Jan 312015

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Imagine my surprise when the clerk at the local Rite-Aid made my day by asking for ID when I was purchasing cigarettes for a family member. That’s a first in nearly 50 years. Just love that clerk!

Sympathy is extended to the families of two Lilly natives who recently passed away. One was Catherine (McMullen) Sanker and the other was Walter “Butch “Kiel. Butch was a son of George and Blanche (George) Kiel and resided in Portage. He was a Navy veteran.

All military veterans who qualify should become members of the American Legion and or VFW.
Both of these clubs have both post and social members and do a lot for communities they serve. They help victims of disasters and severe illnesses, provide scholarships, support local sport programs, help many school programs, provide Christmas treats for children, donate to veteran homes and hospitals and many other generous deeds. Your few dollars a year in post or social dues or occasional visits helps them meet their mission. Join up!

As I write this week’s column some of the deepest snow of the winter has arrived. It is just days before the groundhog checks for his shadow, I should consider going down to Bourbon Street and throw some beads off the balconies there.
Today, January 29 finds Robert Bennet Sr. and Jeanine Nagle celebrating birthdays as will Tom Causer, Alexis Pinkey and Alleanna Pickney on the 30th and Mary George and Sarah Hurley on the 31st. February 1 will find Louise Bocci and Lee Ann Inman partying. As will MarisaWildner on the 2nd and James Krumenaker on the 3rd. My daughter, Catherine Nadolsky Erlynne Amrheim and Karissa Batdorf celebrate on the 4th. Happy Birthday to All!

John and Jackie Lingafelt celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 3rd, Congratulations!

You are an old timer if you remember when sportsmen shot clay pigeons down in Lower Dutchtown.

Jan 222015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

With spring not far off it may be time to give a little thought to kite flying. The other day I noticed two guys flying a kite up by the new ball field on Memorial Drive. There is plenty of open area there now along with many nice breezes to pursue the sport. Even model planes and small drones could be flown there.

I must commend the Washington Township supervisors for acquiring a large tract of land from the C.A. Hughes trust to enlarge the township recreational area. I believe they have plans to eventually enlarge the walking trail. Coal recovery continues up there by the Lilly Coal village and the reclamation company just started removal on the other side of the road. It is definitely a different landscape now along Lilly Coal road.

The Francis L. McCool American Legion Post 628 will be awarding 3 scholarships this Memorial Day to high school seniors who reside in Lilly Borough and Washington Township. The topic this year will be “What impact did WW11 veterans have on the Lilly Community?” More details in future issues

The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Catherine “Kate” Leap who recently passed away at the age of 93. Her son, Bill Wassil, gave a very fitting eulogy at the funeral mass in honor of his mother.

Today, January 22 finds Marie Daugherty, James Kozak and Dane Nesbella celebrating their birthdays as will Donald Diehl, Christian Lutton, Eric Swain and Larry Summerville on the 23rd. Cory Shedlock, Leo Vermeulin, and Catherine Weakland get to party on the 24th as will Raymond Lasinski and Nick Causer on the 25th. On the 26th it will be cake and ice cream time for Ronald Courtot, Shawn Nadolsky and Gary Nagy. Then on the 27th Michael Conrad, Bob Causer and Bailey Prebish get to party as will Andrew Jones, Judith George, Theodore Kunko, Deborah Rabatin and Mary Yanik on the 28th. Happy Birthday to All!
Stephen and Bonnie Mardula celebrate their wedding anniversary on January 214 as will Francis and Jean Albarano on the 28th. Congratulations to both couples!

You are an old timer if you attended Cheetz and Jeans wedding.

Jan 152015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694
The Penn Cambria Cheer leaders are hosting a Cheer Camp for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders this evening at the Intermediate School. The cost is $25 dollars and the participant will receive a free t-shirt, a cheer bow and get to cheer along with the Penn Cambria Cheerleaders at the game against Central on February 5.

