Apr 022014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    886-4694         


Finally! Now get out and watch the flowers grow. The warmer weather this week will be so enjoyable. Hibernation is over.



The Lilly Washington War Memorial Association voted to waive the recently enacted fee for the City League team for the 2014 season. This action was completed after a special meeting Sunday evening with both supporters and objectors to the team playing free at the field in attendance. A committee of interested citizens will be appointed by the board to meet with team representatives on a future plan.

In other action at the meeting it was decided to move forward with the merger of the Lilly Raiders with the Mainline Panthers football team. This action is dependent on insurance needs and cost. A smaller and smaller amount of young children in the area makes this necessary to keep football alive.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of George Delmar Miller of Glen Burnie, Md who passed away March 23.” Delmar” as he was known by family and friends was the youngest son of the late George and Erma Miller. He graduated from Lilly High in 1949 and served four years in the US Army with a tour of duty in Panama. He then worked for the NSA. He was 82.



Rita Norris celebrates her birthday today, April 3, along with Ted Myers and Kody Nadolsky. Followed by John Bost, Patricia Muldoon, Francis Risko on the 4th and Matthew Nadolsky and Shane Hartline on the 5th. Amy Davies gets to party on the 6th as will Mary Kay Lucas, George Ernest and Deborah Wilson on the 7th. Its cake and ice cream for Karen Claar on the 8th and Amy Crospey, Sheila Crospey and Max Haney on the 9th. Happy Birthday to All!



George and Rose Ernest celebrate their wedding anniversary on April 4. Congratulations!



You are an old timer if you remember when Roddy Kearney would repair broken wooden bats with nails and miners tape so that he and his friends could play baseball.