Apr 122015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694


If you have a son or daughter who is a senior at Penn Cambria or Bishop Carroll and reside in Lilly Borough or Washington Township have them enter the Lilly Francis L. McCool Post 628 American Legion scholarship contest that will award $2500, $1500 and $1000 0n Memorial Day. The topic is “ What effect did World War Two veterans have on the Lilly Community” The essay is to be 300 words or less , unsigned, with the students name on the outside envelope and placed at The American Legion Post by May 15.Contact me at 886-4694 if you need additional information.

Once again I am seeking a volunteer to sing the National Anthem at the Memorial Day Ceremony here in Lilly. Call me at 886-4694

On Easter Sunday, Steve, the Miner Monument sculptor was in town from Louisville and spent the entire day touching up the monument. He will be back the first part of May to finish up.

Walkers are returning to the trail as the temperatures moderate. It is good to see the trail getting a lot of use. Many walk their dogs, others have little children tag along. Makes for a good family exercise in a safe area.

I thought the wild pigs were in the North Carolina Mountains but by the looks of litter popping up along the highways a few must have moved more local. Too bad the ones that litter are too illiterate to read this.

The borough got a fast start on getting all the streets cleaned and the curbs painted and it really looks good. Good Job Guys

Nadine and Bill Rodgers, John Suchta, Anna Leahey. Bev Mandichak and others really made the center of town look nice for the Easter weekend. Thank them! It is these little deeds that make the community shine.
Today, April 9, finds Amy Cropsey, Sheila Cropsey and Max Haney celebrating their birthdays as will Joseph Kratzer and Mary Paul on the 10th. On the 11th it will be party time for Dan Myers, Nicholas Szala, Kathleen Compardo, Warren Krumenaker and Carmella Martynuska followed on the 12th by Logan Johnson, Patricia Grove, Lauren Papi and Patricia Tremel. Then on the 13th Janessa Martynuska, Marty Arnold, Sam Albarano, Patrick Barlick and William Walters enjoy cake and ice cream. On the 14th Julianna Ricupero and Jenna Irving observes birthdays and on the 15th it will be a busy day with Adriene Ditosti, Shawna Franey, Mary Kozak, John Mutsko and Kimberly Wilkinson all get to party. Happy Birthday to All!
If you want something mentioned in Lilly Lines just call me at 886-4694.
You are an old-timer if you shopped at C.A. Hughes Company Store on Main Street.