Jun 262013


I you decide to take a leisurely ride over Lilly Mountain to the Puzzletown Road make sure you use a truck, quad or Jeep. The road in Juniata Township is notorious, with deep gaps in the road where rain run off has washed it out.


The firemen’s carnival here in Lilly is in full swing. Open each night at 7:00 PM it is a great way to spend the evening and enjoy a funnel cake or hot sausage sandwich. The annual parade will be held Friday evening at 6:30 PM. The line up starts at the War Memorial field and the participants will move down Piper Street turn left on Portage Street to Washington Street, turn right to Main Street and then up Main Street, The viewing stand will be at the Lilly Fire Hall.


The roar of many motorcycles passing through town has died down as the annual Thunder in the Valley in the Johnstown area has come to a close. Next stop will be Bike Week in Ocean City this September 13 through 15th.


There is a new casino at Rocky Gap Park near Cumberland Maryland that just opened in June. It is easy to get to in just over an hour drive by going to Bedford, down 220 South to Interstate 68 and a few miles east. My sister Eileen and I checked it out last week and lo and behold I hit a jackpot of over 1.400 dollars. This put Rocky Gap on my favorite casino list (at least for now).


Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Regina Skura and Rosemary Davis, wife of Fred Davis, both women recently passed away.


Doris Kuntz celebrates her birthday today, June 27th, along with Gary Glenn and Samuel J. Podrasky. On the 28th Mary Ann Skldowski, Nicholas Stauski, Rebecca Podrasky and Adama Zunick all enjoy birthdays as will Arletta Krumenacker, Ronda Amsler and Rodger McIntosh Jr. on the 29th. It will be party time for Dina McCarthy, Christine Patterson, Laurie Miller and Delores Skura on the 30th.

July 1 will find Nathan Hoover, Heather Jones, Anna Leahey and Dorothy Phillips celebrating birthdays as will William Noga, Heather Blazier and Dana Ronan on July 2nd. On July 3rd Cody Bost, Anna Brown and Margaret Kunrod observe birthdays. Happy Birthday to All! 


June 27th finds Angie and Gary Glenn, Faber and Madeline Conrad and Ray and Lillian Guzic celebrating their wedding anniversaries followed by Paul and Anita Booterbaugh, Barbara and Robert Leap and Bryan and Joyce Offman on the 28th.  On the 29th James and Anna Leahey celebrate along with William and Agnes McCarty. On June 30th Chad and Barbara Pysher observe their anniversary as will Richard and Debbie Giraud, Ann and Walter Mardula , Carrie and William Mitsko and Paul and Sandra Moyer on the 1st of July. On July 2nd Jane and Ted Kunko along with Anna and George Wozniak observe wedding anniversaries as will Ed and Patricia Grove on the 3rd. Happy Anniversary to each couple.


You are an old timer if you remember Sunday afternoon drives to Longs Dairy in Blue Knob for ice cream.


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