Sep 272012

NATIONAL ALPACA DAY In recognition of National Alpaca Day there will be on open house at the Alpaca farm on Lilly Mountain from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM on September 29th & 30th. Take time to bring the kids to see these exoctic fur bearing animals.

PENN CAMBRIA There was a really nice turnout of parents and fans for the Penn Cambria Home Coming game on the 21st. Sophomore Jake Hurley was the star of the show as he ran over 90 yards for the first touchdown in the games opening kickoff. Grandson Nathan Przybys scored his first touchdown of the season also. It was another game of great team work as the Panthers beat Bishop Carroll 40-14. Great Job Guys!

RAIDERS FOOTBALL There was an exceptionally nice turnout for the Lilly Raiders games at the War Memorial field on Sunday, September 23rd. At the home games on September 30th and October 7th games will be played from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. During these games chances will be sold for the 2012 Basket Fund Raiser. There are thirty baskets being chanced off. 25 tickets can be bought for $5. They can also be purchased at Shears to You Beauty Salon on Front Street in Cresson. 886-8800. Winners will be picked at the final Raiders home game.

ROCKDUMP The grass looks better each time I pass by the former rock dump. I noticed Ray Guzic and another township worker gathering stones of the roadside lawn there. Many stones are on the surface. A volunteer cleanup to gather up the many remaining stones should be planned before winter or early spring. A few helping hands could do wonders there.

MINE CASUALTIES The Historical Society is seeking the names of men from the Lilly area that were killed in the coal mines or died as a result of mine injuries. We have a list of 24 plus others from the Sonman Mine explosion in 1940. If you have a family member or ancestor who died in the mines please call me at 886-4694 to get their name on our list. They will be honored at the Miners Memorial.

Last week I wrote incorrectly that we were looking for a sponsor of a children’s sea saw. It was supposed to be “A statue of children on a sea saw” A sponsor is still needed for the Saint Barbara statue also. Contact Jim at 886-7282 to sponsor either one.

BIRTHDAYS Krista Claar, the daughter of Ray and Dana Claar celebrates her 16th birthday today, September 27th. She is a sophomore at Penn Cambria and is the grand daughter of Mike and Georgianna Shevevock of Cresson and Berta and the late Raymond Claar of Lilly. Also celebrating today areRobert P. George and Lilah Livai. Pete Seno, Mike Sklodowski and Darla Summerville.

On September 28th Joanne Dunmyer, Linda Sweeney and Karen Wilson get to party as will Sam Podrasky Jr., Bailey Davis and Paul Hartline on the 29th and Gregory Clapper, Theresa Dunmyer and Fran Kodosky on the 30th. Then on October 1st its party time for Mason Little and Dan Martynuska followed by Eric Courvina and Donna Glass on the 2nd and Shelley McIntosh and Marian Wyland on the 3rd. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES On September 29th Gregory and Melissa Clapper celebrate their wedding anniversary as will Nicholas and Nancy Cassisi on the 30th.On October 2 Travis and Angela Braatz and William and Jeanne Kodosky observe anniversaries as will Mike and Patricia Felus and Ronald and Denise Leturgy on the 3rd. Happy Anniversary to All.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer if you remember when Tookie’s Bar was in the Shullman Building on Cleveland Street.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Sep 202012

PENN CAMBRIA FOOTBALL Way to Go Panthers! Another great win, 38-0 over Central Cambria on September 14th. The 3-0 team plays at home this Friday, September 21st at 7 PM. This is their homecoming game, all of Penn Cambria should turn out to root them on.

HONORED The Lilly American Legion Post 628 honored three individuals for their many years of service to the local Post. Receiving plagues from Commander Jim Steberger and Finance Officer James Shable were Fred Kuntz, Frank Giblock and David Zella.

GARDEN CLUB The Mainline Garden Club has been under able to contact Harry Myers, a basket winner during the Lilly Town wide yard sale. If anyone knows his phone number let me know and I will pass it along to the club.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN If you are up the ball field take time to check out the recently installed Butterfly Garden, the benches are there as is some of the signs. Jim Salony is seeking donations to add the Children on a Seesaw ($3000) and Saint Barbara statue ($7000) to the park. These exemplify the coming from the stark life of the coal miner into a more beautiful community created from their hard toils. Mining families or heirs that may be interested on sponsoring one of these can call Jim at 814-886-7282.

ROCKDUMP A green field now replaces the Piper rock dump on Memorial Drive. Quite a big difference in the area now. Take a ride to see it and also the plantings at the Miners Memorial.

VISITOR Robert Zimmerman and his wife came to Lilly for a visit on September 13th. Robert donated a group of pictures from the early 1900s to the Historical Society. His father, Alvin was raised in Lilly on Portage Street in what is now the Tranquillo home. Alvin was a Navy veteran of the First World War. This was Roberts first visit here in over thirty years.

BIKE FEST Son, Steve and I spent the past weekend in Ocean City Maryland during the Bikefest there. The weather was great, sunshine and warm temperatures. The colorfulness of the event was awesome. There were more motorcycles than I have every seen there in the past. Daylight and evening hours were a constant roar as the bikers rode the main streets back and forth. Most visitors were from age mid thirty and up, and took up most of the hotel rooms in the lower end of the city. The beer distributor was sold out of Bud by 4 PM on the 14th.

