Jan 262012

ICERINK Sunday night was cold enough that the ice froze enough for several youths to enjoy a long evening playing jockey at the local rink. Watch the weather and if it gets below 32 degrees this weekend get out the skates as there aren’t too many weekends that it will. (We hope!)

SWISS STEAK DINNER A reminder that Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Hilltop Road will be serving a Swiss steak dinner to eat in or take out this Sunday from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

PATERNO He now belongs to the ages. Joe Paterno was a large part of the Pennsylvania image for so many, many years, May he rest in peace.

BIRTHDAYS Belated birthday greetings to Brian and Jeff Spiker who celebrated birthdays on January 19th. Today, January 26 finds Ronald Courtot, Shawn Nadolsky and Gary Nagy observing their birthdays along with Sarah Hurley who is the 16 year old daughter of Greta and John Hurley. Michael Conrad, Michael Crocetti, Michael McCarty, Bailey Prebish and Jesse Wilson all get to party on the 27th. On the 28th Andrew Jones, Theodore Kunko, Deborah Rabatin, Judith George and Mary Yanek celebrate as will Sophie Adelsberg who will be 104. Robert Bennett Sr. and Jeanine Nagle observe birthdays on January 29.

On the 31st Mary George observes her birthday as will Lee Ann Inman and Louise Bocci on the 1st of February, Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY Happy Anniversary to Francis and Jean Albarano who observe their 62nd wedding anniversary on January 28th.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY Anyone that wants to get a family member or members featured in the Miners History book please submit the information or call me and I will review the questions with you. Also there is still time to get a plaque on the Miners Monument. Also for those who go on-line the Historical Society web page can be accessed at l-whs.org.


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Jan 192012

SWISS STEAK DINNER A hearty meal on these cold days is always welcome. On January 29th instead of laboring over the kitchen stove make a visit to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Hilltop Road here in Lilly and enjoy a Swiss steak dinner. You and the family can dine in or there will also be take out meals available. Prices are reasonable: $9 adult and 4.50 children. All take outs are $9.The serving time is 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Call 884-0205 for additional information.

WAR MEMORIAL The War Memorial Association met on January 12th and re-organized. John Hurley was named President; Dan Martynuska, vice-president; Claudette Falger, secretary and Joseph Gides treasurer. There were 15 men from the area present at the meeting and a lot of the discussion centered on the upkeep of the field. There was talk about contracting the lawn care and also with volunteer efforts to keep it manicured. No resolution was reached at present. The LYBA offered to contribute towards the cost of grass cutting. The date for the annual War Memorial Dinner was set as May, 26th at Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church hall. The next meeting is February 9th and will kickoff the 2012 fund drive.

BIRTHDAYS Regina Causer will be busy baking cakes for the rest of the month as many family members celebrate birthdays. Her son in law, Leo Vermileum, celebrates on January 24th; her grandson, Nick Causer, observes his on the 25th. He will be 16. On the 27th her son, Bob, gets to party as will son Tom on the 30th. A granddaughter, Rebecca Bacon, celebrated her birthday on January 11th.

Today, January 19 Stella Ketchessin celebrates her 92nd birthday. Joseph Krug Sr, Bonnie Mardula and Nathan Stevens also observe birthdays with her. On the 20th, Monica Siedlarczyk. Andre Marinalk and Imy McMullen get to party as will Carol McLucas on the 21st and Marie Dougherty, James Kozak and Dane Nesbella on the 22nd.

Neighbor Larry Summerville enjoys his birthday on the 23rd followed by Corey Shedlock and Catherine Weakland on the 24th. Amy Walters, Raymond Lasinski and Carol Wertz observe their birthdays on January 25th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY Francis and Lynn Filak observe their anniversary on the 21st along with Leroy and Mary George and Robert and Margaret Kunrod. On January 24 Stephen and Bonnie Mardula celebrate. Happy Anniversary to each couple.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY The society has been receiving some completed forms for the Miner History Book. Please take time to send some information of the mining history of your family. The society meets this Thursday at 7:00 PM at the Lilly Borough Building. Also the two volume paper back copies of the “Spirit of the Community” history book is available for purchase at Galls Insurance Agency. We are also still accepting orders for plaques for the Miners monument. The 2012 Calendar is also available at Galls.

SYMPATHY The community’s sympathy is extended to the family of Joseph Sibis who recently passed away in Litiz at the age of 35. His grandmother, Priscilla (Campagna) Prybyz, resides in Lilly. Last week, in Wilmore, 45 year old Donald “Ses” Sesney passed away. He had been a member of the Lilly Area Ambulance Association for many years and had served us well several years ago doing many, many transports for the association. He never complained and was a pleasant individual to have around.

DOG STORY Apparently my story about the lady walking the dog caused some uproar. Please be advised it was not Amy Kunko I was talking about. She got several calls on the matter as she does walk her dog. On a need to know basis I will release the information. The person mentioned hasn’t been a homeowner in town very long.


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Jan 122012

SYMPATHY Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Harold Leahey of Hollidaysburg, formerly of Lilly who died last week. Harold was a son of Brady and Marcella Leahey and graduated from the Lilly High School in 1949. He married Cecelia Albarano. An Army veteran of the Korean War he retired from the Mobil Oil Company.

ICE SKATING The rink at the War Memorial Field is ready for the ice skaters, if only we could get some ice. If we get a few days with temperatures below 32 and colder nights it will probably be ready to use. As for me, skip the ice, give me the sunny skies and warm weather.

