Nov 292012

ADVANCE NOTICE Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic Church will once again be hosting a New Years Eve Dance and Party at the Cassandra Fire Hall on December 31st. More details next week.

TREE LIGHTING The 26th annual Lilly Tree Lighting ceremony was held Saturday evening. Although it was biting cold there was a nice turn out for both the lighting and the sleigh rides. Santa arrived on a fire truck to kick of the Yule season here.

More adults and children than usual enjoyed the sleigh ride with teamster Ernie Alwine of Misty Haven Stables driving his two white percherons throughout the long evening along the streets of Lilly. This year both snow on the ground and a falling snow added to the holiday cheer. Despite the frigid cold air many youngsters seemed well pleased with the evening ride.

Note: After having his horses and sleigh here on Saturday night Ernie had them at Bedford Springs on Sunday afternoon. While in line for the start of a parade his horses bolted as a band began playing music. Ernie was thrown under the carriage and was flown by helicopter to Conemaugh Hospital to be treated for his injuries. His helper, his daughter, was slightly hurt. To send him a Get Well card: Ernie Alwine Misty Haven Carriage 2421 Carpenter Park Road Davidsville PA 15928.

NATIVITY The Nativity arrangements that were on display at St. Luke’s on Saturday evening were also well received. The project, started by Alicia Palko, was well received and expectations are for it to be part of future Light Up programs. In Prague, Czechoslovakia Nativity scenes are a special large part of the Holiday celebration. Credit goes to the Lilly Bank for having a Nativity display at the front of the building.

I get very angered each time I hear of the atheists trying to stop these Christmas Nativity scenes each year in different places in the United States.

BAKING I came out of retirement Saturday to help daughter Cindy with some Christmas roll baking. My assignment was to grind five ponds of walnut which eventually made into 16 rolls. Grand daughter Kiera helped her with the apricot rolls. Cindy tried a new roll mix that was my Aunt Clara’s and it worked out well. Next session is for prune and poppy seed.

On Wednesday Cindy, Cathy, Natalie and Jackie and grandkids got together at Cindy’s to make pumpkin and apple pies. I have apple pies down to a science peeling enough apples (three kinds) to fill my large roaster. This makes six pies in 9” pans.

BIRTHDAYS Today November 29th finds Lucille Campagna and Taylor Tomlinsom celebrating their birthdays followed by Demi Russian on the 30th. On December 1 Robert Bennett Jr, and Amy Stauski celebrate as will Barbara Bart, Brad Phillips and Priscilla Sibis on the 2nd. Kim McConnell gets to party on the 3rd. The Fourth is a busy day as Ryan Behe, Paul Booterbaugh, Catherine Davison, Joseph Ditosti, my nephew Colin Nesbella and yours truly all celebrate as will Charles Mulhearn and Edward Myers on the 5th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES James and Mary Kozak celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 29th followed by Marilyn and Rick Nadolsky and Frank and Joan Sibis on December 1st. Happy Anniversary to each couple.

CALENDARS The 2013 Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendars are available at Galls Insurance Agency. Also available are Lilly History Books, Military History books and Cookbooks, all which make nice Christmas gifts.

OLD TIMER You are a Lilly old timer if you went to school at the Dutch town, Behe, Zoskey or Brown Schools. Many old-timers also went to the Scanlan Hill and Riley schools.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Nov 212012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow with family and friends. This is one of the earliest dates for the festivities.

BLACK FRIDAY Good luck to all the shoppers on Black Friday. There is no way I will go near Johnstown or Altoona for the day. I much prefer the quiet mornings before shoppers get out in full force. I wont leave Lilly on the 23rd except to dine at Cresson Springs.

TREE LIGHTING The annual Tree Lighting ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM at the Lilly Ambulance building on Main Street. Santa will arrive by fire truck to greet the many children in attendance. There will be cookies and cider at the Borough building following the ceremony. This event officially kicks off the Christmas season in Lilly.

The Decorating Committee that is the sponsor of the Tree Lighting event recently sent out fund drive appeals to residents of Lilly and the township. Your support helps keep the Christmas lighting through out town, the bank corner decorations and several other events in town.

SLEIGH RIDES There will be sleigh rides at the ambulance building from 5 PM until 9 PM. Misty Haven Stables will again bring their horses and sleigh for this nostalgic evening in town. Call Galls to book a ride or see me at the ambulance building from 5 PM on through until 9. This is the eighth year the sleigh rides have been held and we have yet to have snow on the ground for the occasion. Cold yes, snow no!

CALENDERS The 2013 Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendar can be picked up at Galls Insurance Agency. The cost is $2 for a members 1st calendar of the year and $3 for all others.

BIRTHDAYS Brian Davis celebrates his birthday on November 23rd followed by Hannah Glenn on the 24th and Fred Behe on the 25th.The 26th will be a busy day as Joseph Gides, Deb Hartline, James Lego, Bernard Phillips and Sara Stauski all observe birthdays as will James Lingafelt, Rick Nadolsky, Barbara Pysher and Williard Wilkinson V on the 27th. Florence Stevens and Vicky Durkay get to party on the 28th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Gertrude and Russ Leap observe their wedding anniversary on November 22nd followed by Deborah and Robert Rabatin on the 23rd and Don and Frances George, Fred and Gloria Kuntz and Patricia and Tom Muldoon on the 25th. Joan and Regis Kinback celebrate on the 28th. Happy Anniversary to All

OLD TIMER You are an Old Timer if you remember when the Italian Club was open on Piper Street or you held your class play or played basketball at the Italian Hall across the street.

