Apr 162013


John Suchta was selected as the Tribune Democrat Person of the Week for his work with the Cambria-Somerset Outstanding Young Woman Scholarship Program. He serves on their board of directors and also helps design the setup for the competition and then acts as a deck hand. John runs Floral on the Corner here in Lilly. Congratulations John.


Looking for grant and scholarship information you can visit www.needalift.org for 150 pages on state grants, Legion grants etc. Lilly and Washington Township seniors are reminded to get their essays into the Lilly Legion by May 17th for the scholarships given each year.


The War Memorial banquet will be held on Saturday May 25th starting at 6:00PM. All servicemen or veterans that have served since Septemper 2001 in the War on Terror whether state side or overseas will be recognized. Call Bob Monahan or Jack Barlick for a dinner ticket and to be listed on the recognition list.


Today, April 18th finds Matt McCoy and Pricilla Przybys celebrating their birthdays as will Jocelyn Myers, Leonard Olsick and Anna Wozniak on the 19th.  Then on the 20th it will be party time for Margaret Cochran, Anna Ference, Cynthia Funari, Sally Lassak and Tom Muldoon Jr. On the 21st Thomas Kodosky Justin Conley and Irene Krumenaker observe birthdays as will  Dan George, Francis P. Claar, Don Finnegan, Frances George, Dallas Hite, Judy McIntosh, Ashley Myers and Marisa Rabatin on the 22nd. On April 23rd Rita Butterbaugh, Gia Ricupero, and Sr. Patti Rossi get to enjoy cake and ice cream and if you stop in the Borough building wish Claudine Falger a Happy Birthday on the 24th. Bailey Russian also celebrates on the 24th. Happy Birthday to All!


Jim and Dawn Paul celebrate their anniversary along with Kathy and Ray Martynuska on the 22nd followed by Cathy and Barry Yagoda on the 23rd and Cindy and Mark Caputo along with Patricia and Tom Miorelli on the 24th. Best Wishes to each couple!


You are an old timer if you went across the street from the Lilly High School to have lunch at Spider Salonys Bar and Restaurant.