Feb 272014

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By the end of March we should be able to watch for the crocus and daffodil flowers coming to bloom and the tulips sprouting up. Finally!



The vote is in. Bar owners across the state definitely have a lot more brains than the politicians in Harrisburg. The state in its wisdom passed a law to allow taverns to participate in the small games of chance program. Only the state wanted 60% of the income and 5% going to the host municipality. The bar owner would get 35% for all of his work. What a rip off! (Plus the tavern owner would need to pay state income tax on his share.)

The greedy politicians expected 3,000 taverns to enroll statewide with profits to the state estimated at $150 million a year .Our ever so smart governor even included this amount in the 2014 budget. Well after public forums across the Commonwealth only 6 (SIX) taverns signed on.



March 1 finds Maya Lutton , Beberly Costlow, Frances Albarano, Maddox Laret, Breann Latoche, Joseph Mardula, Lulia Myers and Mary Jo Rainey celebrating their birthdays followed by Ken Brown, Tyler Cordin and Shelby Franey on the 3rd and John Dougherty and Ursula McConnell on the 4th. Faber Conrad gets to party on the 5th. Happy Birthday to all!



Happy Anniversary wishes are extended to Jeff and Sue Wilson who celebrate their wedding anniversary on March 5.



You are an old timer, or close to being one, if you remember the firemen’s street carnivals on the yellow brick portion of Cleveland Street



Feb 202014

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This Saturday, February 22nd from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM stop by and enjoy a spaghetti dinner at St. Lukes Church. Adult price is &7 and children age 5 -12 is $3. Under5 is free. All take outs are $7 and the proceeds benefit the Lillydale cemetery and the ALB. Call 935-8825 or 886-2222 for further information.

The next day, Sunday February 23rd Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be sponsoring stuffed chicken breast dinner from 11: AM until 2:00 PM. Adult meals are $9.00 and children under age 12 are $4.50. All take outs are $9.00. Call 881-0205 for details.



Ron Yagoda tells me that there were three robins in his back yard on February 4th.They must have a bad compass. Down by Hagerstown my son, John said there were about 50 in his yard on the16th. Is spring coming?



The Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association just mailed their annual fund drive appeal letter to area residents and supporters. Your timely, generous donation is more than welcome to help these dedicated volunteers with their work keeping the playing fields and monuments in good condition.



A lot of activity will be going on this year along Memorial Drive as the Miners Monument should be completed. Score boards most likely be added to the football field and the new Little League field, work will probably get started on the Township recreational tract and the fuel recovery on the right side of Lilly Coal should be competed.



Tomorrow, February 21 will find John Lykens, Bill Patterson, Michael Phillips, Christina Rowe, Sarah George and Dave Lutton celebrating birthdays as will Bev Mandichak, Tina Digruille and, Victoria Regan on the 22nd and George Klayko on the 23rd.


The 23rd will be a busy time as Theodore George, Ed Husky, Holly Patterson, Barry Yagoda and Matthew Zunich all celebrate birthdays as will Ella Digruilles, Jim McConnell, William Marks and Tom Suchta on the 25th. Pam Sanders gets to party on the 26t followed by Jared Semindinger on the27th. Happy Birthday to All!



Bernard and Helen Phillips celebrate their wedding anniversary on February 23rd. Best Wishes to them!



Believe it or not! You are an old timer if you graduated from Lilly-Washington High School. 


Feb 122014

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There will be a LABBA baseball signup from 10:00 AM until 12:00 noon Saturday, February 15th at the Washington Township building . Signups will be for Peewee baseball ages 5 to 8 $25; Little League baseball ages 9-12 $25 and pony league baseball 13 to 15 years of age $40. There will also be a Girl Softball signup for ages 10 and under $25. Register this Saturday as rates will increase on March 1.



On Saturday, February 22, St. Lukes Church will be hosting a Spaghetti dinner from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM Adult meals are $7 and children 5-12 $3. Under 5 is free. All take outs are $7. There are only 200 tickets and the proceeds go to Lillydale Cemetery and the ALB fund. For information and reservations call 814-935-8825 or 814-886-2222.

February 23, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will host a stuffed chicken breast dinner from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the church. Adult price is $9 and children $4.50.



Cassandra lost two longtime residents recently with the deaths of Harry Sanders and Paul Husar. Harry was associated with the Sanders Bottling Company for many years and was a WW11 veteran of the Army. Mr. Husar was a veteran of the Korean War having served in the US Air Force. He was a life member of the Lilly American Legion Post. Sympathy is extended to both families.



2014 calendars are still available at Gall’s Insurance Agency. Also, most of the unfinished work at the Miners Memorial will be completed once spring gets here. Plaques honoring miners living and deceased can be purchased until March 31 to be included on the monument. Forms are available at Gall’s or call Jim Salony at 886-7282 for further information.



Zachary Martynuska celebrates his birthday today, Februaruy13th as will Barbara Lego, Toni Nadolsky, Andrew Ronan, James Secrisky, Erin Serre and Bill Wilkinson 111 on the 14th.The 15th will be party time for Larry Lucas, Christopher Matcho and Melissa Shable. On the 16th Malakai Brown, Robert Paul, Angela Stiffler and Joan Walters celebrate as will Karington Sklodowski on the 17th.

February 18 Doris Erzal, Genevieve Lassak and Shirley Patterson enjoy cake and ice cream as will Tricia Martino, Bryan Offman, Robert Shedlock, Alicia Walters and Melanie Wilkinson on the 19th. Happy Birthday to All!



Paul and Sherry Gates celebrate their wedding anniversary on February 14th. Congratulations!



You are an old timer if you remember when Tucker Leap fired the coal furnace at the high school downtown.


Feb 042014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    886-4694



That furry little rug rat up in Punksy didn’t do us any justice by predicting six more weeks of winter.

He was no sooner done with his prediction when temperatures dropped and more snow moved in.


Well, the 2013 football season ended on the 2nd with the Seattle Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl title. Congratulations to a fine young team. Now we can think Steelers again for next year.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be sponsoring a Stuffed Chicken Dinner at their hall on Hilltop Street on Sunday, February 23 from 11:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. More details next week.


A belated birthday greeting for my daughter Catherine Nadolsky up in Cresson. She celebrated on February 4 with her husband Don and daughters Kianna and Kiera. Her pets Josey and Max also join in the parties.

Betty Ann Agosta and Chad Franey celebrate birthdays today, February 6 followed by Donald George, Gary Nadolsky and John Prebish on the 7th. Leona George gets to party on the 8th as will Shawn Phillips on the 9th. The 10th will be a busy day as it will be the birthday of Anna Mae Giblock, John Nezneski, Jacob Stevens and Samantha Stevens. Joann Courtot celebrates on the 11th as will Jacob Bossler and Regina Courtot on the 12th. Happy Birthday to All!


Tom and Audrey Craine observe their wedding anniversary on February 8th. Happy Anniversary!



You are an old timer if you recall when a new 1966 Ford Custom 500 could be purchased from Ed Wilk at Don Hughes Ford for $2500 and a Mustang could be bought for $3000. Those were the days.