Jul 292015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

This spell of warm weather has been enjoyable to most of us even though it forced me to buy a new air conditioner. Son, John also brought me one so now I feel like a polar bear in Alaska.

Keep watch for the Triple AAABA games coming soon. Usually there are two games here in Lilly which makes for some nice afternoons at the field. I will make a daily visit for the hot sausage sandwiches at the refreshment stand.

Trailing close behind will be the annual Polish Picnic sponsored by the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at their Hilltop grounds .This is an event of the year that you do not want to miss.
Sunday, August 16th is the date.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Stanford Summerville who was a Lilly native, and a WW11 veteran. He resided in Tunnelhill with his wife Regina (McNally).

The Lilly-Washington Historical Society met on July 23. Two new directors were welcomed to the board, they being Ted Myers and Leeann Cannonie. The society discussed plans for the Spectacular Lilly Homecoming to be held July 2 and 3 next summer.

Today, July 30 finds Alex Diptko III, Heather Agosta, Donald Hmiel, Margaret McGarry and Susan Rambeau celebrating their birthdays followed by James Moyer, Matthew Glenn and Greg Talko on the 31st. Celeste McCoy gets to party on the 1st of August and Jeffrey Hite, Mimi Kratzer and Paul Sklodowski join in the fun on the 2nd.. Mary Obester and Steve Suchta enjoy birthdays on August 3. Happy Birthday to All!

Fred and Sally Behe observe their wedding anniversary on July 31. Bill and Marianne Wheldon observe theirs on August 2 followed by Donald and Bernadette Hmiel on the 3rd and Charles and Dianne Bishop on the 4th. Happy Anniversary to All!

You are a very old timer if you walked to school at the Riley School, Brown School, Dutchtown School, Behe School, Scanlan Hill School or Zoskey School. You may have even helped fire the pot belly stoves.

Jul 262015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 866-4694

Looking for a Fun day this coming Sunday, July 26. Join in the Lilly Legion picnic at the park behind the Legion Post. Have a designated driver drop you off and party till the owl’s chase you home.

The Lilly Firemen had a very successful Gun Fest on Saturday, June 18 at the Rail Road Street Pavilion. The spaghetti, meatballs, salad and hot sausage sandwiches made for a filling meal to warm the gamblers heart.400 tickets were sold and over 200 were in attendance.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Rita (Moreland) Leahey who died last week. She was the last surviving member of her immediate family. Three daughters reside in Lilly: Patti Grove, Diane Misiura and Mary Kozak

The Lilly Legion Picnic will be held this Sunday at the grounds behind the Lilly Legion Post. Come out for a good day of food, beverages and comradeship.

Watch the schedules for the Triple AAABA games that will be played at the Lilly War Memorial Field. These games bring a lot of interest and interesting people to our community.

I have been told informally that as many as 7 or 8 benches have been agreed to for placement along the walking trail. These generous donations will make it easier for the elderly and handicapped to traverse the trail. Citizens are taking pride in this venture.

The Lilly-Washington Historical Society will be meeting this evening, Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 PM at the Lilly Borough building. Anyone interested in helping to plan the Spectacular Home Coming planned for July 2 and 3 of 2016 is ask to attend as plans will get under way.

Jane Kunko celebrates her birthday today, July 23 followed by Hannah Sibis on the 24th and Jay Stiffler, George Wozniak and Sam Podrasky Jr. on the 25th. It will be party time for John Steck, Richard Lingafelt, Ann McCabe and Mindy Rosensteel on the 27th. There will be cake and ice cream for Les Kiel and Annette Distosti on the 27th and Bonita Gressick on the 28th.Stephanie Seymore observes her birthday on the 29th. Happy Birthday to All!

Deborah and Mark Wilson celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 25th and Gerald and Shirley Wilson observe their 57th anniversary on the 26th. Happy Anniversary to both couples!
You are an old timer if you waited in the drug store on Main Street to get your chance to use the pay phone there.

Jul 202015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

The Lilly Fire Company Gunfest will be held at the pavilion on Rail Road Street from 6 :00 PM until 9:00 PM this Saturday July 18th. Admission is $20 and guests are $10. Come early for an enjoyable summer evening.

