Dec 282012

NEW YEARS EVE If you are still looking for a place to party on New Years Eve there may still be seats available at the Cassandra Social Hall where you can enjoy the music of the Fabulous Flashbacks from 10:00 PM until 1:00 AM, Refreshments and a buffet are also available, BYOB. Call 886-2375 or 937-7053 for tickets or reservations.

CHRISTMAS The snow after 4:00 PM on Christmas Eve added to the enjoyment of the holy season. After Mass on Christmas Eve my family gathered at my home for an evening of merriment. The grand children were enjoyable as they sang and waited for Santa. They did get to see Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, streak across my back yard.

Grandson Derek Reed, age 5, brought the most laughter to the evening when out of a child’s true concern he ask his grandma Helen: Did you get run over by a reindeer? Actually I had two Christmas Eves. On the 23rd my son John, his wife Molly and their children spent part of the evening at my home before returning to Maryland for Christmas Eve at home. I really enjoyed this Christmas.

BIRTHDAYS Belated Birthday greetings to Carrie Mattos, June Dupirack and Marilyn Nadolsky who each celebrated their birthdays on December 27th. Today, the 28th finds Robert George, Crystal Hite and June Nadolsky celebrating as will Mark Wilson on the 29th and Jasmine DFlores and Brian Latoche on the 30th. It will be quite a party on the 31st as the whole world parties as Brian Behe, William McCarth, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips, Louise Tranquillo and my son-in-law, Don Nadolsky all celebrate birthdays.

On January 1, 2013 Fred Kuntz celebrates his birthday along with Elizabeth Budzina. Then on the 2nd Anita Connor, Michael Miklinski, Carol Bucynski, John Kodosky and Ron Muldoon all enjoy birthdays. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY A special wedding anniversary is sent to Pat and Mary Jo Rainey weho celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 30th.

OLDTIMER According to Larry Sweeney, who resides in Florida, you are a definite old timer if you remember when JK George hung deer in his stores window on Main Street before butchering. For you youngsters, JKs store was located where the fire hall now stands.



Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick (814) 886-4694

Dec 202012

CHURCH SCHEDULES The schedule of activities for the four churches in the Lilly community this Christmas Eve and Christmas day are as follows: The United Methodist church will have a Christmas Eve service at 7:00 PM December 24th.Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic church will have a Polish Koledy at 3”45 PM followed by Mass at 4:00 PM. Neither church has a service Christmas Day.

Our Lady of the Alleghenies Catholic Church will have a Musical Program starting at 5:30 PM followed by a Crib blessing and Holy Mass at 6:00 PM on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning there will be Mass in the chapel at 8:00 AM and in the church at 10:00 AM.

St. Lukes Lutheran church will host a Happy Birthday Jesus program for the children at 6:30 PM followed by the Christmas Eve service at 7:00 PM at the church. At 11:00 PM there will be a service at the sister church, the First Lutheran in Portage. Any of the above churches welcome visitors to their services.

LIGHTING Take a ride around the Central Mainline area and enjoy the many beautiful Christmas lighting displays in the communities. It makes for a bit of peace in an uncertain world.

WINTER Will we have a White Christmas? I just observed some boys playing basketball at the War Memorial on the 15th. Maybe that is a sign of another mild winter although I didn’t enjoy the temperature in the 20’s recently.

CALENDERS You can still pick up a Historical Society calendar at Galls Insurance. There are copies of the History books and Cookbook also available there. Name plaques can still be purchased for inclusion on the Miners Monument; the forms are available at Galls.

CHRISTMAS EVE After Mass each Christmas Eve my children and grandchildren gather at my house for a festive evening. This is a very happy time of year. St. Mikulaus will have already left the children’s gifts so a lot of partying will go on. Natalie promises to bring Slavish mushroom soup and we will enjoy the assortment of rolls that Cindy and Kiera have baked, not to mention ham, shrimp and pirohy.

BIRTHDAYS A belated birthday greeting is sent to Nicholas Moschgat who celebrated his special day on December 17th. Today, the 20th, finds Patty McElheny, Brittanie Bender, Phyllis Beres, Adam Nagy, Rocco Ricupero and Vincenzo Ricupero celebrating their birthdays. They are followed on the 21st by Eileen McDermott, and on the 22nd by Ken Leap and Leslie Devett. Alexis Pauley gets to celebrate on the 23rd and Tina Stauski on the 24th.

Then on December 25th Richard Burkhart and James M. Martino have to decide whether it is a Christmas gift or birthday gift they are opening. The day after Christmas is full of parties as Linda Behe, Tiffany Bishop, Eric Ferrence, Paul Gressick, Deborak Krug and Joyce Offman all celebrate birthdays. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY Barbara and Stanley Kukla celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 22nd, Congratulations.

REUNION If you were a member of the Lilly High School class of 1963 several of your classmates are trying to organize a 50 year re-union in 2013. Contact Dan George at 886- 8945 if you are interested or know the where abouts of class mates.

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you remember singing in Saint Brigid’s Church choir at Midnight Mass wearing a cassock and surplice that was decked out with a large red bow. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Dec 132012

Do you have the Christmas Spirit? I do! My son got my tree up and fully decorated and I have my Elvis Christmas CD playing as I wrap gifts so I can even fill the spirit of Christmas. Cindy has my rolls baked and we are all looking forward to a Christmas Eve get together. A happy time of the year for everyone. Cant wait for the grandchildren to fill my living room with laughter and chatter.

