Aug 272013

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It is hard to believe that the kids are back in school. Labor Day weekend commences and it is county fair time again. Where did the lazy days of summer go? At least we should have warm temperatures for the holiday.

If you are out and about in Lilly this weekend take a run by the miners monument. You just might get to see the sculptor at work installing part of the gigantic master piece. He brought it to town in sixteen pieces last Sunday, August 18th and it has been in safe storage here since

Further up the road you can see the current reclamation work that has been going on near Lilly Coal.

Saturday evening the Lilly High School class of 1963 will be getting together at the Sokols. The class invites the public to join them in dancing and enjoying music there after 9:00 PM.



There was a very nice block party on Saturday, August 24th at the home of Larry and Carla Summerville on Piper Street. Many neighbors from Piper Street and Dog Town joined with the Summerville family for an afternoon of good food and merriment.


I was surprised to learn that a blue heron has been dining on the trout in Bear Rock Run in town for the past two years. I have yet to see it. We need a fishing license but the bird gets free passage.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Maura “Mickie” (Muldoon) Beckman who passed away in Illinois. She was a 1965 graduate of Lilly High School along with her twin, Maureen. There will be visitation at Clohertys’ Funeral Home on Friday, August 29th from 4 until 8 PM. A funeral service will be held there at 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 31.

Sympathy also is extended to the family and friends of Anthony “Tony” Nadolsky, age 80, who died in Mansfield,Ohio. He was a son of the late Blanche (Short) and Michael Nadolsky and is survived by a brother, Julian. A brother, Jan, had resided in Lilly.


August 29 finds Nicole Lutton, Albina Nezneski and Doris Patterson celebrating birthdays as will Stephen Bart, Karla Lazona and Susan Zumer on the 30th and my granddaughter, Kiana Nadolsky, Denise Leturgey, Rosella Przybys and Vannessa Yarnish on the 31st.

September starts off with Michael Hartline, Celsey Hite, John Hurley, Gary Nadolsky, Robert Rabatin Sr. and Helen Sarnecki all celebrating on the 1st followed by Nathan Gates, Sonja Moyer and Catherine Sweeney on the 3rd and Camette Hoberney and Christopher Martino on the 4th. Happy Birthday to All!



Gary and Barbara Stiffler celebrate their wedding anniversary on August 31st. Then on September 1st Don and Sandy Couvina, Frank and Helen Fordick and Joseph and Karen Wilson observe their anniversaries followed by my daughter Natalie and Jim Reed on the 3rd and Joseph and Dianne Batdorf on the 4th. Happy Anniversary to each couple!



You are getting to be an old timer if you remember when the township supervisors used red dog for road maintenance work.

Aug 212013

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick     885-4694                                                                             



The Lilly-Washington Public Library will be hosting a Basket Raffle/Cake Social on September 15th at the Bear Rock Sportsmen’s Club on Route 53. Donation is $5.00 which includes chances  on the baskets and lunch .Your support is appreciated. For more information or to donate a basket ,cash or commodity call 886-7543.

The Lilly Library has served the area for over 48 years and is visited over 7500 times a year checking out over 21,500 books to read. It is one of those community treasures that many don’t realize is here. Visit the Library and you will be surprised at the amount of information that is available.

Th Lilly Library recently received a donation in memory of Lisa Godish Beisenger that will be used to up date the DVD collection. A plague in her honor will be displayed at the library



The Lilly-Washington Class of 1963 will hold its 50th annual re-union on August 30th at the Slavish Citizens Club. Music will follow at 9:00 PM and the public is invited to join with the class for an evening of merriment.



Now for the long wait for next years picnic after a very enjoyable day, August 18th, at the 2013 Polish Picnic, a premier event in town. Although called the Polish Picnic it is actually a gathering of multiple nationalities including Irish, Italian and German, besides the Poles and Slavs and many other ethnic groups. Visitors were from near and far with many coming home for the event. Frank Klaykos sisters Jean and Barb both made the trip to Lilly for the day. Jeans husband Bob Bradley also made the trip from Delaware. Barb tells me she is taking brother Frank to Canada on a bear hunting trip. Brave girl!

This is an event for all ages from infants to senior citizens. I saw both Winnie McLucas and  Agnes Philips, both over ninety, out enjoying the day. There’s no law against partying at their age.



