Sep 122016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Visited the Penn Cambria bon fire at the Lilly War Memorial field the evening of August 25. There was a very nice turnout of parents, players and friends along with the marching band and cheerleaders. The very nice weather made it possible for all present to have a good time.

Start thinking about natural gas as meetings will soon be held for borough and township residents. This will be the time to ask questions and seek out the pros and cons of changing the way we cook and heat our homes.

There are several families who just recently moved into Lilly after buying homes here. If you have new neighbors take the time to welcome them to the community and let them know how Lilly works and the many pros and cons of living here.

My sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Helen Sarneski who recently passed away.

Celebrating birthdays on September 1 are James Rice lV, Celsey Hite, John Hurley, Robert Rabatin Sr., On the 2nd Jayce Summerville celebrates as will Sonja Moyer and Catherine Sweeney on the 3rd and
Christopher Martino and Samantha Johnson on the 4th. It will be party time for Kathy Leahey and Helen Claar on the 5th and Kendall Krug,Kaitlin Lutton and Diana Schaffranek on the 6th. George Ernest celebrates on the 7th. Happy Birthday to All!

Don and Sandy Courvina and Frank and Helen Fordick celebrate their wedding anniversaries on September 1 followed by Joseph and Dianne Batdorf on the 4th ;William and Joan Latoche on the 5th and Patrick and Holly Tremel on the 6th. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple!

You are an old-timer if you remember when Kelly Campagna had his Barber Shop in Pete Mattiello’s building on Cleveland Street.

Sep 122016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694 

Join in the fun at the Penn Cambria Bon Fire being held at 6:00 PM this evening, August 25 at the Lilly-Washington War Memorial here in Lilly. All students and parents are welcome to attend ths start off of the 2016 Football season .Wear your blue and black and join the Cheerleaders, Penn Cambria Marching band, players and students in this fun night out.

There will be Story Time registration at the Lilly Library from August 30 until September 12. The program will start on September 12 and run until May of 2017.Pre school age 3 and up may participate. If you cannot make it to registration call 886-7543. Lilly Borough, Washington Township and patrons of the Library may participate.

It is 3 years since the LillyArea Ambulance quit providing emergency service mainly because of state requirements on staffing levels.The remaining officers; Jack Barlick, Duane Misiura,George Nesbella,Paul Sklodowski, Mike Eckenrode and Kevin Hite met recently and agreed to donate the Ambulance building to Lilly Borough and the following funds as listed. The Lilly Fire Company was given $16,000. The Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association was given $30.000. Lady of the Alleghenies, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Lukes and the United Methodist churches $10,000 each. The Library and Historical Society each received $10,000 also. $5,000 was given to the Lilly Knights of Columbus and the Saint Vincent DePaul Society. The Garden Club and the Lilly Decorating committee were given $3,000 each.TAPS, the ones that stock the Lilly creeks, was given $1000. Washington Township was given $10,000 earlier in the year towards the pavilion at the new memorial field ball park.

Mary Boland celebrates her birthday on August 25 followed by Peneople Boland,followed by Phyllis Podrasky, Jeannie George, Colleen Keagy, James Scott Lill, Alcia Proudfit and Bambi Brown on the 27th Nicole Poborsky. Nicole Lutton cerebrates on the 29th followed by Stephen Bartm Karlo Lozano and Susan Zumer on the 30th and Dense eturgey on the 31ft. Happy Birthday to All!

Donald and Sharon Diehl observe their anniversary today, August 25 followed by Daylon and Renee Behe and James and Barbara Lego on the 26th and Sam and Carol Albarano, William and Ellen McCoy and Matt and Marion Zunich on the 28th. Scott and Jackie Steberger party on the 29th and Gary and Barbara Stiffler on the 31st. Happy Anniversary to All!

Be extra vigil on school days as more kids will be walking. Parents, also teach your children to always look both ways for traffic getting on or off a bus bef ore crossing a street.
Remember the patrol boys wth a shiny silver badge and a white shoulder strap and red flag sponsored by AAA..

Jun 292016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694


Traffic is headed to Lilly as the lively Greater Lilly Reunion gets underway this coming weekend, July 2nd and 3rd, with entertainment and fun for all ages from the small child up through the ranks of those 90 and even 100 years old.
The annual Lilly Firemen carnival will be going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. There will be music at the pavilion each evening. Saturday there will be a Firemen’s Parade over the streets of downtown Lilly starting at 6:30 PM with line up at the War Memorial field at 6:00 PM. Candy apples and cotton candy available each night.
those going to the Historical Society breakfast it will be at 9:00 AM Saturday at Our Lady of the Alleghenies church hall. If you are looking for seats call Galls or Jack Thursday or Friday morning, no guarantee of seats available.

