Mar 142013

The Penn Cambria Senior Boys basket ball season came to a close last Saturday night at the Altoona Field House. Greensburg Central Catholic won 64-54 over our team in a exciting playoff game. Best wishes to all of the Penn Cambria players as they now begin life’s journey. The Lilly players made our town proud.


It is almost time for baseball season and with this in mind the Lilly-Washington War Memorial will be conducting a spring clean up of the grounds at the ball field. Next Saturday, March 23rd is scheduled for the clean up to begin at 8:00 AM. Coaches and ball players are ask to help restore the area to pristine condition. It will only take a few hours with a nice turn out. The rain date is set for April 6th.

The Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association is still collecting for the 2013 fund drive. All donations are appreciated.


As I write this week’s column on March 11th the snow is melting away. Hope this is the last of it. I am looking forward to the return of the robins and hummingbirds and for the daffodils and crocus to bloom.



Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day. Wear some green and let others know of your proud Irish heritage. Many in the Lilly area can trace their Irish ancestors in the Lilly area from before the Civil War. The first settlers in the Dundee tract around 1806,  eventually evolved into part of Lilly Borough, were the German Joseph Moyer and his Irish wife Catherine Cassidy. Up until about 1890 most residents of Lilly Borough or Washington Township were German and Irish.


Today, March 14th finds Mason McCarthy, Frank Sibis and Stephanie Eckenrode observing birthdays followd by Victor Paul, Lola Leap, Hadden Fleegle, Mason Fleegle, Josephine George, Greta Hurley and Allen Little celebrating birthdays on the 15th and followed by Megan Filak on the 16th and Joseph Batdorf. Nellie Leap, Allura Nesbella, Shawn Stevens, Carol Paul and Hunter Pyo who turns 4 on the March 17.

Arianna Walters, Shirley Bowman and Frank Wyland get to party on the 18th as will Danielle Dunmyer, Richard Leja, Catherine Serre, Deb George, Vanessa Kulick, Victoria Nagle and Dayne Summerville on the 19th. The 20th will bring cake and ice cream for Darlene McNair, Madeline Conrad, Cindy Hartline and Mary Ann Hoberney. On the 21st  Ken Szala, Melissa Clapper, Alissa Hutsky and 9 year old Zachary Eckenrode get to celebrate. Happy Birthday to All!



Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be sponsoring a Moneyrama at the Cassandra Social Hall on March 24th.

The Lilly Library will be sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt on March 30th.



You are an old timer if you made purchases at Pyo’s store on the Jones Street extension.