CHALLENGED John Sweeney from Cresson told me he remembered going to Al Greens with his dad (Moose) to have deer butchered. He said he wasn’t an old timer (yet) as he is only 57. I told him he can still join AARP.

IDIOT Did you read about the Pennsylvania Scholastic Hockey Official who ordered a ban on the National Anthem being played or sung before High School Hockey games in western Pennsylvania? The public outrage forced him to reverse the ban. The idiot still should resign or be fired. He doesn’t belong in any public position.


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Nov 152012

PENN CAMBRIA FOOTBALL The season is now over. Penn Cambria ended the 2012 Football season with a respectful 6-5 record this year. There were many very good games and a couple disappointments. Too many injuries to some of the best players haunted the team all season. We, however, can be justly proud of these varsity players who gave us an exciting year of football. Look for Jake Hurley to excel the next two years. For a sophomore he played excellent games and made many important plays.

VETERANS DAY Son Steve and I took a trip to my son John’s home in Edgewater Md on Saturday. While there we got to see the new home he is leasing on the Chesapeake Bay and also his company warehouse in Edgewater. A private beach adorns the back yard of his new home with plenty of space for fishing and crabbing. I look forward to visiting him in the early summer.

On Sunday morning, November 11th , Steve and I ventured over to Washington to visit the Vietnam, Korean and WWll memorials, It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 70s. There were nice crowds at all three sites The First Air Calvary had an exceptionally large group of visitors to the Vietnam Memorial. They stand out with their Calvary hats and a yellow shoulder patch with a black horse on it. They were originally the 11th Air Assault Division at Fort Benning, Georgia until being sent to Vietnam in the fall of 1965 as the 1st Air Cav.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY The Lilly-Washington Historical Society will meet tonight, November 15, at the Lilly Borough Building at 7:00 PM. We are seeking new board members to fill vacancies. If you have an interest in community history why not come aboard?

Looking for Christmas gifts! Copies of the Lilly History Book, the Military History Book and the Lilly Cook Book can be purchased at Galls Insurance Agency.

SLEIGH RIDES You can also sigh up for a spot on the roster for the Horse and Sleigh rides to be held Saturday evening from 5 until 9:00 PM. Cost is $5 a person or $20 for a sleigh full, up to 6 riders. Bring the kids out for a memorable event, they will enjoy it. While here stay for the Tree Lighting ceremony at 7:00 PM at the ambulance building.

BIRTHDAYS Today, November 15th is party time for Robert Koval, Tyler Prebish, Mark Przybys, Joyce Pyo, James Steberger, Alex Walters, Joanna Driskel and Sarah Wilson as they celebrate their birthdays followed by Ron George and Tabitha Sibis on rhe 17th and Krisa Miklinski, Helen Cameletti, Cristy Koval and John Weber on the 18th.

On November 19th Cory Burkett , Robin Lee, Walter Nadolsky. Taylor Rabatin and Dominic Stiffler get to party as will Caleb Hurley, Noah Jones, Diane Kusick and Chris Mulhearn on the 21st. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Special anniversary greetings are sent to Paul and Doris Erzal who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on November 21st. Other anniversaries this week include Michael and Shelley McIntosh, today the 15th; Andrew and Josephine Lysic and James and Sonja Moyer on the 20th and Carmella and James Drass on the 21st. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple.

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you played poker at Joe Misiura’s garage on Sunday mornings.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Nov 082012

VETERANS DAY There will be a Veterans Day ceremony at the Lilly War Memorial Field at 11:00 AM on Sunday, November 11th. A roll call of local veterans who passed away since last Veterans Day will be read. The ceremony will be conducted by the Francis L. McCool Post 628 of Lilly.

PENN CAMBRIA Hooray! What a victory over Somerset on November 3rd putting Penn Cambria, Now 6-4, into the playoffs. This was a hard fought game between both teams with Penn Cambria winning 16-14. There were many great efforts on the part of the Penn Cambria players. Sophomore Jake Hurley was a definite stand out and a star of the game as was Mack Behe until he left the game with an injury. Nathan Keagy had a very nice pass reception; other Lilly players including Josh Nadolsky, Peyton Behe and Nathan Przybys were in on a lot of tackles. This was a great home game that was played in near freezing (33 degree) weather. Congratulations to Coach Tony Tomaselli for a very fine effort the past two games. Good Luck in the playoffs against undefeated Richland this Friday.

Congratulation to the Penn Cambria Girls Volley Ball team in their championship win in the District 6 playoffs this past week.

DEERHUNTER Congratulations to Mike Suchta for successfully harvesting an eight point buck on Lilly Mountain last week during archery season. Anyone can shoot a deer with a gun; however, for an archer to down a deer with a bow and arrow it takes both patience and skill.

