Nov 252013

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Best wishes to all readers for a very happy Thanksgiving. It is always an enjoyable time of the year bringing many families together from other wise hectic schedules. Sit back and enjoy the Macy parade, a fine dinner and then some football.



Saturday Evening November 30th beginning at 5:00 PM Misty Haven Stables will be providing horse and sleigh rides in town. This year there will be a 12 passenger sleigh. Rides are only $3 a person and can be arranged at Galls Insurance on Friday, the 29th. Bring the kids and grandkids plus an afghan or blanket if its real cold. Rides start at the Ambulance building



The annual Homecoming Tree Lighting ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM at the Ambulance building. If it is too cold the event will be held in the building at the ambulance bays .Santa will be at the Borough building following the program



Immediately following the tree lighting ceremony there will be a “Festival of the Nativity” held at St. Lukes Church. Many mangers both modern and old fashioned and some from foreign countries will be on display until 10:00 PM. The public is invited.



Although Governor Corbett had promised no tax increases that isn’t really the case. With the just passed transportation bill in Harrisburg a wholesale tax on gasoline of up to twenty eight cents will be added along with increases in driver’s license fees and auto plate rate increases. If these are not tax increases what are they? And he wants to be governor for another term. He will not get my vote, especially over the Cresson SCI closing.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Mary Ellen (Forst) Ehrhart who recently passed away. She was a daughter of the late Andrew and Marie Forst who raised their family in Barkertown.



It is now the time of year to pay annual Legion Post dues. Post members are ask to submit their dues as soon as possible to help make Adjutant (Melvin Fees) job easier. Social members can now pay their dues to the bartender any time.



Florence Stevens celebrates her birthday on Thanksgiving Day November 28th followed by Lucille Campagna and Taylor Tomlinson on the 29th and Lori Rainey on the 30th. December 1 is party time for Amy Stauski followed by Barbara Bart and Priscilla Sibis on the 2nd. Then on the 3rd Anthony Ronan and Kim McConnell celebrate. Happy Birthday to All!



Regis and Joan Kimback observe their wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day followed by James and Mary Kozak on the 29th. Haooy Anniversary to both couples.



On Saturday my daughter Cindy and granddaughter, Kiera Nadolsky, began their annual ritual of baking rolls for the family. They started with nut rolls and made sixteen. My minor job was grinding four pound of walnuts while Cindy and Kiera kneaded dough and rolled it out. Their season isn’t over as there are more nut rolls to bake along with poppyseed, apricot and a prune roll for me. Thanks to both of them for a job well done.



The 2013 Lilly Area Decorating Committee Fund Drive letter was recently mailed to area residents. Any donation is helpful in decorating the community for the holidays and planting flowers in the spring along with other projects to make the area special. Your help is appreciated.



The Cambria Alliance EMS that has stations here in Lilly and in Cresson and Ashville became a larger organization on Monday, November 25 with the addition of Gallitzin and Tunnel Hill to its coverage area. Several Lilly area residents: Paul Sklodowski, Jerimy McIntosh and Kevin Hite run with the crews along with new EMT’s Tyler Glenn and Kristi Claar. James Leahey and Michael Eckenrode are on the Board of Directors.



For both old timers and the younger generations Thanksgiving remains a day of being thankful for what God has granted us. The day has not changed much over the years. Just recall the Thanksgiving dinners of your youth. They are usually the same today. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a vegetable, sweet and white potatoes plus pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Enjoy!

Nov 182013

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    814-886-4694



The Indiana Medical Center honored members of the Julie Stossel family at a Care Givers of Caring dinner at the Rustic Lodge in Indiana on November 13. The recognition naming her brother  John Orehowsky and her three children, David Stossel, Kathy Bradley and Therese Griffith as “Care Givers of the Year” was presented for their combined efforts in caring for Julia Stossel at home for two years while she was suffering from progressive Alzheimer’s prior to her death in February of this year.

Julia had been recognized by the same group in 2009 in recognition of her donating hand made handkerchiefs to Alzheimer patients. She lived an active life here in Lilly and had been a member of the Our Lady of the Allegheny Church choir for many years.



A lady with ties to Lilly has served as the president of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. She is Cindy Wickizer of Booney Lake ,Washington State who raises over 150 show rabbits and travels all over the world as a judge for the association. She has been to Thailand, Japan, Russia and European countries for rabbit shows and recently visited Lilly after attending a show at the Farm Building in Harrisburg.

Cindy is a granddaughter of the late Pearl (Sweeney) and late Frank Cassidy who both grew up in Lilly.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Rita Marie Hines of Cresson who recently passed away. Rita was born in 1925 and raised in Lilly and was a daughter of the late Jerry and Gracie (Gonsman) Lee.



Don’t forget to place a manger in the display at St. Luke’s Church for the Festival of the Nativity on November 30. Call 886-2222 to arrange a drop off. Also you can still sign up for horse and sleigh rides for the same evening at Gall’s Insurance Agency. The cost is only $3 a person for this special holiday experience.



Tomorrow will be 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Where were you when it happened? I was in Vietnam, sleeping, when the CQ (Charge of Quarters) Spec. 5 Villafane woke me with the information that President Kennedy died. We didn’t get the whole story until the Army Times newspaper arrived several days later.



My granddaughter, Kaylee Mento, celebrated her 9th birthday with a family party at her home in Cresson on Sunday, November 17th.  She had a house full of cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It was just like Christmas for her.