During the day on Saturday St. Luke’s church will have a soup and hoagie sale at the church. Take some soup home for later use… The streets of Lilly will be busy Saturday evening. You can park your car once and then ride the Old Fashioned Trolley between clubs and the Firemen Pavilion from 8:00 PM until midnight. Music will be everywhere! Have an evening of fun with locals and visitors from across the USA.

On Sunday, church services recommended at a church of your choice, or Saturday afternoon at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Sunday, the 3d, the picnic will get under way at 11:00 AM at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church grounds on Hilltop Street. There will be limited souvenir hats and t-shirts available. Food sales including pigs in the blanket and hot sausage all day long. Ample beverages will be available. Some of the onsite activities include a silent auction, face painting by the girl scouts; Gobs by St. Luke’s; basket auction by the Lilly Library, painting sale and chances by the War Memorial; gambling by K of C. and tickets by the Historical Society. From 2 until 5 PM there will be FREE old fashioned trolley tours of the Lilly area. Take a relaxing ride around town with family or friends on the trolley and see some of the towns many highlights. A speaker will be along to point out items of interest.

At 2:30 PM at the church pavilion there will be an honors program for those over 90 and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and Queen. Music all day will be provided by the Raging Slagg; the Hallmarks and from 6:00 PM until 9:30 the Fabulous Flash Backs The days event will close with the giant fireworks display at 9:30 PM. There will be ample parking at the War Memorial, along Memorial Drive and at the picnic. Bring a lawn chair to relax. There will be parking attendants on hand all day. Handicapped persons can get a ride from the parking lot in a golf cart or the attendant can leave you on to the grounds to let your passenger out. Visit us at the social site and have some cookies and water. Please sign the logbook of visitors.

Descendants of Joseph and Mary Hershel are reminded that there will be a family reunion from 1 until 5 PM July 30 at the Lilly Firemens Pavilion. RSVP or further details can be obtained from Sally at 886-2758 or Mary Lou at 886-5336

There will be a much needed change to the name plaques on the Miners Monument thanks to two generous benefactor’s. There is room to add 10 more names to the monument, fill out the forms and purchase at Galls insurance agency.

Tricia McMahon, Christine Patterson and Delores Skura celebrate birthdays on June 30 followed by Nathan Hoover, Heather Jones, Anna Leahey and Dorothy Phillips on the 1st and William Noga and Dana Ronan on the 2nd. July 3 finds Anna Brown, Cody Boast, Heather Stryker and Margaret Kunrod observing birthdays as will Phyllis Myers on the 4th and Brian Bart and Patrick Tremel on the 6th. Happy Birthday to All!

Chad and Barbara Pysher celebrate their wedding anniversary on June 30 while Richard and Debbie Giraud and Paul and Sandra Moyer observe wedding anniversaries on July 1 followed by Jane and Ted Kunko and Anna and George Wozniak on the 2nd. Ed and Patti Grove celebrate on the 3rd as will Francis and Sis Risko on the 5th and James and Linda Behe on the 6th. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

You are an old timer if you remember when Cleveland Street was brick surfaced.

Jun 232016

LillyLines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

Busy times are coming up in Lilly for the next two weeks. If you need information on any event fill free to call me, Jack Barlick at 886-4694 anytime.
Forty five letters were mailed to residents and former residents over the age of 90 inviting them to participate
In the Sunday, July 3rd program at 2:30 PM where the Home Coming Queen, King and Court will be honored. If you are over 90 and did not get a letter, please come to the party.

Several individuals helped Ray Lentz and I track down Joe McGarry.
He has been put in touch with a serviceman from Texas whom he served with in Vietnam years ago. Thanks!

There will be a vintage silent auction at the homecoming on Sunday, July 3rd.
The Lilly Library will be hosting a basket auction at the main tent also, and the War Memorial will be selling art prints and chancing one off.

Elected officers for the Lilly American Legion Francis L. McCool Post 628 Home Association for 2016-2017 were Joseph Zurilla, President; James Steberger, vice president; Melvin Fees, Secretary and James Shable, treasurer and financial officer. Trustees are: Ron Muldoon,Chad Pysher and John Seymore Jr.

Tickets are still available for the Lilly/Washington Alumni Dinner Dance being held at the Cresson Legion on Saturday July 2nd.
Contact LeeAnne Cannonie or Sandra Miorelli for tickets and further information.

The Lilly Community Fire Company is hosting a 5K walk and run on Saturday June 25th.
Lineup will start at the Lilly Firemen’s Pavilion at 9:00 A.M. Contact any firemen for details.