PHONE BOOK I recently received the Ebensburg area phone book from Verizon. They should be ashamed to put such a fine small print book in their customer’s homes. I can’t read it very well and need a magnifying glass to be sure of what it says. Come on, Verizon-you can do better.

COMING EVENT The Saturday after Thanksgiving will feature the annual Christmas Tree Lighting here in the community. There will also be horse and sleigh rides from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Book a ride at Galls Insurance Agency.

BIRTHDAYS Today, November 8, finds Harry Behe, Gracie Glass and Sandy Miorelli celebrating their birthdays followed by Kathy Bocci, David Dunmyer and Olivia Mitchell on the 9th and Nancy Cassisi, Jennifer Craine, Elizabeth McCool, Frances McIntosh, Delores Seymour and Lisa Tremel on the 10th.

On Novmber 11th Brady Jones and William Mulhearn celebrate as will Mary Ann Suchta on the 13th and Margaret Conrad, Stephen Mardula, Lauren Ronan, John Schaffranek and Ray Serre on the 14th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY Happy Anniversary to John and Marie Dougherty who celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 9th.

ELECTION I am glad it is over. I was never more fed up with my phone ringing and being a recorded political ad.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer if you remember when Al Green butchered deer for area hunters at his store on Main Street.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Nov 012012

CHILI Don’t forget the Hot Chili sale going on at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Hilltop Street this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM both days. You can stop in and purchase a quart or more at $6 a quart. Call Phyllis at 886-2375 or 937-7073 to place an order.

SYMPATHY Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Rita Cabala, age 93, who recently passed away. Rita lived most of her life in the Lilly area and raised a family of four children with her late husband John. She had twenty grandchildren and several great grand children.

PENN CAMBRIA Congratulations to the Penn Cambria varsity football team on their impressive 46-8 victory over Westmont this past Saturday. Mack Behe was instrumental in many plays as was grandson Nathan Przybyz. They are now in the winning bracket again with a 5-4 season record. The final regular season game is Friday night, November 3, at the Cresson field against Somerset. Go Panthers.

HALLOWEEN There was an exceptionally large turnout for the Halloween Parade here in town on Saturday afternoon. 210 treat bags were packed at the ambulance building and they ran out. Trick or treaters were abundant on the streets of Lilly. Luckily I had help from my 9 year old grand daughter, Kiera Nadolsky giving treats out at home. I am told there were 250 people on hand for the evening bon fire at the pavilion. A nice ending to a festive day.

Also on Saturday ladies dressed as witches came to the Lilly GBU from all over…Lilly, Cresson, Sankertown, Gallitzin, Ashville and Portage for the second annual Witches Tea Party sponsored by the GBU. The witches had adelicious lunch and were entertained by Zupe. They voted Claire Delozier as the Queen of the Witches. Betty Glass was picked as Princess of the Bats and Vera Semanski was named Princess of the Toads. Combined they cast a great spell and resurrected Elvis for a special performance. At 3:00 PM they adjourned to watch the Lilly parade. Hosting the witches were Diane, Beatrice and Elaine.

GOOD CAUSE The Sankertown VFW Post 7377 is accepting donations of men’s clothing and shoes at the Post any day from 1:00 PM until midnight. These items are for veterans at the veteran’s home. Any jackets, shirts or trousers in good condition will be appreciated. Post 7377 is the home post for Lilly area war veterans.

ANOTHER GOOD CAUSE Throw some of your aluminum cans in the special bin at the Cresson American Legion. Proceeds help the Legion in supporting their local non-profits. A news story said they collected 250,000 cans since the bin was started. That’s over 10 thousand cases of soda or beer. Some ones thirsty!

FALL COLORS Fall went to fast this year. It seems like only yesterday the leaves started changing color. Now they are almost all gone.

COMING EVENT Saturday, November 24th will be the evening for the annual Christmas Lighting ceremony in Lilly at 7:00PM. There will also be horse and sleigh rides provided by Misty Haven Stables from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Pre-registration can be made at Galls Insurance Agency. The rides, sponsored by the Historical Society are $20 for a sleigh full, up to 6, or $5 an individual.

BIRTHDAYS Belated greetings to Jim Paul and Vera Hufford who observed Halloween birthdays on October 31st Today, November 1st finds Mackenzie Behe, Jacob Martynuska and Travis Nadolsky celebrating their birthdays followed by Kimberly Bloom, Susan Filak and Laken Selip on the 2nd and Carrie Mitsko on the 3rd. On November 4th Pearl Behe and Sandra Moyer get to party as will Marie Trybus and Eric Spiker on the 6th. Then on the 7th it will be time to celebrae for Charity Lingafelt, Nicole Martino and Shannon McIntosh. Happy Birthday to All!

ANNIVERSARIES Bill and Joanne Dunmyer celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 5th followed by Anna Mae and Frank Giblock, their 63rd, on the 6th. Happy Anniversary to both couples!

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you remember buying a pack of cigarettes for a quarter from a vending machine and having two cents change taped to the back of the pack.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4594