FIRE COMPANY The Lilly Fire Company has elected its senior officers for 2013. They are: President, Paul Sklodowski; vice president, Jeremy McIntosh; Secretary, Robert Klayko; Treasurer, Matt Myers; Financial secretary, Ray Guzic; Fire Chief, Ian Dougherty; Deputy Chief Ed Myers and assistant chief, Matt Myers. Good luck on a fire free and successful operational year.

NEW YEARS EVE A reminder that there will be anew Years Eve dance at the Cassandra Social Hall on December 31st starting at 9:00 PM for the buffet and 10:00 PM for the music by the Fabulous Flasbacks To get tickets call either 937-7053 or 886-2375. Also I am told there will be a band playing at the Sokols Club on New Years Eve. Either place is an easy drive for your designated driver.

SPORTS BANQUET The Penn Cambria Booster Club held a very nice Football banquet for the Penn Cambria Players and Cheer Leaders at the Cresson Fire Hall on Sunday, December 9th. Jackets and a group picture was presented to the senior lettermen that included these Lilly area boys: Mack Behe, Nathan Keagy, James Mardula, Josh Nadolsky, Tyler Prebish and Nathan Przybys. Lilly area Juniors receiving jackets were: Peyton Behe and Nathan Rambeau and Lilly sophomores were Nathan George, Jacob Hurley and Mark Mardula.

BIRTHDAYS Today, December 13th finds Bill Hershel Sr.,Nicholas Marinak, Ashlee Weakland, my daughter Natalie Barlick- Reed and my sister Maureen Kelly in Napiersville Il celebrating their birthdays as wuill Elizabeth Wilt and William Kuntz on the 14th and Helen Fordick, Francis Krumenaker, Cecelia Nadolsky and Lyle Offman on the 15th. On the 16th Leaann Cannonie gets to party as will Frank Klayko, my son Stephen, Josephine Kozak , Rick Koval and Andrew Lysic on the 17th. Bill Latoche and Nyla Robine get to party on the 18th.and Richard Link on the 19th. Happy birthday to all.

ANNIVERSARY Congratulations to Edward and Lori Krug who will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on December 15th.

CALENDARS The 2013 Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendar can still be purchased at Galls Insurance Agency along with the Lilly History books and cook books.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer if you picked elder berries by the bushel basket and sold them to the Albarano’s at the store on Main Street.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick (814) 886-4694

Dec 062012

FIRST RESPONDERS Congradulations to several junior firemen from Lilly on their successful completion of the Pennsylvania Department of Healths First Responder program. They are: Christian Sklodowski, Krista Claar, Tyler Glenn, Alex Eberhart and Alex Lingafelt. These young people are already an asset to the community. Good job!

SNOWFLAKE BALL Saturday evening December 1st was an exciting day for many girls and boys from both Penn Cambria Junior High and the Senior High as they attended the annual Snow Flake Ball at either the High School or Oriental. The ones I got to see were looking their best, the boys wore ties and the girls in colorful dresses with an arm full of flowers. Four grandchildren were among the many attendees at the dance: they are Nathan Przybys, Allison Barlick, Desiree Buckowski and Kiana Nadolsky.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS There are many homes already nicely decorated for the Christmas season. Riding around after dark the area looks so friendly with the glittering lights brightening the winter darkness. Besides Lilly starting to look it’s finest I have noticed nice lighting along Route 53 coming into Cresson from both Lilly and Gallitzin. The Dunmyers already have their fabulous display in place off of the Country Club Road. Take the kids to see it.

NEWSLETTER The Lilly-Washington Historical Society fall newsletter was recently mailed to those on the membership list. Over 850 copies were mailed out. If you don’t get one and are a member call me at 886-4694. Also the 2013 Historical Society calendars are available at Galls Insurance. The cover shows the Butterfly Garden at the Miners Monument. Pictures inside include Pipers Tipple and the Candy Bank Mine on Jones Street.

Also the recently ordered plaques for the Miners monument were placed on the monument this past weekend. Orders are still being taken for the several available spots.

NEW YEARS EVE PARTY If you are looking to have a grand time on New Years Eve considering attending the big party being held at the Cassandra Social Hall starting at 9:00 PM and running to 1:00 AM, sponsored by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. The Fabulous Flashbacks will provide excellent dancing music from the good old days starting at 10:00 PM. A buffet is available at 9:00. There will be liquid refreshments included in the package deal but you must BYOB, mixes will be available. The reasonable cost for this exciting night of celebration is $25 per person. For further information or to get tickets call 937-7053 or 886-2375.

TIDBIT St. Nicholas, or Santa Claus as we know him, is know as St. Mikulas in Slovakia.

BIRTHDAYS Tim Przybys celebrates his birthday today, December 6th followed by Brooke McIntosh on the 7th and Paul Cooney, Mary Ann Hoover, John Bunting , Ron Costlow and Emma Sawinski on the 8th. Steve Durkay celebrates on the 9th. On the 10th it will be party time for Charlotte Mulhearn and Kelsey Seaman. Paulette Bart, Bill Dunmyer and Barb Martino observe birthdays on the 11th as will Chris Wheeler and Martha Link on the 12th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes are sent to Stanley and Rose Orlosky who celebrate their anniversary on December12th.

OLDTIMER According to Dr. Dongell you are an old timer if you remember the last time Lilly beat Gallitzin.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694