Celebrating today is Caleb Hurley, Noah Jones and Chris Mulhearn. On the 22nd Michael Quinn celebrates as will Timothy Glass, Hannah Glenn ,Allison Przybys and Trey Talko. On the 26th it will be party time for Gavin West, Joseph Gides, Deb Hartline, James Lego, Bernard Phillips and Sara Stauski. The 27th will find Rick Nadolsky, Barbara Pysher and Willard Wilkinson V celebrating. Happy Birthday to All!



On November 22 Russ and Gertrude Leap observe their wedding anniversary followed by Robert and Deborah Rabatin on the 23rd. On the 25th Ted and Phyllis Myers celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary. Also that day Donald and Frances George, Fred and Gloria Kuntz and Thomas and Patricia Muldoon join in the celebrations. Happy Anniversary to each couple!



You are an old timer if you can recall purchasing table and shelf oil cloth coverings at Browns Hardware and having Bud cut it to the size you needed.

Nov 122013

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Lilly native Harold Kertes was elected to the position of township supervisor in Silver Spring Township near Mechanicsburg. He is a son of Mary (Cassidy) and Mike Kertes, formerly of Lilly. Harold had served as a police officer in Lilly Borough.



A cold morning greeted those who attended the Veterans Day service held by the Lilly American Legion on November 11th at the War Memorial field. A round of applause was given to old soldier Paul “Moose” Sweeney, 95, who served as the Captain of the Firing Squad and also read the VFW prayer. He is a WW11 Army veteran.



A special treat at the horse and sleigh rides will be at 5:30 PM when Santa, Mrs. Claus and all their helpers will take a sleigh ride on the streets of Lilly, sponsored by the GBU. The public is invited to greet them and get pictures taken of the event. There are still rides available and can be signed up for at Galls Insurance Agency. The cost is only $3 per rider.



Steve, the sculptor, was back in town from Louisville this past weekend and installed the mule and coal car at the Miners Monument. Some touch up work and the installation of miner lamps remain to be completed along with the Saint Barbara statue and donor credits to be added.



John Schaffranek, Margaret Conrad, Stephen Mardula, Lauren Ronan and Ray Serre all celebrate their birthdays today, November 14, followed by Tyler Prebish, Mark Przybyz, Joyce Pyo, James Steberger, Alex Walters, Sarah Wilson and Joanna Driskel on the 15th.  On the 17th it will be party time for Cody Miller, Ronald George and Tabitha Sibis. John Weber and Krista Miklinskiget to celebrate on the 18th and then it is cake and ice cream time for Cory Burkett, Robin Lee, Walter Nadolsky, Taylor Rabatin and Dominic Stiffler on the 19th. Happy Birthday to All.



Michael and Shelley McIntosh celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 15th followed by Andrew and Josephine Lysic and James and Sonja Moyer on the 20th. Best Wishes to each couple.



You are an old timer for sure if you can remember when just on Main Street you had M&M Leahey, C.A Hughes Company Store, Albarano’s Grocery, Greens Market, Pipers Store and J.K Georges to get your groceries.

If that’s not enough you could go around the corner to Ott Bierleys on Cleveland Street or Obester’s on Grant Street.

Lots of choices back then.



Nov 042013

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    814-886-4694                                                                       



Monday November 11th is Veterans Day which is a time to honor all veterans both living and deceased.

Here in Lilly there will be a service at the Lilly War Memorial field held by the Lilly American Legion Francis L. McCool Post 628 at 11:00 AM. The public is invited. A roll call of deceased veterans since last Veterans Day will be read.



On Sunday, November 10th, take the time to enjoy a roast beef dinner at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church on Hilltop Road from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Adult price is only $9 for both dine in or take out. Children are $4.50 for dining in only. Call 884-0205



On Saturday, November 30, immediately following the Tree Lighting Ceremony down town there will be a Festival of the Nativity until 10:00 PM in the ground floor chapel at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. The room is handicap accessible.

The public is invited to display their nativities on loan for the program. Especially interesting would be very old ones, those from foreign lands and hand made ones. Contact Reverend John Palko or his daughter, Alyce, at the rectory at 886-2222 to arrange a drop off for the display. Last year almost 50 sets were displayed. The event is hosted by Alyce Palko. Mark your calendar for this special occasion.



From 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM on Saturday, November 30th the annual sleigh rides will be running here in town. The event is open to families from Lilly and surrounding communities and can be signed up for at Gall’s Insurance Agency on Main Street here in the borough. The 12 passenger sleigh Ernie is bringing this year allows for larger family rides. Any number can sign up from 2 people to 12. The cost is only $3 a person to enjoy a special holiday treat. Book rides early.



A belated birthday greeting is sent to Russell Conley who celebrated on November 4th.

Today, November 7th finds Nicole Logan and Shannon McIntosh celebrating their birthdays followed by Harry Behe, Grace Glass and Sandy Miorelli on the 8th. On the 9th it will be party time for David Dunmyer and Jennifer Sklodowski. The 10th will be a busy day as Nancy Cassisi, Jennifer Craine, Frances McIntosh ,Delores Seymour and Lisa Tremel enjoy cake and ice cream. Elizabeth McCool will be 97 on the 10th. November 11th will find Brady Jones, William Mulhearn and Joyce Przybys all enjoying birthdays. Mary Ann Suchta celebrates on the 13th as will  John Schaffranck, Margaret Conrad, Stephen Mardula, Lauren Ronan and Ray Serre on the 14th. Happy Birthday to All.



John and Marie Dougherty celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on November 8th followed by Karen and Garry Mikinski on the 11th, Happy Anniversary to both couples.



You are an old timer if you remember the Italian Club still open on Piper Street.