Feb 272013

February 28, 2013


The Penn Cambria Boys Varsity Basketball team defeated Ligonier Valley 64-54 on Saturday, February 23rd in playoff competition. They are a team to be proud of.


Harold Cassidy would be in his glory if he were alive to see his great granddaughters performing in Irish Dance competitions. All three daughters of Harold and Nicole (Fitzgerald) Kertes are involved in Irish dance in Mechanicsburg at the McKinley School of Dance. Hannah, Sydney and Isabella are the granddaughters of Mary (Cassidy) and Mike Kertes. 

Eleven year old Hannah Kertes who attends school in Cumberland Valley recently competed nationally in the Irish Dance solo in the Washington, DC suburb of Alexandria and took first place in her age group. She is now qualified for the spring competition in Dublin Ireland and then in World competition at Wexford, Ireland in June. Her sister, Sydney, took first place in regional’s in October and received the Bunghrad Award . She took 6th place in Nationals and is also qualified for the World competition at Wexford. This Saint Patrick’s Day should see a lively celebration at the Kertes home.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Catherine “Cassi” Shedlock who recently passed away. She was the wife of Albert Shedlock and leaves behind her husband and four living children.

Sympathy is also extended to the family and friends of Patricia Lytle who also recently passed away. Pat had been the librarian at the Lilly Library for many years and also had been a past president of the Lilly Fire Company Auxiliary.



Welcoming in March will find Beverly Costlow, Maya Lutton, Frances Albarano, Maddox Laret, Breann Latoche, Joseph Mardula, Julia Myers and Mary Jo Rainey celebrating birthdays on the 1st followed by Tyler Condon, Kenneth Brown and Shelby Franey on the 3rd and John Dougherty and Ursula McConnell on the 4th.

Faber Conrad gets to party on the 5th followed by Ed Brown, Judy Arnold,Nicholas Cassisi, Chad Pysher and Brittany Shedlock on the 6th. Happy Birthday to All.



On March 24th Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be holding a Money Rama at the Cassandra Social Hall from 1 to 5 PM. On March 30th the Lilly Library will be holding the annual community Easter Egg hunt at the Lilly Firemen’s pavilion.



You are an old timer if you remember when Dutchy Andraychak and Leo Archihosky were butchers at the Company store on Main Street. Also if you remember when Merle Walters and Francis Andraychak made deliveries for the store.


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Feb 252013
Feb 242013
Feb 212013

Each morning I look outside to check for some signs of spring. But alas, lately all that greets me is a snow
covered back yard and a porch thermometer that appears to be stuck in the twenties.Hurry up spring!

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of 59 year old Yvonne Conway who recently passed
away. She was a daughter of Sally and the late Frank Lassak of Lilly. Sympathy also is extended to
the family and friends of Genevieve George of St. Leonard Maryland. She was the youngest child of
Frank and Frances Kawtoski and was the last surviving member of her family. Her brother Ed had died
December 26th.

Father Alphonse Mascerino also passed away last week in Somerset. He had served as a priest at St.
Brigids Church many years ago. He is best known for heading up the Chapel honoring Flight 93 casualties
in Shanksville.

Congratulations to my grandson Nathan Przybyz upon his receiving a four year scholarship to St.
Vincent’s College in Latrobe where he will be playing the position of cornerback for their “Bearcat”
football team.

Today, February 21st finds Dave Lutton, John Lykens, Bill Patterson, Michael Phillips and Christina Rowe
celebrating their birthdays as will Tina Digruilles, Victoria Regan and Jocelyn Yanzetich on the 22 nd. Then
on the 23rd George Klayko observes his birthday. There will be parties all over on the 24 th as Ted George,
Edward Hutsky, Holly Patterson, Barry Yagado and Matthew Zunich all celebrate. On the 25 th Ella
Digruilles. Jon West and Tom Suchta observe birthdays followed by Pamela Sanders and Bonnie Guzic on
the 26th and Bill Conley Jr. and Andrea Siedlarczyk on the 27th. Happy Birthday to All!

Today, February 21st Walter and June Nadolsky celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary followed by
Bernard and Helen Phillips who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on the 23rd. Robert and Vera
Hufford observe their anniversary on the 27th. Congratulations to each couple!

You are an old timer if you remember when the VFW held their annual picnics at the Fire men’s grounds
between upper Main Street and the Level.


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Feb 072013

SUPER BOWL 47 Now that the Super Bowl is over we can get back to drooling over the winter weather. I actually was rooting for the Ravens and was satisfied with the results, blackout and all. Now time to get back to being a Steeler fan again. As for the commercials, it is very difficult to imagine why some of those companies waste so much money for the really unintelligent ad writers and designers. A few, however, did make watching worthwhile such as the Budweiser ad, the Paul Harvey Dodge Ram farmer ad, the Jeep/USO military add and according to granddaughter, Kiera Nadolsky, the M&M ad.

BASKETBALL The Penn Cambria Varsity Basket Ball team will be holding Senior Night tomorrow Feb. 8th at the Penn Cambria Gym. A lot of proud parents will be present to cheer their sons along. The Panthers are having a very good season. I really liked the beating they gave to Bishop Guilfoyle last week.

COMING EVENT Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church will be holding a Stuffed Chicken Dinner at the Hilltop church hall on February 17th. Meals will be served from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Cost is $9:00 adult or $4.50 children under 12 to eat in, all take outs are $9:00. Call 884-0205.

BIRTHDAYS Today, February 7th finds Amy (Repko) Behe, Donald George, Gary Nadolsky and John Prebish celebrating their birthdays as will Leona George on the 8th and Sean Phillips on the 9th. On February 10 it will be party time for Anna Mae Giblock, John Nezneski, Jacob Stevens and Samantha Stevens. The 11th will find Joanne Courtot and Crystal Steck celebrating as will Jacob Bossler and Regina Skura on the 12th. Zachary Martynuska celebrates his birthday on February 13th. Happy Birthday to All!

ANNIVERSARIES Thomas and Audrey Craine will celebrate their wedding anniversary on February 8. Congratulations!

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you remember when Mike Rimini ran the Lilly school busses and Tony Ritz ran the Gallitzin factory bus.


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