I got a front row view of Charlie Daniels and his band when he preformed at the Inlet on Saturday that had so many bikes there that the Police had to stop them from entering until a few left. While there Steve and I had a chance to talk with Ray and Jennie Guzic and Scott and Denise Guzic who were brave enough to travel the 320 miles from Lilly on their bikes. Brenda Little and her sister Tonya and spouse of Loretto were also there, as were many Cresson area residents, all intent to party the weekend away. This is one of the most enjoyable weekends I encounter each year and am already looking forward to 2013.

REVISED LAW The revised Small Games of Chance Law in Pennsylvania requires clubs to donate 70% of the proceeds to community projects and activities. These donations must be reported to the PLCB. The American Legion always is overly generous to the community each year, a recent example being the $3000 given towards the Miners Memorial landscaping. Other club officers should look to them as an example of being a good organizational citizen and meet the laws requirements.

BIRTHDAYS My daughter in law Molly Barlick celebrates her birthday in Edgewater, MD. Today, September 20. Also celebrating today are Tim McGarry and Jim McMullen. On the 21st it will be party time for Matthew Hoover, Robin Krull, Sister Jane Rosko and Helen Thrower. Then on the 22nd , Monica Behe, Derek Szala, Nicole Bost, Thomas Craine and John Giblock observe their birthdays as will Theresa Brown, Francis Conrad and RebeccaMyers-Earnest on the 23rd followed by Tamara Clinemyer, Jayden Pinkney, and Miranda Wilkinson on the 24th.

The 25th will find Kristen Diehl, Michael Felus, Katie Leahey, Michael Leahey and Linda Orlosky celebrating birthdays as will Kelly Sklodowski and John Sweeney on the 26th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Al and Colleen Keagy celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 21st followed by Robert and Robin Lee and Gary and Patty Nagy on the 23rd , Anthony and Cynthia Funari on the 24th and Willard and Kimberly Wilkinson on the 26th. Happy Anniversary to each couple.

OLDTIMER Your becoming an old timer if you remember the yellow brick cobblestone streets in the center of town.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Sep 132012

FOOTBALL Congratulations to Penn Cambria Varsity Football on their impressive win over the Bedford Bisons with a score of 32-7. Both Mac Behe and grandson Nathan Przybys had interceptions to help the game along. This Friday, the 14th, the team takes on Central Cambria in Ebensburg. Go Panthers!

POKER RUN Sunday, the 16th will find quite a turnout of quads and trail bikes for the Lilly Fire Company Poker Run on Lilly Mountain. Registration starts at 9:00 AM at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church grounds on Hilltop Street. Breakfast and lunch is available.

ROCKDUMP If you are up Memorial Drive you will surely notice the area is turning greener each day. The grass seed and straw has been spread over the former rock dump of the Piper Coal Company.

MIINER MEMORIAL On September 5th Tom Slattery was working on the miners memorial when he noticed a Monarch butterfly alighting on a recently installed plant in the Butter Fly garden. That seems like a good omen for the park which is getting more beautiful by the day. For an update see Jim Salonys article in this edition. There is a yellow ribbon in front of the monument. It is not intended to keep people out, it is to remind drivers not to pull onto the grass.

BIRTHDAYS A belated birthday greeting goes to Dakota Paul who celebrated a birthday on September 9th. On the 14th Gertrude Leap, William Orlosky and Robert Sorichetti celebrate as will Josephine Lysic, Beverly Mulhearn and Dawn Paul on the 15th followed by James Arnold, Jack George, Connie Stauski and Kloe Dixon on the 16th.

On the 17th Fred Behe, Allen Lego and Jackie Lingafelt get to party as will Robert Paul on the 18th. A busy day in town on the 19th as cakes will be baking for Mary Lou Behe, Cheryl Bender, Emil Campagna, Marty Craine, Tony Sabol, Jody Walters and Cole Amsler. Happy Birthday to All.
ANNIVERSARIES Today, September 13th, finds Paul and Linda Hartline and James and Ann McCabe observing wedding anniversaries as will Brian and Tina Latoche and Joe and Donna Panek on the 14th. Then on the 16th Larry and Darla Summerville will celebrate as will Eugene and Sandra Miorelli on the 18th, John and Kathleen Bost on the 19th along with Michael and Anjeanette Crocetti .Happy Anniversary to each couple.

PIE SALE The Lilly Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary is taking orders for pies and other sweets until September 18th with pickup on September 29th from 9 until 11 AM at the fire hall. Pies are $8.75 and include Coconut Meringue, Lemon Meringue, Dutch Apple, Apple, No sugar added apple, Razzleberry, Peach, Raisin and Pumpkin, other items include Pumpkin Roll and white icing cinnamon rolls for $8.75, Gob variety pack for $9, Apple dumplings for 7.50 and cheese cinnamon rolls for $9. Call Theresa at 886-8720 Or Pam at 736-3015 to place an order.