Brett Dively was the scorekeeper at a recent Penn Cambria girls’ basketball game when the cheerleaders serenaded him with a happy birthday greeting. He was celebrating his 50th birthday and to top off his evening he also won the 50/50.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Isabelle “Belle” Suchta who died at the age of 92 in Altoona. She was the widow of George Suchta. Belle was born in Lilly a daughter of Anthony and Jemine Bellizia. She was a veteran of WW11 having served as a Hospital Apprentice 1st Class.

The Lilly Community Volunteer Fire Company held its annual Installation and Awards Banquet on Sunday, January 11 at the Sokols Club. Mayor Jack Barlick administered the Oath of office to the 2015 officers.

Those installed included: Paul Sklodowski, president; Montana Miller, vice president; Jeremy McIntosh, recording secretary; Ray Guzic, treasurer; Matt Myers, financial secretary. Fire Company Trustees: Paul Smith, Dan Myers and Bill Conley Sr. and Relief trustees Shane Smith, Jamie Hartline and Russ Conley.

Line officers installed were: Fire Chief, Ian Daugherty; Deputy chief Ed Myers; Assistant chief, Matt Myers. Captain 1 Bill Conley Sr and Captain 2 Montana Miller. The Rescue captain is Jremy McIntosh and Lieutenants are Dan Myers and Alex Eberhart. Safety officers are Ray Guzic and William Claar Sr. The fire police captain is Russ Conley and fire police lieutenant is Robert Klayko. Shane Smith is the accountability officer.

Life memberships were presented to George Nesbella. Pat Barlick, Dan Ehrenfeld, Arturo Martynuska, and Richard Glenn. David Bender and Gina Bender also received Life Memberships. Jamie Hartline was named Fire Member of the Year and Cameron Smith received the Most Improved Firefighter award. Edward Myers was named the Lilly Companies Fireman of the Year.

Lieutenant Angel M. Carrero, a retired New York City fireman who was trapped for three days in the debris after the 9/11 disaster was the guest speaker and reminded the young firemen in attendance that they (firefighters) are one family. He was presented an honorary life membership by the Lilly Company.

Patricia Miorelli and Jared McConnell celebratre their birthdays on January 16 followed by Charles Baker, Nevaeh Eckenrode and Nathan Offman on the 17th’ The 18th will be party time for Linda Albarano, Dorothy Glenn, Ed Costlow and Bobby Glenn. On the 19th Bryan Spiker, Jeff Spiker, Ashley Eckenrode, Stell Ketchessin, Joseph Krug Jr., Bonnie Mardula and Nathan Stevens all enjoy cake and ice cream as will Andre Marinek, Monica Siedlarczyk and Imy McMullen on the 20th. Carol McLucas celebrates on the 21st. Happy Birthday to All!

On January 21 Francis and Lynn Filak, Leroy and Mary George and Robert and Margaret Kunrod celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple!

You are an old timer if you remember when Sarge Jacobs was president, and Vic Smith was treasurer of the Lilly Fire Company. Some members way back then were Felix Zajdel, Art Yingling, Chick Claar, Bill Claar, Jack Neff, Cook Wills , Mike Devett and Joe Devett.

Jan 012015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Well. It is the last day of 2014 as we prepare to celebrate the New Year. I am looking forward to a party at daughter Jackies tonight and then pork, dumplings and sauerkraut tomorrow. No resolutions though. I never keep them.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Andrew Leja who recently passed away. He was a veteran of both WW11 and Korea

Besides a New Year’s Eve party there are also several birthday parties today including one for Brian Behe, Bill McCarty, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips, Louise Tranquillo and my son-in- law Don Nadolsky. Then on New Year’s Day Fred Kuntz and Elizabeth Budzina celebrate as will Anita Connor, Michael Miklinski, Carol Bucynski, John Kodosky and Ron Muldoon on January 2.

On January 4 Sara Jane Latoche observes her birthday as will Brett Dively, Mark Lyken, Ava Poborsky, Colin Shable , Mario Crocetti and Gloria McGarry on the 5th . Happy Birthday to All!
You are an old timer if you remember when Dwight Eisenhower was president.