Feb 202014

LILLYLINES by Jack Barlick    886-4694            


This Saturday, February 22nd from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM stop by and enjoy a spaghetti dinner at St. Lukes Church. Adult price is &7 and children age 5 -12 is $3. Under5 is free. All take outs are $7 and the proceeds benefit the Lillydale cemetery and the ALB. Call 935-8825 or 886-2222 for further information.

The next day, Sunday February 23rd Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be sponsoring stuffed chicken breast dinner from 11: AM until 2:00 PM. Adult meals are $9.00 and children under age 12 are $4.50. All take outs are $9.00. Call 881-0205 for details.



Ron Yagoda tells me that there were three robins in his back yard on February 4th.They must have a bad compass. Down by Hagerstown my son, John said there were about 50 in his yard on the16th. Is spring coming?



The Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association just mailed their annual fund drive appeal letter to area residents and supporters. Your timely, generous donation is more than welcome to help these dedicated volunteers with their work keeping the playing fields and monuments in good condition.



A lot of activity will be going on this year along Memorial Drive as the Miners Monument should be completed. Score boards most likely be added to the football field and the new Little League field, work will probably get started on the Township recreational tract and the fuel recovery on the right side of Lilly Coal should be competed.



Tomorrow, February 21 will find John Lykens, Bill Patterson, Michael Phillips, Christina Rowe, Sarah George and Dave Lutton celebrating birthdays as will Bev Mandichak, Tina Digruille and, Victoria Regan on the 22nd and George Klayko on the 23rd.


The 23rd will be a busy time as Theodore George, Ed Husky, Holly Patterson, Barry Yagoda and Matthew Zunich all celebrate birthdays as will Ella Digruilles, Jim McConnell, William Marks and Tom Suchta on the 25th. Pam Sanders gets to party on the 26t followed by Jared Semindinger on the27th. Happy Birthday to All!



Bernard and Helen Phillips celebrate their wedding anniversary on February 23rd. Best Wishes to them!



Believe it or not! You are an old timer if you graduated from Lilly-Washington High School.