Jul 182013



Looks like this entire week will be comprised of hot daytime temperatures and enjoyable evening weather. Enjoy it now as winter will come before we know. After all the rain this week will be great.


The Lilly Fire Company Gun Fest will be held at the Firemen’s Pavilion on Saturday with dinner being served at 6:00 PM followed by an evening of fun.


The Lilly American Legion Post 628 annual picnic begins Sunday, July 21st at 11:00 AM at the posts outside pavilion. This event always features good food and pleasant camaradie. A large turnout is expected of members and guests. See you there!

On other Legion business the Posts Honor Guard is looking for volunteers to help bolster the ranks for funerals and ceremonies. See any Legion officer for more details.


An order for additional name plagues for the Miners Monument is being placed in early August for addition for Labor Day. If you wish to order one in honor of a coal miner living or deceased contact Jim Salony with the miners name, mines worked in and approximate years. Deadline for orders are August 1.

August 3rd will be a busy day in town with the town wide yard sale being held all day. There is no fee this year. Just set up and make some cash. Also there will be a bake sale at St. Luke’s Church and a chicken bar-b-que at the firemen’s pavilion. Then on the 5th and 6th there will be Triple AAABA games at the War Memorial field. Venture there for a hot sausage sandwich.


In touring the town I have noticed several properties with grass turning to hay and some god awful weeds. Some of the properties, but not all, are vacant. Am hoping these owners take more community pride and clean up the mess. Maybe it will inspire painting of the rusty door on Main Street.


Today, July 21st , is Tina Latoche’s and Alex Dipko lV’s birthday followed by Ray Guzic Sr. and David Stossel on the 22nd and Jane Kunko on the 23rd. Then on the 24th Ray Bowman Jr., Ken Lee Sr., Elaine Klayko and Hannah Sibis observe their special day as will Jeanne Kodosky, Jay Stiffler,  and George Wozniak on July 25. Richard Lingafelt and Ann McCabe enjoy cake and ice cream on the 26th followed by  Les Kiel and John Mutsko on the 27th. Happy Birthday to All!


Cheryl and Jerry Bender celebrate their wedding anniversary on July 24th followed by Deborah and Mark Wilson on the 25th and Gerald and Shirley Wilson on the 26th. Happy Anniversary to each couple!


You are an old timer if you went home for lunch while attending Lilly High School


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