Sunday will be a busy day along Hilltop Road as the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be hosting a Wine Fest on the church grounds. There will be wines for tasting and sale.
Food and vendor sales will be available. No food or drink carry on permitted on to grounds. For details call 886-2375 or 886-4904 the first from 1:00 to 4:00 PM and the second from 5:00PM until 8:00 PM. A souvenir wine glass and tote bag will be given to each participant
Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Daniel “Bugsy” George who recently passed away at the Care Center in Ebensburg. Further sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Robert Causer who died in Lilly. Bob was 86 and left behind his wife Virginia, daughters Patti and Debbie and sons Bob, Thomas and Daniel.

Today, June 23 finds Lana Geriak, Annette Glenn, Patricia Hershel, Amanda Skura and Tiffany Stiffler celebrating birthdays as will John Orehowsky, Lisa Prebish,.Joan Sibis and Ann-Jolene Vrabel on the 24th and Judy Butterbaugh , Anita Inman, James C. Martino and
Mike Zumer Jr. on the 26th. June 27 Lauren Giraud , Doris Kuntz and Gary Glenn observe birthdays as will Mary Ann Sklodowski on the 28th.
Happy Birthday to All!
Patrick and Robin Behe and Homer and Rita Butterbaugh observe wedding anniversaries today, June 23 followed by Shawn and Theresa Stevens on the 24th
On the 25 Mark and Catherine Lykens celebrate as will Gerald and Mary Lou Behe and Jeremy and Joy Eckenrode on the 26th. Faber and Madeline Conrad observe their wedding anniversary along with Ray and Lillian Guzic on the 27th and both Barbara and Robert Leap and Bryan and Joyce Offman on the 28th.
HappyAnniversary to each couple!

You are an oldtimer if you remember when the Smilnak girls would walk their family’s cows to Moshannon for grazing.
The distinct clanging of the large bells around the cow’s neck alerted you that the cows were moving.

NOTE: Just give me a call at 886-4694 if you want to see what is going on during the home coming weekend

Jun 062016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

There were at least 72 individuals at the Lilly/Washington War Memorial Banquet held on May 28 at the Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church Hall. Robert Monahan gave a talk on the Valiant 28 Memorial and plans to create an entryway in their honor at the War Memorial field. Donations are welcome to help fund the project. The Valiant Twenty Eight was a list of casualties from the Lilly area in World War Two.. The former Lilly VFW was named in their honor. Hugh Conrad Jr. And Jack Barlick were recognized by the War Memorial group in appreciation for their community effort.

The dinner was special to me as three daughters attended along with several grandchildren and son in law Jim Reed, it extra special was my Aunty Patsy Lukosavich, my dad’s youngest sister and her son Bruce and his wife Linda attending as they were passing through the area on their way home in Michigan. When I went in the Army in 1962 my grandpap Steve Barlick told me to make him proud. He died two months later. This dinner helped send him a message in heaven.

Under a beautiful sunny day and enjoyable temperatures the annual Lilly/Washington War Memorial service was held at the Lilly field on Monday, May 30 at 11:00 AM. Malia Prebish and Alayna Przybys, Penn Cambria Elementary students, started the ceremonies with their vocal rendition of the National Anthem. Reverend John Palko followed with the invocation. Lilly Francis L. McCool Post 628 Commander James Steberger then presented Americanism Awards to eighth grade students Zoey Hartline, daughter of Jamie and Kim Hartline and Elijah Noel son of Glenn and Angeline Noel.

James Steberger, Post 628 Commander, presented scholarships to the three winners of the Posts scholarship competition. The topic was “ Should 18 year old girls be subject to the military draft” First place $2500 winner was Bishop Carroll student Lucas Hutsky, son of June (Shaner) Hutsky and Andrew Hutsky. Second place $1500 winner was Penn Cambria student Allison Barlick, daughter of Natalie Barlick Reed and Albert “Alb” Claar. Third place winner, $1000 was Penn Cambria Student Jacob Guzic son of Scott and Kim Guzic
Robert Monahan addressed the gathering of over 200 visitors about the history of Lilly’s Valiant Twenty Eight and plans for an improved entry way to the field in their honor. He also explained the new planting of a red oak tree replacing trees that had been removed at the entrance walk due to deterioration and rotting branches causing public danger .Reverend John Palko led a prayer and blessing to dedicate the tree. Donations are welcome to help complete this noble project that will continue to honor those who gave their lives for freedom over 70 years ago.

Robert Monahan, the Mainline Garden Club and Judy and Ron Muldoon and others did a beautiful job with the flowers. One perennial that stood out to me was the red poppies near the monument bringing to mind the “Flanders Field poem by Joyce Kilmer.”

Four members of the Lilly American Legion were recognized for Length of Service awards they received from the National Office of the American Legion. Francis Krumenaker has 70 years of continuous membership and George Wozniak, Leslie Devett Sr. and Frank Giblock have 50 years each as members of the American Legion.

