a police officer in Tyrone.

If you have a family event you want me to write about just call me at 886-4694. As winter approaches I will be indoors most of the time. Thank you.

Fred Behe, Lucas Jones, Allen Lego and Jackie Lingafelt celebrate their birthdays today, September 17
followed by Robert Paul on the 18th. Then the cake baker is busy on the 19th when Cole Amster, Bently Rice, Mary Lou Behe, Cheryl Bender, Emil Campagna, Marty Craine and Tony Sabol celebrate.
Timothy McGarry and Charles McMullen get to party on the 20th followed by Matthew Hoover and Sister Jane Rosko on the 21st and Monica Behe, Nicole Boast, Thomas Craine and John Giblock on the 22nd. On the 23rd Theresa Brown and Francis Conrad enjoy cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to All!

Eugene and Sandra Miorelli observe their wedding anniversary on September 18 followed by John and Kathleen Bost on the 19th and Bart and Valerie Borlie on the 20th..Allen and Colleen Keagy celebrate on the 21st while Robert and Robin Lee, Gary and Patty Nagy and John and Margaret Robine all observe their special day on the 23rd. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

If you stopped for a drink at Tookies when it was in the Shullman building you are a definite old timer.

Sep 102015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Best wishes to Justin Eger as he pursues new pursuits in his professional life. In his tenure as both a reporter and editor with the Cresson-Gallitizin Mainliner he brought great respect to the newspaper by his ever faithful coverage of local events from council and school board meetings to the public events at large. He would come out day and night, week days or weekends to always cover an event when requested. His leaving leaves a challenge to the newspaper to keep up his quality of community coverage. Good Luck Justin!

On Saturday , September 19, there will be a public dedication of the United Mine Workers water fountain at the Miners Memorial Park at the head of Piper Street. The 12:30 event will feature Dan Kane, secretary/treasurer of the WMWA International as guest speaker. Tom Mardula will be the master of ceremonies for the event that includes Locals 1318 and 1368, the local funders of the project. The fountain is located along the walking trail and is a beautiful, useful addition to the area.

There was a very large turn out for the Penn Cambria pep rally and bonfire held at the Lilly War Memorial on Thursday, September 3. Not a parking spot could be found when I drove past. Children of all ages along with the students, players and cheerleaders enjoyed the warm evening temperatures for a grand outing. Many parents and grand parents joined in the fun.

Saturday, Septemper 5th featured the annual Barlick reunion held again this year in my back lots. Approximately 60 relatives were present, some coming from Michigan, Virginia and New Jersey.
My cousin, Mike Barlick from Butler, catered a very delicious meal including slavish foods, sea foods, ham and chicken. He even brought along china and silver ware to serve it on. My dads 95 year old sister Clara was present along with her sisters Ida, Marge and Patsy along with many cousins. Daughter Cindy did most of the events coordination. A great time was had by all.

Shirley Patterson tells me her hummingbirds are starting to leave with less birds present each day. Like it or not- winter will be coming.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Ed Kukla Sr., a Marine veteran, who recently passed away. Sympathy also is extended to the families of Helen Orlowsky and Elizabeth (Roman) Tutsock who also died recently.

Further sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Verna (Bodenshatz) Zentack who died at age 95. Verna was a neighbor when I was growing up in Lower Dutchtown. She was preceded in death by her husband, John. Verna is survived by four children; Dorothy, John, Barry and Wayne.

Sympathy is also extended to the family and friends of Ken Riley of Hollidaysburg who died in a tragic motorcycle accident. Ken was a Lilly native and graduated from Lilly High School and then served in the US Army in Germany. He is survived by sisters Beth, June Duperock and Jeanie. I can still recall Ken being at winter amp in the late 50s at Blue Knob with the Boy Scouts. Rest in Peace!
Angela Braaz celebrates her birthday as does my brother Ronald, granddaughter Tasja and aunt Mary Theresa Crago in North Olmstead Ohio. On the 11th George Lukacs, Ann Mardula, Karen Sibis, Tyler Boland, Regina Swinger and Paul Sweeney ,who will be 96, all celebrate. On the 12th Ava Campagna and Brian Skura observe their birthdays. On the 14th it will be party time for Gertrude Leap, William Orlosky and Robert Sorchetti. Josephine Lysic celebrates on the 15th and James Arnold, Jack George, Benjamin Rainey and Connie Stauski all enjoy cake and ice cream on the 16th. Happy Birthday to All!

Christopher and Jessica Matcho celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 12th followed by James and Ann McCabe on the 13h and both Brian and Tina Latoche and Joe and Donna Panek on the 14th. Larry ad Darla Summerville observe their annversary on the 16th. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

You are a definite old timer if you remember when you could buy gasoline for a quarter a gallon at one of Lilly”s several gas stations on the same day including Riley’s, Misiura’s. Bob Leap or Ollie Leap stations.

Sep 032015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

The Lilly Girl Scouts will start meeting at 6 PM on September 14 at The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church hall on Hilltop Street. Registration will be held that evening from 6 to 7:30 PM.the Daisy and Brownie troops for girls from kindergarden to 3rd grade is led by Emily Hershel and the Junior and Cadets from 4th grade through 8th grade is led by Jeannie George.

Ron Muldoon, chairman of the calendar committee is seeking wedding photos from the 1930 and 1940s era to include in next years historical society calendar. If you would like one considered drop it off at Galls Insurance or give it to Ron.

The annual Penn Cambria Pep Rally will be held this evening starting at 6 PM at the Lilly-Washington War Memorial field. A large turn out is expected. A bon fire will follow the rally and will be just east of the main field. Bring a chair and enjoy an evening with your children and grand children routing for the Penn Cambria Panthers.

Apparently a black bear wanted to join the rally as he was seen last week wandering around the high school grounds in Cresson. Daughter Jackie, a secretary there, would not invite him in.

Grand daughter Laura Reed participated in the National Junior Pre-Teen Pageant last month in Harrisburg.She received a participation award and one for community service as she had collected books to be donated to other children. She and twin brother Derek, along with her parents, James and Natalie Reed got to tour the capitol during pageant down time. Laura is a thrird grade student in Juniata.

Whiskey Pool
Many people have swimming pools in their yards that help with summer entertainment. Back in 1854 here in Lilly, then called Hemlock, there was a whiskey pool located at the Foot of Four near where Ron Georges house and St. Lukes Church stand today. How did this occur you may ask?

A Portage Rail Road train was descending Plane 4 when the cable broke sending it rushing to the bottom. The train cars collided and broke apart spilling all of the contents that included barrels of whiskey and gin along with feed grain. This spilled alcohol created a pond that soon attracted the local farm animals, that ran at large, and some wildlife. Soon, there were a lot of drunken pigs and chickens running about. It wasn’t noted whether the local residents enjoyed the pond also.

Today, September 3rd finds Nathan Gates, Sonja Moyer, Catherine Sweeney and my grandson Conner Mento celebrating their birthdays as will Christopher Martino and Samantha Johnson on the 4th and Kathy Leahey and Helen Claar on the 5th. Kendall Krug, Kaitlin Lutton and Diana Schaffranek gets to party on the 6th and George Ernest on the 7th. Happy Birthday to All!

Joseph and Diana Batdorf celebrate their wedding anniversary today, September 3rd followed by William and Joan Latoche on the 5th along with Bill and Emily Hershel. Patrick and Holly Tremel observe their anniversary on the 6th as will Donald and Janet Franey and Johnand Sara Jane Latoche on the 8th. On the 9th Les and Margo Kiel celebrate. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

You are an old timer if you took shop classes in the chicken coop behind Lilly High Schol.