Dec 282012

NEW YEARS EVE If you are still looking for a place to party on New Years Eve there may still be seats available at the Cassandra Social Hall where you can enjoy the music of the Fabulous Flashbacks from 10:00 PM until 1:00 AM, Refreshments and a buffet are also available, BYOB. Call 886-2375 or 937-7053 for tickets or reservations.

CHRISTMAS The snow after 4:00 PM on Christmas Eve added to the enjoyment of the holy season. After Mass on Christmas Eve my family gathered at my home for an evening of merriment. The grand children were enjoyable as they sang and waited for Santa. They did get to see Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, streak across my back yard.

Grandson Derek Reed, age 5, brought the most laughter to the evening when out of a child’s true concern he ask his grandma Helen: Did you get run over by a reindeer? Actually I had two Christmas Eves. On the 23rd my son John, his wife Molly and their children spent part of the evening at my home before returning to Maryland for Christmas Eve at home. I really enjoyed this Christmas.

BIRTHDAYS Belated Birthday greetings to Carrie Mattos, June Dupirack and Marilyn Nadolsky who each celebrated their birthdays on December 27th. Today, the 28th finds Robert George, Crystal Hite and June Nadolsky celebrating as will Mark Wilson on the 29th and Jasmine DFlores and Brian Latoche on the 30th. It will be quite a party on the 31st as the whole world parties as Brian Behe, William McCarth, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips, Louise Tranquillo and my son-in-law, Don Nadolsky all celebrate birthdays.

On January 1, 2013 Fred Kuntz celebrates his birthday along with Elizabeth Budzina. Then on the 2nd Anita Connor, Michael Miklinski, Carol Bucynski, John Kodosky and Ron Muldoon all enjoy birthdays. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY A special wedding anniversary is sent to Pat and Mary Jo Rainey weho celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 30th.

OLDTIMER According to Larry Sweeney, who resides in Florida, you are a definite old timer if you remember when JK George hung deer in his stores window on Main Street before butchering. For you youngsters, JKs store was located where the fire hall now stands.



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