There will be a Blood Mobile next week at the Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church Hall from 12:30 PM until 6:00 PM sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.This will be Thursday evening June 10.

The dinner was special to me as three daughters attended along with several Steberger then presented Americanism Awards to eighth grade students Zoey Hartline, daughter of Jamie and Kim Hartline and Elijah Noel son of Glenn and Angeline Noel.

James Steberger, Post 628 Commander, presented scholarships to the three winners of the Posts scholarship competition. The topic was “ Should 18 year old girls be subject to the military draft” First place $2500 winner was Bishop Carroll student Lucas Hutsky, son of June (Shaner) Hutsky and Andrew Hutsky. Second place $1500 winner was Penn Cambria student Allison Barlick, daughter of Natalie Barlick Reed and Albert “Alb” Claar. Third place winner, $1000 was Penn Cambria Student Jacob Guzic son of Scott and Denise Guzic

At the Homecoming picnic on July 3the Historical Society will be sponsoring an Amateur Lilly Area Photo Contest. Entries will be displayed that day and also judged. Prizes will be given in Scenery, Wildlife and people (persons) categories. Place 8×10 entries in an eight by ten plastic sheet protector with your name on a paper with it and deposit by June 24th at the Borough Building or at Galls Insurance Agency.

Today, June 3rd, finds Nicole Reese, Collin Borlie, Dennis Eckenrode, Bernadette Hmiel, John Nezneski and Donalt Wilt observing birthdays as will Josh Koval. Amanda Smorto Jesse Guzic,and Robert Rabatin on the 4th and Marcelle Cooney, Olivia Guzic, Elizabeth Lazinski and Stuart Custer on the 5th. It will be cake and ice cream on the 6th for Christina Myers, Jacqueline Boast, Richard Slebodnik Sr and Judy Smith and on the 7th for Patricia Behe, James Drass , Peggy Marinak and John Patterson. Regis Kinback, Marissa Conley and Dianna Podrasky celebrate on the 8t and Amber Lee Jenkins,Brian Risko, Josie Sawinski, Nancy Stombaugh and Jamie Williams on the 9th. Happy Birthday to all!

Regis and Patricia Tremel celebrate their wedding anniversary today June 3 as will Ron and Linda Cropsey on the 7th, Joseph and Tanya Phillips on the 8th and Ed and Nancy Stombaugh on the 9th. Happy Anniversary to All!

You are an old timer for sure if you remember when Kate Smith sang “When the Moon comes over the Mountain on black and white TV


Jun 062016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

On Monday May 25 at 11:00 AM the Lilly American Legion and Lilly/Washington War Memorial Association will conduct the annual War Memorial service at the War Memorial Field. This year’s program will pay homage to the Valiant Twenty-Eight who gave their lives with others during WWII. A Red Maple Tree has been planted along the fence line in their honor. The tree replaces the grove of trees that were along the entry way and were taken down as the aging trees, planted in 1949 were rotting out and branches breaking off. Mali Prebish, a Penn Cambria student will sing the National Anthem to start the day’s events. James Steberger, Lilly Legion Post 628 Commander will present the Americanism Awards to an eighth grade girl and boy. He then will present scholarships given by the Lilly American Legion to three students whose scholarships were selected by Legion judges. The students will read their scholarships to the assembly. Robert Monahan will address the gathering about the Valiant Twenty-Eight history. The annual War Memorial banquet being held at Our Lady of the Alleghenies on Saturday, May 28th, will also pay honors to the Valiant Twenty Eight

The flowers ordered through the Historical Society will be placed on the graves on May 28th.There was an error with addresses in the newsletter so the post office had returned several to the senders, my apologies.

A special notice goes out to the men/women who annually volunteer their time putting the American Flags on Veteran gravesites and throughout town on the telephone poles. It is always welcoming coming into any town to see all the flags being flown up and down the streets. The sight of the graves with the American Flags is always bitter sweet. These volunteers are noticed not only in Lilly but also to our neighbors in Cresson, Portage, etc. Hundreds if not thousands of flags are placed just in our area alone. This is no easy task for these men/women who go out to make sure the flags are flown prior to Memorial Day. A sincere Thank you for your time and service in ensuring the graves are marked and honored for their service. Many of those who do this patriotic chore each year are getting up in years. It is time for the veterans from the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts to jump on board and join the Legion and/or VFW

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Arlene (Habas) Wilt who recently passed away. She attended school and graduated from Lilly/Washington High School and resided in Duncansville. Sympathy is also extended to the family of Marie Bowman.

Happy birthday to all those celebrating this week: Lori Krug, Nance Rowe, and Brent Smith on May 26th. Linda Cropsey, Troy Logan, