Mar 082012

MONEYRAMA Don’t forget the Saint Patrick Moneyrama with @2000 in prizes being held this coming Sunday, March 11 from 1:00 until 5:00 at the Cassandra Social Hall sponsored by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

There will be a roast beef dinner served, refreshments, snacks, door prizes and music. Don’t miss the fun, call 886-2375 or 886-2740 for tickets .
WAR MEMORIAL The War Memorial Fund drive is on going at this time. Get a donation in for a very special organization. On the last two Saturdays of March, the 24th and 31st, weather permitting, the group will hold cleanups at the field starting at 9:00 AM for a couple hours each day. Coaches, players and the general public are welcome to participate in the cleanup which is mostly gathering leaves and branches.

SHARPS MOUNTAIN I mentioned the early Sharp settlers’ on Lilly Mountain in last week’s column. I was surprised to get a call from Jerry Sharp out near Chest Springs. We had an enjoyable conversation and he filled me in on some Sharp history. The original Sharp settler got a 400 acre land grant for his service during the Revolution. They would come up from what is now Fulton County in a cart pulled by their cattle to work at clearing a field. In 1817 Ignatius Adams, also a large landholder, was staying with his sister at Sharp’s Place on the mountain. There were later Sharps that served in the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. Closer to our times they served also in both World Wars. Jerry served after the Korean War. His grand daughter, Ashley Sharp, is currently serving in the U.S Navy.

BIRTHDAYS Today, March 8 my sister Monica Barlick celebrates her birthday as does Byran Ehrenfeld and Richard Perrone Jr, also. On the 9th Jean Albarano, Jonathan Bossler, Christopher Bost, George Noel, Mark Stiffler Jadon Aldrich ,Nicole Morgart and Holly Tremel celebrate as will Kathleen Bost , Randy Myers and Olivia Sklodowski on the 10 th followed by Rose Marie Nagle and Joseph Suchta on the 11th

On March 12th it will be party time for Judy Ehrenfeld followed by Mikalia McCoy on the 13th and Stephanie Eckenrode , Mason McCarthy and Frank Sibis on the 14th. Happy Birthday to All.
LIMBAUGH Some of these “ Think they are Better than You” TV personality’s are not worth the time of day. I hope they take Rush Limbaugh completely off. I am glad to see 7 of his sponsors pulled their ads. He is apologizing but you can bet it is only to save some money that he sees flying out the door.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

Mar 012012

PIE SALE The Lilly Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary is currently taking orders for pies from the Pie Shoppe until March 6. Pies include Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon, Apple and Razzleberry. Cinnamon Rolls, Boston Cream Pie, Shamrock Cookies and Pumpkin Rolls are also available. Call Theresa Dunmyer at 886-8720 or Pam Sanders at 736-3015 to place an order.

REMINDER Lent Fish dinners are available from the First Lutheran Church in Portage on March 9 and 23 from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM while supply lasts.

WAR MEMORIAL MEETING The monthly March War Memorial meeting will be held tonight, Thursday March 01 at the Borough Building at 7:00 PM.

ST. PATRICKS MONEYRAMA Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic Church is sponsoring a $2000 St. Patricks Moneyrama at the Cassandra Social Hall on Sunday, March 11, 2012 from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Admission is $20 dollars and includes a roast beef dinner, refreshments and a mid afternoon luncheon. There will be music and door prizes also. For further details call 886-2375 or 886-2740.

BIRTHDAYS Today is a busy day as Beverly Costlow, Maya Lutton, Frances Albarano, Maddox Laret, Breann Latockhe, Julia Myers and Mary Jo Rainey all observe birthdays as will Kenneth Brown , Tyler Condon and Shelby Franey on the 3rd and John Dougherty on the 4th along with Ursula McConnell. Faber Conrad gets to party on the 5th followed by Ed Brown ,Nicholas Cassisi, Britanny Myers and Mary Slebodnick who will be 102 on the 6th. March 7th finds Lillian Krull, William Leahey , Courtney McLendon and Regina Siuniak celebrating as will my sister, Monica Barlick on Match 8th. Happy Birthday to All.

INDIANS I had a pleasant conversation with Pete Nesbella , a Lilly native, who resides outside of Carlisle, PA. He recalled collecting Indian artifacts while growing up in Lilly. Pete said apparently at one time there was an encampment at the creek behind Memorial Drive near the mule barn as he and the Bulsock brothers would find arrowheads there where two creeks came together. He said old Indian lore called the spot where streams joined as being a sacred place. Pete also found a tomahawk and a larger spear blade made of stone there. He intends to donate these items to the Lilly Washington Historical Society along with some miner tools.

A BIT OF INFORMATION As the crow flies it is only 13 miles south east to Bedford, PA. In the 1700’s there were still hostile Indians roaming the area. One report I read told of settlers being massacred 7 miles northwest of Bedford. That would be about 6 miles from here. Most likely at the bottom of the mountain near the Blue Knob farm fields No wonder the Sharps, early settlers, had a round house fortification on the mountain. When the Mason-Dixon Line was being surveyed the project was placed on hold awhile due to Indian hostilities west of Bedford.


LILLY LINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694