OLDTIMERS You are an old timer if you remember Tony Ritz’s factory bus that took workers to the Gallitzin sewing factory. You are also an oldtimer if you remember your high school football team playing against Gallitzin, or if you hitch hiked to Gallitzin to chase the many pretty girls there.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Sep 062012

PANTHER FOOTBALL August 30th and 31st were two busy, memorable days throughout the Penn Cambria School District as the 2012 Football season was ushered in. The first event was a Pep Rally and Bonfire held in Lilly on August 30 to both encourage and honor this years team. An estimated 400 to 500 individuals of all ages that included family, friends, team members, the PC Band and cheerleaders from throughout the District who showed up for the event sponsored by the Penn Cambria Football Boosters. Many happy remarks concerning the activities showed up on Face Book. Several said this should be an every year event.

The cheering, praises and encouragement surely helped as the Penn Cambria Panthers Varsity was above and beyond in beating the Greater Johnstown Trojans on August 31 at Cresson by a score of 38 to 0. Outstanding!!!! The Piper Street gang really did their part in the victory. Both Nathan Keagy and Mac Behe scored touchdowns and my grandson Nathan Przybys had many tackles and an interception. The whole team worked very well together to pull off this memorable win to start the season.

The turnout of fans for the game was great. More than I have usually seen at home games the past few years. All the residents of Penn Cambria should try to make at least one or two home game as this is bound to be a record breaking season. Also, the Penn Cambria Marching Band was at its finest. They were quite impressive and it was good to see their ranks have increased. Go, Panthers!

UPCOMING The Lilly Volunteer Fire Company will be holding their late summer Quad Run on Lilly Mountain on September 16th. For those who like to play in the mud this is always a fun-filled event. Registration will be at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church grounds starting at 9:00 AM. Helmets are required for all quad and trail bike riders.

HUMMINGBIRDS Just got a note from Shirley Patterson in which she stated that her hummingbirds were starting to leave a little earlier than usual. Is this a forboding of an early winter?

REUNIONS This was a very happy weekend of family gatherings from both sides of my family. On Saturday, September 1 the descendants of Mary and Steve Barlick gathered at a pavilion in the Revloc Park for an annual reunion. Over 50 of my cousins, aunts, an uncle and many of their spouses and children were present. Uncle Mike Barlick came from New Hampshire and his sister Patricia came from Michigan with her son and daughter and family. There were cousins from Virginia and New Jersey and many locals present. An early rain that didn’t last too long interrupted the day a little bit, otherwise it was fine food, warm temperatures and lots of happy conversations and memories. Then on Sunday, September 2 the Cassidy side of my family gathered in the afternoon at the Keystone Restaurant in Munster for an early dinner in which 45 family members participated followed by an evening get together at my sister Monica’s home in Dutchtown. In all over 50 Cassidy-McNally relatives visited during the day.

Pat Cassidy and Ron Barlick organized a ghost story telling walk along Jefferson Street telling stories to children, grandchildren and even my Aunt Mary Theresa Crago. While Ron and Pat were recalling child hood ghost tales there was a rustling heard in the woods. Expecting a deer to cross the road the group was very surprised when “ The Ghost of Days Gone By” emerged from the woods adorned with a Black coat, black top hat and a white face. As Paul Harvey said: The rest of the story……………
Among out of town visitors for the reunion were Mary Theresa and Charles Crago from North Olmstead, Ohio. Pat Cassidy and family from Wheeling, West Virginia and Mary and Mike Kertes from Carlisle. My sister Maureen and her husband Dave came from Naperville, Illinois along with their daughter Melissa from Brooklyn New York and granddaughter Rhianna Kelly from San Jose, California. A very delightful day.

I ended out the Labor Day weekend with a visit to granddaughter, Kiana Nadolskys birthday party in the evening on the 2nd and grandson Connor Mentos birthday party on September the 3rd.

REPUBLICANS Isn’t it about time the Republican Party focuses on the many problems in the country and the world. I am tired of their constant president bashing as a campaign issue. They haven’t shown a potential solution for anything. My late father was a staunch Democrat. It isn’t hard to wonder why.

BIRTHDAYS Today, September 6th will find Kendall Krug, Kaitlin Lutton, Diana Schaffranek, John Bender, Sharon Diehl celebrating his birthday followed by Gerald Bender and George Ernest on the 7th .Angela Braatz gets to party on the 10th along with my brother Ron, Aunt Mary Theresa Crago and granddaughter Tasha Reed who turns 21.

September 11th will be a busy day as Myra Kreger, George Lukacs, Ann Mardula, Paul Sweeney and Regina Swinger all celebrate their birthdays followed by Ava Campagna on the 12th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Patrick and Holly Tremel celebrate their wedding anniversary today, September 6th followed by Donald and Janet Franey and John and Sara Jane Latoche on the 8th and Les and Margo Kiel on the 9th. Then on September 12th Christopher and Jessica Matcho celebrate/ Happy Anniversary to each couple.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer if you had your school lunch at Salonys Bar and Restaurant or Stineys Dairy Dell. Others walked home at lunchtime.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick