Dec 232013

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Didn’t the year go fast? Just a few days until New Years Eve, it is Time to make some resolutions. I never make any, as I won’t keep them anyhow. Have a Happy New Year!



The Lilly-Washington Historical Society 2014 calendar can be purchased at Galls Insurance Agency during the 9-5 business hours Monday through Friday.

Christmas Bulbs from the Lilly Decorating Committee from past years can also be purchased at Galls for $4 each or three for $10, Most of the past years are available. No ball was produced this year.



It was a very sad time in Lilly the past week as there were several deaths. First, Ashley Myers died in an auto accident. She was a 21 year old mother of a young son. Deepest sympathy is extended to her family and many friends. Then Roberta Claar passed away after a lengthy illness. Every one in town knew and loved Roberta who always had a pleasant smile and a friendly greeting. Sympathy is extended to her family and friends

Patricia Mock of Twin Rocks also died last week. She was the wife of Larry Mock who was from Lilly and graduated from Lilly High in 1961.



Today, December 26th is a busy day for birthdays as Linda Behe, Tiffany Bishop, Eric Ference, Paul Gressick, Deborah Krug, Christine Novitsky and Joyce Offman all celebrate.  June Dupirack and Marilyn Nadolsky get to party on the 27th followed by Robert George, Crystal Hite and June Nadolsky on the 28th. Mark Wilson celebrates on the 29th. Then on December 30th Jasmine Flores and Brian Latoche will enjoy cake and ice cream. New Years Eve is another big birthday bash as Brian Behe, William McCarty, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips, Louise Tranquillo and my son-in=law Don Nadolsky all get to party for both New Years and their birthdays. Happy Birthday to All!



Ronald and Cindy Segada celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 27th followed by Patrick and Mary Jo Rainey on the 30th. Best wishes are extended to both couples.



You are an old timer if you celebrated New Years Eve with a bottle of Thunderbird with a few friends under the old Lilly bridge.



Now we enter that ugggh time of year when the winter blues really set in until early March. Join the black bears in hibernation and hope for an early spring. Happy New Year