On August 29th at 7:00 PM come enjoy the 2013 Penn Cambria Pep rally as the football team prepares to start the season’s football games. A bon fire will be held at the new ball field.



On August 23rd Payton Behe, Lori Bennett, Ava Brantz and Bruce Hershel celebrate their birthdays as will Lynn Filak, Anthony Funari, Brandi Hershel, David Gaudlip and Bill Kodosky on the 24th.  On the 25th Mary Dipko enjoys cake and ice cream.Then on the 27th it is party time for Jeanie Leap, Colleen Keagy and Alicia Proudfit. Nicole Poborsky and Richard Sweeney celebrate on the 28th. Happy Birthday to All.



Both Allen and Amber Little and Matt and Lindsey McCoy observe wedding anniversaries on August 23rd followed by Dayton and Renee Behe and James and Barbara Leap on the 26th. On the 28th Sam and Carol Albarano, William and Ellen McCoy and Matthew and Marion Zunich all get to celebrate. Best wishes to each couple.



The cleanup has begun on the old Lilly Coal rock dumps on the lower side of the village. It won’t be too long and the scared land will turn into a field of green. Here’s hoping it goes as well as the Piper rock dump clean up that was completed with slow trucks and street cleaning each week.



You are an old timer if you played high school football games at the Lilly-War Memorial field. 



Aug 152013

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    886-4694                                                                                      



Sunday, August 18th will be the much anticipated annual Polish Picnic hosted by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Hilltop Street. This all day event, starting at 11 A.M, features good food, good music and good friendship. Come early and stay late and enjoy the fun. No use cooking at home, come to the picnic and enjoy both American and Polish food. I will be there looking for perogies and pigs.

The music schedule includes the Masters with gospel music from 12 until 1:30 PM; Raging Slagg country and western at 1:30 until 3:30 and 6:30 until 9:30; and the Hallmarks with polka music from 3:30 until 6:30



The following Sunday, August 25th, the Knights of Columbus will be hosting a spaghetti dinner at Our Lady of Alleghenies Church Hall. Both dine in or take out is available for $7 adult or 3.50 children. The dinner will run from 12 until 4 PM. Tickets will be sold at the weekend masses or at the door. For further information call Deb Kozak at 886-8296 or Shirley Patterson at 886-7213.



The Lilly-Washington Class of 1963 will hold a 50 year reunion on Saturday August 31. The class will meet at the Sokols at 6:00 PM and enjoy dinner at 7:00 PM. At 9:00 PM there will be music by John Stiffler playing an acoustic guitar. The Class of 63 invites the general public to stop by and enjoy the music at 9 and meet old friends.



The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Brenda Smith who passed away last week. Brenda and her husband Jim were well know in the community and had many friends here.



It may take several lifetimes or centuries before the Altoona City League record of the Conrad Chiropractic/Lilly American Legion is broken. Ten Championship wins in 11 years. Unsurpassable.



According to Scott Selip he was recently at a Pirate game at PNC Park with Rick Kawtoski, Jerry Segada, Frank Klayko, Bob McLucas and Dave McLucas. The distinction of this trip was that the two old timers, Frank and Bob, along with Dave have been at Pirate home games at all three of Pittsburghs fields; Forbes Field. Three Rivers Stadium and PNC Park.



 August 15th finds Walter Mardula, Victor Moyer, Cindy Offman and Cindy Segada celebrating birthdays as will Ted Beck on the 16th and Kelly Bennett, Ed Williams, John Inman, Jr., Mary Nesbella and Patrick Rainey on the 17th. The 18th it will be cake and ice cream for Matt Bart, Delores Forst, Nancy Giblock and Msgr. John Sasway.The 19th Sandra Smith and Dakota Paul celebrate. August 20th will find Alayaa Przybys, Laura Gressick, Michael McCoy and Bill Rainey celebrating. The 21st Blake Nadolsky, Stanley Orlosky, Travis Walters and Ann Wolfe get to party. Happy Birthday to all.



A belated anniversary greeting goes to Steve and MaryAnn Suchta who celebrated on August 13. The 16th  John and Anita Inman observe their special day along with Dave and Regina Swinger. The17th Robert and Joann Courtot and Donald and Doris Patterson celebrate as will Richard and Mary Ann Slebodnik on the 18th and both Bill and Ruth Mulhearn and Paul and Delores Seymour on the 20th. Best Wishes too each couple.



