Jun 282012

SLOW PROGRESS If you are up by the Miners monument you will notice the fly wheel that was installed off to the right rear of the miners monument. We are still taking names for on the monument. The current list will be added in August. There are close to 400 miners now listed on the brass plaques. The Historical Society is still collecting miner stories and pictures for the Mining Book also.

FIREMENS WEEK Tuesday evening, June 26th will be the kickoff night for the annual Lilly Firemen’s Week. The carnival will begin at 7:00 PM each evening through Saturday. Thursday will features children’s night with various activities for the kids. Friday will be the Firemen’s Parade and Saturday will feature Charlenes School of Dance performing on the midway. The firemen’s kitchen will be open each evening, don’t bother cooking, just stop in for a snack including hot sausage sandwiches, fries and burgers.

MONEYRAMA There was a nice turnout for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Moneyrama this past Sunday. The skies stayed sunny most of the afternoon making for a relaxing event.

SYMPATHY Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Mary Kukla and Elsie (Ruffing) Swain who both recently passed away. Elsie was a 1961 graduate of the Lilly-Washington High School and raised her sons here in Lilly.

BIRTHDAYS MaryAnn Sklodowski, Nicholas Stauski. And Adanya Zunich celebrate birthdays today, June 28. On the 29th Arletta Krumenaker and Rodger McIntosh Jr get to party as will Dina McCarthy, Christine Patterson, Laurie Miller and Delores Skura on the 30th On July 1st Nathan Hoover, Heather Jones, Anna Leahey and Dorothy Phillips all observe birthdays as will William Noga and Dana Ronan on the 2nd followed by Cody Bost, Heather Blazier, Anna Brown and Margaret Kunrod on the 3rd. Happy Birthday to All

ANNIVERSARIES Today, June 28th finds Paul and Anita Booterbaugh, Barbara and Robert Leap and Bryan and Joyce Offman observing wedding anniversaries followed by James and Anna Leahey and William and Agnes McCarty on the 29th and Chad and Barbara Physher on the 30th. On July 1 Richard and Debbie Giraud celebrate as will Anna and Walter Mardula, Carrie and William Mitsko and Paul and Sandra Moyer. July 2nd will be the anniversary of Jane and Theodore Kunko and Anna and George Wozniak. On the 3rd Edward and Patty Grove observe their anniversary. Happy Anniversary to each couple.

FOURTH OF JULY There won’t be too many quiet evenings next week as fireworks will be lighting the skies nightly if the weather is nice. Play safe and be especially careful when young children are near by. Enjoy the holiday.


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Jun 212012

MONEYRAMA Sunday, June 24th is the date for the $2000 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Moneyrama to be held at the Hilltop Street church hall. There will be a breaded baked chicken dinner from 1:00 until 3:00 followed by snacks until 5:00. There will also be refreshments and door prizes. Come enjoy the music and win some cash. For tickets call 886-2375 or 937-7053.

SYMPATHIES The sympathy of the community is extended to the families and friends of Iona Behe, Father John Marshall, a former pastor at Saint Brigids, and Mary (Wasil) Sledbodnick, all who passed away recently. Mary was 102.

LIBRARY The Lilly-Washington Library is conducting its annual fund drive. Public support is necessary as county and state funds have been reduced. Be generous!

FIREMENS WEEK This coming Tuesday, June 26th, will be the start of the Lilly Fire Company Carnival which will run through Saturday, June 30th. The rides will start each evening at 7:00 PM and games along with the food stand will open at the same time. As this is a mini-reunion for many, stop by to see some friends.

AMBULANCE DRIVE The Cresson Area Ambulance Association recently sent out the Lilly Area memberships for 2012-2013. It is important to buy a membership to avoid large expenses if an ambulance is needed. Cresson is the Lilly provider, we have two residents, James Leahey and Mike Eckenrode on their Board of Directors. A crew is in station here in Lilly during the week on daylight shifts.

2012 LEGION OFFICERS The Lilly American Legion Post 628 elected the following officers at the June 16th meeting held at the post home. James Steberger was renamed Commander; Thomas Behe, first vice commander; John Gibbons, second vice commander; James Shable, finance officer; Melvin Fees, Adjutant; Joe Zurilla, sergeant at arms; Paul Sweeney, historian; Jack Barlick, service officer; Richard Sweeney, Judge Advocate and Ray Murray, chaplain.