CRESSON NEWS I enjoy reading the Pet Peeves posted most weeks by Margaret Wyland in her Cresson column. So many of them hit the local topics directly. Keep it up Marge!

HEARD IT ALL So you think you have heard it all. Let me tell you a story. Here in town a woman was walking her dog (on the property of others without permission). The dog apparently stepped into a very slight depression in the earth and allegedly pulled a muscle. The woman is expecting the landowner to pay the dog’s medical expense. I feel sorry for the dog for possibly getting hurt but feel more sorry for the dog for having such an idiot for an master.

FIRE COMPANY DINNER At least eighty people attended the annual installation dinner of the Lilly Community Volunteer Fire Company at the Sokols on January 7th. This was a very nice affair where the Fire Company recognized the Life Members present and presented each with a special hat. Among those present the eldest were Vic Paul Jr, Ted Myers and Bob Kunrod. The company also thanked the Township, Borough, Mutual Aid Companies, Cresson Ambulance and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church for their help during the year. Eight junior firemen received special thanks for their yearlong efforts. This young group of boys and girls have brought a new enthusiasm to the organization and showed their pride in being members as each wore the companies uniform o the dinner. The fire company auxiliary, represented by Theresa Dunmyer, Sister Jane and Donna Smith. presented the company with a check for $2800 dollars raised during 2011;

Arturo Martynuska, a former Lilly volunteer and a retired past assistant chief of the Johnstown Fire Department, who is active with the State Firemens Union, was present and spoke on recent cancer legislation, that was signed into law by Governor Corbett, that effects both paid and volunteer firemen. It is an important benefit that protects firemen for 600 weeks after leaving active duty after at least four years of service in the event they are afflicted with cancer. It helps with lost wages and medical bills.

Lilly Mayor Patrick Podrasky administered the oath of office to the members elected to various positions for 2012. They are: President Paul Sklodowski; vice-president Jeremy McIntosh; recording secretary Bob Klayko; treasurer Ray Guzic Jr. and financial secretary Matt Crum Fire Company trustees are Paul Smith, Dan Myers and Bill Conley Sr. The Relief Association trustees are Shane Smith, Jamie Hartline and Montana Miller. Line officers for 2012 are: Fire Chief Robert Crum; deputy chief Ian Daugherty; assistant chief Ed Myers; Captain 1 Matt Myers and Captain 2 Bill Conley. The Lieutenant 1 is Montana Miller and Lieutenant 2 is Dan Myers. Ray Guzic and Matt Crum will serve as safety officers. The Fire Police Captain is John Conley and the Fire Police Lieutenant is Jessica Bender. Accountability officer is Shane Smith.

BIRTHDAYS Today, January 12, Paul Lukacs, Leah Muldoon, Deborah Selip and Dave Swinger III celebrate birthdays as will Tin Panek Jr. and Ed Stombaugh on the 13th followed by Katherine Glass, Bill Kozak and Joyce Larue on the 14th. On the 16th Patricia Miorelli and Jerod McConnell celebrate as will Charles Bishop, Nathan Offman and Linda Albarano on the 17th. On January 18th Dorothy Glenn, Edward Costlow Bobby Glenn and Ron Yagoda all get to party. Happy Birthday!

My grandkids; twins Derek and Laura Reed were 5 years old on January 3rd. They had a little party with Jim and Natalie’s family present on the 8th. It was almost like a repeat of Christmas as they opened gifts,

LANDMARK GONE Did you notice that the Albarano Store was recently torn down? The store was built there over 70 years ago by Felix Albarano and operated by his family and daughters until 2006.When we were school kids in the late 1950s we would stop there for lunch cakes and soda. Dad always bought groceries there and was a faithful customer as the Albarano’s would carry his account during work slowdowns and layoffs. My daughter recently mentioned the excellent chocolate candies that would be available there at Christmas time. I would get jelly beans there also at Easter.


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Jan 052012

As I write this column the wind is blowing and the snow is swirling outside reminding me that winter is still here even after we had an unusually mild December. There is hope though as groundhog day is less than a month away.

IMPORTANT MEETING On Wednesday, January 11 at 7:00 PM there will be a meeting of the Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association at the Lilly Borough Building. Attendance of area residents is encouraged as the future of the association is a stake. There is a desperate need for residents to get involved in the ongoing operation of the field. Don’t depend on others, become part of the team. A few hours each month will make a big difference.
SYMPATHY The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Stanley “Buddy” Zoskey who passed away last week. He will be missed by many.

BIRTHDAYS Today, July 5 Mario Crocett, Brett Dively, and Gloria McGarry celebrate their birthdays as will Ruth Boast, Mary Jane Lingafelt and Elizabeth McIntosh on the 7th and William Walters on the 8th. Then on January 9 Camelo Cameletti and Edward Kawtoski observe birthdays as will Kimberly Ehrenfeld, Christine Castel, and Winifred McLucas on the 10th On the 11th Crystal Martino , Crystal Steck and Donald Patterson get to party. Happy Birthday to All.

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY Sophie Adelsberg will be 104 years of age on January 29th. Her address is 230 Yale Ave. Euclid, Ohio 44035 Sophie was a member of the Zurilla family and grew up and resided in Dutchtown.
ANNIVERSARY Happy Anniversary to Robert and Robin Krull who will celebrate on January 11th.

I am in partial hibernation until spring and as such I don’t always get the news in town so if you want something in my column call me at (814) 886-4694.


LILLYLINES by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694