Jun 072012

CASINO TRIP The Lilly Fire Company Auxiliary is sponsoring a bus trip to the Hollywood Casino this Saturday, June Pickup ia at the firemen’s pavilion in Lilly at 7:00 AM; McDonalds in Cresson at 7:30 AM and Big Lots in Ebensburg at 7:45 AM. Call Maureen Sands at 886- 7607 or Donna Smith at 886-25884 for further information.

It wont be too long before the annual firemen’s carnival will be up and running. The auxiliary is planning a children night for Thursday, June 28th that will include a Petting Zoo, Sand Art, Face Painting, Kids Baskets and a visit by the Altoona Curve mascots. More info in coming editions.

GRADUATION My great niece Carissa Vhonsky graduated from the Bishop McCort High School last week. I, along with many of her family and friends, including her great aunts Monica Barlick and Maureen Kelly. attended a very nice graduation party at her home in Richland on June 3rd. She now will be attending the University of Pittsburgh this fall. Carissa is the daughter of Pamela (Sweeney)and Ed Vhonsky.

DIAL 911 It was brought to my attention that residents sometimes just call the ambulance station when they need an ambulance. Don’t do that. Always call 911 in an emergency and you will get efficient, fast service. The person at the station may not be familiar with you or your location. Don’t take the chance.

SYMPATHY The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Robert “Roddy” Kearney who recently passed away. Roddy was a Korean War veteran and would help the fire company out at carnivals in the past. He was pleasant to everyone and will be another Irishman that the community will surely miss.

BIRTHDAYS Today, June 7, my son, John, is celebrating his 40th birthday down in Annapolis, MD. Others celebrating are Patricia Behe, James Drass, Peggy Marinak and John Patterson. On June 8th Regis Kimback and Adam Steberger observe birthdays as will Brian Risko, Josie Sawinski , Nancy Stombaugh and Jamie Williams on the 9th.

June 10th will be party time for Sis Risko, Jolene Sawinski and Justin Sweeney. On June 12 Ashley Reed, Dorother Obester and Drake Swanger get to party followed by Joan Cloherty and Douglas Stauski Jr., on the 13th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Deb and Leo Vermeulin celebrate their wedding anniversary today, June 7th , along with Ronald and Linda Cropsey. On the 8th Ryan and Theresa Brown and Allen and Heather Zunick observe anniversaries as will Ed and Nancy Stombaugh on the 9th. Then on the 10th James and Patricia Davis, Joseph and Nancy Giblock, Joseph and Mimi Kratzer and Rudy and Dina McCarthy will celebrate followed by Christopher and Margaret Conrad, Gerald and Lillian Duke and Richard and Mary Louise Lingafelt on June 12th. The 13th will find Christopher and Barb Martino observing their anniversary. Best wished to each couple.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694