Phyliss Grambling has taken over the duties of minister at the First United Methodist Church here in Lilly. She also is minister of the church in Wilmore. Welcome!
Brenda and Larry Marsh are the proud grandparents of grandson Brayden Dillon born June 30. His parents are Beverly and Brian Dillon of Duncansville. A sister, Bailey welcomes Brayden to the family.

The Lilly-Washington High School class of 1965 will get together at 5:00 PM September 19 at Jethro’s in Altoona. Class mates interested in attending are ask to contact Mary (Eckenrod) Morris at 944-8284 by September 1.

I have received several replies to the question as to why Lilly businesses and the bank had closed on Thursdays. It was pointed out that before World War Two mom and pop businesses were open every day from 9 until 9 and this half day closing gave them a small break in routine. Then during the war years the government ask all business to close ½ a day each week to conserve energy and supplies for the war effort. Lilly chose Thursday closings while Cresson closed on Wednesday. After the war the practice continued locally. Now most businesses are a thing of the past. Lilly Bank still closes on Thursday afternoon.

Several recent passings have caused a lot of sadness in the area. Mike Karuter, 94, a veteran of the Second World War recently died in Martinsburg while Leo Yingling, a Navy veteran, died at home here in Lilly. Paul Homerick, a Lilly native, died at the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home. He was a Marine veteran of WW11 and an Army veteran of the Korean War. Paul was a past commander of Lilly American Legion Post 628

Just a reminder that the Lilly American Legion picnic is Sunday, July 26. Sign up at the Legion for admission. This is always a fun filled day with a lot of good food and plenty of drinks.

It is less than a year now until the Gigantic Lilly Home Coming of 2016 to be held here in Lilly July 2 and 3 of 2016. At the Historical Society meeting on Thursday, July 23 plans will begin in earnest. Anyone wishing to help out with the planning and the production of the event is ask to attend the 7:00 pm meeting at the Borough building. Lilly Borough, Washington Township and the American Legion have pledged support to the activities so far along with some generous membership donations.

Today, June 16 finds Paul Dibosky, Patricia Davis, Mary Martino, Ronald Martynuska and Malia Prebish celebrating birthdays as will Ed Craine, Robert Hufford, Amy Schmidt and Lily George on the 17th and Ron Leturgy and Diane Misiura on the 18th. Daniel Falger, Patrick McCool and Rose Orlosky get to party on the 19th as will Colin Casale, Brianne Offman, Gary Risko, Karen Spaid, Joseph Smychynsky lll, and Mary Callen on the 20th. Tina Latoche enjoys cake and ice cream on the 21st as will William Gorba, Ray Guzic, Sr., Amber Kertes, David Stossel, Vic Costlow and Bob Causer who will be 84 on the 22nd. Happy Birthday to All!
Anna and Ken Brown are celebrating their wedding anniversary today, July 16. Ronald and Tami Wissinger observe theirs on the 18th. Happy Anniversary to both couples
You are an old timer if you remember when the TV went off for the night after the late news and National Anthem.

Jul 142015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4696

God was great to us this past weekend limiting the rain hours to earlier in the day on Saturday and Sunday making for pleasat days for cook outs, get-together and fireworks. Friday I ventured through the drizzle to see some fireworks in lower Dutchtown and then headed up to Gallitzin to view their colorful show.
Saturday afternoon and evening my son in law Donnie Nadolsky had a large cook out in my back lots. Most of his family, my daughters Cindy, Cathy and Jackie, their mom, Helen, and brother Steve along with many friends stopped by for the party that lasted late into the night. Then on Sunday I ventured up to the party at the polish church that was honoring Joe and Phyllis Podrasky’s 55th wedding anniversary. A sun filled sky greeted all the visitors who got to enjoy a very delicious chicken and halupki dinner, dance to music and socialize with many friends of the Podrasky’s.

The Lilly American Legion will hold their annual picnic on Sunday, July 26 at the Post yard on Jones Street. Sign up in advance at the Legion for a day of good fun and companionship.

Earlier in the year I placed a blue bird house in my back lots. This week end my son Steve informed me that a blue bird has moved in. Progress! I hope to add another house to the other end of the yard for next spring.

A question has been raised to me that I can’t answer. The Lilly Bank closes at noon on Thursdays. Years ago all the stores in town closed on Thursday afternoons. Does anyone know why?

Today, July 9 finds neighbor Trisha Behe, Allison McConnell, Patrick Behe and Janet

Franey celebrating birthdays followed by Diane Beshop, Deb Kozak, George Nesbella, and Sharon Zoskey on the 10th. It will be party time for Carol Albarano, Regina Leja, Kathryn Martynuska, Agnes McCarty and Tami Wissinger on the 11th. On the 12th Matthew Corwin, Jonah Diehl, Debbie Giraud and Patricia Steberger.On the 13th Andrea Szala celebrates. Then on the 14th it will be cake and ice cream for Amandi Soni, Joseph Behe and Regis Tremel. On the 15th Kim Gides, Glenn Marinek and Donna Panek celebrate. Happy Birthday to All!

Wedding Anniversaries this week include Catherine and William Weakland on the 9th, Cindy and Donald Hartline and Fran and Thomas Kodosky on the 11th, Christine and William Patterson and Delores and Stanley Skura on the 12th. Jeffrey and Crystal Hite on the 13th and Robert and Theresa Shedlock on the 14th. On the 15th Daniel and Claudine Falger and Mary Ann and Walter Hoberney observe their anniversaries. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple.


Have you noticed the beautiful mountain laurel in full bloom lately? There were several large bushes with glorious white flowers along Memorial Drive last week. At Vicky and Steve Durkay’s home on Piper Street there were various colored lilies in full bloom, along with red roses. Very nice.

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the late James and Virginia Muldoon got together on July 4 at Ron Muldoons on Main Street for a mini reunion. This reminds me of a teaching from grade school at St. Brigid’s “A family that prays together-stays together”’

Old tiMers will remember when Brady Leahey delivered house coal in the Lilly Area. He was also president of the Lilly Bank and the Lilly School Board.

Jul 012015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

The past week has been nothing but running through the rain drops to get anything done. The Lilly Fire Company was lucky to survive a very wet week with good crowds on Friday and Saturday evening. The week end cold spell didn’t help at all.

If you stopped by the carnival you probably got to see the recently acquired pre-owned rescue truck that was just purchased by the Lilly Fire Company replacing an outdated utility truck in their fleet. This new addition along with the recent ISO rating update to a Three makes our home town fire company simply outstanding. Good Job!

Saturday is the Fourth of July. Most of us will be celebrating with cook-outs, family picnics or just plain relaxing. If you are shooting off fireworks be very careful with the children that are around. They love the sparks, noise and smoke. But be careful. Please.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of 87 year old Nicolas Costantino who passed away in Pittsburgh. Nick grew up in Lilly and was an outstanding ball player for the Lilly High School. He was also a Navy veteran of the Korean War. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth (Pollock) and three sons: Nick, Mark and Kevin. A brother Leroy also survives. Nick had fifty years of service with the Iron Workers Local #3. He was a generous supporter of the Lilly-Washington Historical Society.

Have you noticed how pretty the flowers are at the center of town? This is thanks to the recent efforts of Bev Mandichak, Anna Leahey, Jeanna McConnell, Paul Skldowski and others who put several evenings into weeding, planting and landscaping. Their combined efforts are beautiful.

If anyone wants to help a little, take some time and remove the weeds from any of the flower arrangements at the corners or monuments in town. The help would be greatly appreciated and make for an easier job for all the volunteers.

Today, July 2, finds William Noga and Dana Ronan celebrating their birthdays as will Cody Boast, Anna Brown, Heather Blazier and Margaret Kunrod on the 3rd and Brian Bart and Patrick Tremel on the 6th. On the 7th it will be party time for Paul Phillips and Phyliss Siedlarczyk and on the 8th my daughter Cindy Rabish celebrates as will Kerry Bossler and Helen Link. Happy Birthday to All!

Jane and Theodore Kunko and Anna and George Wozniak celebrate wedding anniversaries today, July 2, followed by Edward and Patricia Grove on the 3rd and Francis and Sis Risko on the 5th. James and Linda Behe observe their wedding anniversary on the 6th followed by Joseph and Annette Ditosti on the 7th. Happy Anniversary to All!

You are a real old timer if you remember when the Victor Emmanuel Italian Club set off fireworks on Piper Street. Have a Happy and Safe holiday.