You are an old timer if you held your Lilly High Senior Class play at the Italian Hall on Piper Street

Aug 082013

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    886-4694                                                                       


Congratulations to the Conrad Chiropractic/Lilly American Legion Altoona City League entry on their winning the 2013 league championship. This makes for ten championship wins out of eleven seasons for the Lilly team. A feat that most likely never will be beaten. The crown came in a hard played ten inning game against ProActive Sports of Altoona with a final score of 6-5.



The deadline to get a miners name on the monument before Labor Day is tomorrow August 9th. Plagues can be ordered at Galls Insurance or by calling Jim Salony at 886-7182.



As I write this column the first game of the 2013 Triple AAABA season gets ready to start with Buffalo playing Maryland State at 12 noon. I intend to venture up both to watch the game and get a hot sausage sandwich.  The suns out and the temperature is in the mild 70”s so it will be a nice afternoon.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Carl Chappell of Portage who recently passed away. Carl had been Chief of Police in Portage for many years serving when Ted Myers and I were on the Lilly force. He was a real gentleman.



Sounds like rain dampened the spirit of the day a little during the town wide yard sale this year. Some that I talked to however say they had a very good day of selling and were surprised at the large turnout of visitors.



After spending 9 great days at the ocean most of my family finally came home Saturday and Sunday. It was a very nice vacation, especially since my apartment was on the first floor; this allowed me a lot of extra time out side. Daughters Cathy, Cindy and Jackie were there along with son John and the girls and his spouses. My sisters Eileen, Maureen and Monica along with some of their families also enjoyed the beach. Eileen and I donated to the Maryland State coffers on trips to the Ocean Downs casino. Natalie and her family were there the week before so I got to see them Saturday and Sunday.

Three of my cousins and their families , Larry, Kevin and Dan Olshavsky, Nanty-Glo natives, were also there just staying a building away. Cathys friend Jamie from Grooming Tails along with her group plus Michelle Kreshalk were also ocean enthusiasts. We had porch crowds of partiers several nights.

The grandchildren, Kiera, Kianna, Connor, Kaylee, Cora and Nola along with great niece Allura Nesbella were constantly in the play mode spending a lot of time on the beach and boardwalk. Connor Mento got to go golfing with his uncle Bryan and great uncle Dave Kelly twice along with a evening of putt-putt golf.

The sea food was great as was the Blizzards and banana splits from Dairy Queen next door. Trashers French fries went well with the remnants feeding the sea gulls. Can’t wait until next year.


On Thursday, August 1st most of the family got together to congratulate niece Rhianon Kelly on her winning the First Place gold along with her team mate Emily Zhao in level 8 at Louisville, Ky in competition that ran from July 27th to July 31. Both are from San Jose, California. Rhianon is the daughter on Neil and Jasmine Kelly and grand daughter of Maureen and Dave Kelly.



Today, August 8, finds Ruth Patterson celebrating her birthday along with Mike Billy, Sandy Courvina, Carol George, Linda Mardula and Joseph Wilson.  Sally Behe, Rhonda Blazier and Frank Kodosky get to party on the 9th followed by Lindsey McCoy, Mary Theresa Sabol, Jerry Segada and Mary Ann Walters on the 10th.

Dillon Hite observes his birthday on the 11th  along with Tammy Hartline, Jim Smith and Roberta Claar celebrate on the 12th. On the 13th it will be party time for Barbara Kukla and Patty Plazek. Finishing out the week with cake and ice cream will be Ronald George, Stephanie Regan and Eli Summerville.



On August 10 Kathy and William Leahey, Diane and Duane Misiura and John and Shirley Patterson celebrate their wedding anniversaries as will Greta and John Hurley and Frank and Marian Wyland on the 12th and Bonita and Paul Gressick along with Pete and Linda Wheeler on the 13th. On the 14th Camelo and Helen Cameletti celebrate. Best Wishes to each couple.



As you plan your schedule keep in mind the Polish Picnic will be held Sunday, August 18th at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church grounds here in Lilly. Good food and great music all day until 9:00 PM. The best place to be for fun and relaxation that day.



You are an old timer if you were driving when gasoline was a quarter a gallon.