In the Home Association Joe Zurilla was elected president and James Shable treasurer and steward. Three year trustee is Joe Zurilla., two year Paul Sweeney and one year Tom Behe. The Post and Home meet the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.
DVA COUNSELOR Max Roberts will be in the area until the end of July. He is from Alabama and is a certified Disabled Veterans of America Service Officer. He has offered to help area veterans, at no cost, who are seeking information concerning VA benefits. Max is a member of the Lilly American Legion and will meet any veteran there that makes an appointment by calling him at 1-334-464-1882. You do not need to be a Lilly member or resident to seek Max’s help. Widows of veterans seeking benefit information are also welcome to call.

BIRTHDAYS A belated birthday greeting goes to Debbie McCool who celebrated on June 17th.Today, the 21st finds Sylvia Davies and Katelyn Miorelli celebrating their birthdays as will Ellen McCoy on the 22nd . The 23rd is a busy day as Lana Geriak, Patricia Hershel, James Larue and Amanda Skura all will be partying. On the 24th another busy day as Ryan Brown, John Orehowsky, Lisa Prebish, Joan Sibis and Heather Zunick all observe birthdays. On the 26th Jim C. Martino, Anita Inman, Robert Krull and Mike Zumer Jr all get to party as will Doris Kuntz on the 27th along with Gary Glenn. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES On June 22nd John and Lisa Prebish will celebrate their wedding anniversary along with Adrienne and Robert Rabatin. On the 23rd Patrick and Robin Behe and Homer and Rita Butterbaugh celebrate as will Shawn and Theresa Stevens on the 24th, Gerald and Mary Lou Behe on the 26th and Faber and Madelaine Conrad and Ray and Lillian Guzic on the 27th. Happy Anniversary to each couple.


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Jun 072012

CASINO TRIP The Lilly Fire Company Auxiliary is sponsoring a bus trip to the Hollywood Casino this Saturday, June Pickup ia at the firemen’s pavilion in Lilly at 7:00 AM; McDonalds in Cresson at 7:30 AM and Big Lots in Ebensburg at 7:45 AM. Call Maureen Sands at 886- 7607 or Donna Smith at 886-25884 for further information.

It wont be too long before the annual firemen’s carnival will be up and running. The auxiliary is planning a children night for Thursday, June 28th that will include a Petting Zoo, Sand Art, Face Painting, Kids Baskets and a visit by the Altoona Curve mascots. More info in coming editions.

GRADUATION My great niece Carissa Vhonsky graduated from the Bishop McCort High School last week. I, along with many of her family and friends, including her great aunts Monica Barlick and Maureen Kelly. attended a very nice graduation party at her home in Richland on June 3rd. She now will be attending the University of Pittsburgh this fall. Carissa is the daughter of Pamela (Sweeney)and Ed Vhonsky.

DIAL 911 It was brought to my attention that residents sometimes just call the ambulance station when they need an ambulance. Don’t do that. Always call 911 in an emergency and you will get efficient, fast service. The person at the station may not be familiar with you or your location. Don’t take the chance.

SYMPATHY The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Robert “Roddy” Kearney who recently passed away. Roddy was a Korean War veteran and would help the fire company out at carnivals in the past. He was pleasant to everyone and will be another Irishman that the community will surely miss.

BIRTHDAYS Today, June 7, my son, John, is celebrating his 40th birthday down in Annapolis, MD. Others celebrating are Patricia Behe, James Drass, Peggy Marinak and John Patterson. On June 8th Regis Kimback and Adam Steberger observe birthdays as will Brian Risko, Josie Sawinski , Nancy Stombaugh and Jamie Williams on the 9th.

June 10th will be party time for Sis Risko, Jolene Sawinski and Justin Sweeney. On June 12 Ashley Reed, Dorother Obester and Drake Swanger get to party followed by Joan Cloherty and Douglas Stauski Jr., on the 13th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Deb and Leo Vermeulin celebrate their wedding anniversary today, June 7th , along with Ronald and Linda Cropsey. On the 8th Ryan and Theresa Brown and Allen and Heather Zunick observe anniversaries as will Ed and Nancy Stombaugh on the 9th. Then on the 10th James and Patricia Davis, Joseph and Nancy Giblock, Joseph and Mimi Kratzer and Rudy and Dina McCarthy will celebrate followed by Christopher and Margaret Conrad, Gerald and Lillian Duke and Richard and Mary Louise Lingafelt on June 12th. The 13th will find Christopher and Barb Martino observing their anniversary. Best wished to each couple.


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