Jan 052012

As I write this column the wind is blowing and the snow is swirling outside reminding me that winter is still here even after we had an unusually mild December. There is hope though as groundhog day is less than a month away.

IMPORTANT MEETING On Wednesday, January 11 at 7:00 PM there will be a meeting of the Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association at the Lilly Borough Building. Attendance of area residents is encouraged as the future of the association is a stake. There is a desperate need for residents to get involved in the ongoing operation of the field. Don’t depend on others, become part of the team. A few hours each month will make a big difference.
SYMPATHY The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Stanley “Buddy” Zoskey who passed away last week. He will be missed by many.

BIRTHDAYS Today, July 5 Mario Crocett, Brett Dively, and Gloria McGarry celebrate their birthdays as will Ruth Boast, Mary Jane Lingafelt and Elizabeth McIntosh on the 7th and William Walters on the 8th. Then on January 9 Camelo Cameletti and Edward Kawtoski observe birthdays as will Kimberly Ehrenfeld, Christine Castel, and Winifred McLucas on the 10th On the 11th Crystal Martino , Crystal Steck and Donald Patterson get to party. Happy Birthday to All.

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY Sophie Adelsberg will be 104 years of age on January 29th. Her address is 230 Yale Ave. Euclid, Ohio 44035 Sophie was a member of the Zurilla family and grew up and resided in Dutchtown.
ANNIVERSARY Happy Anniversary to Robert and Robin Krull who will celebrate on January 11th.

I am in partial hibernation until spring and as such I don’t always get the news in town so if you want something in my column call me at (814) 886-4694.


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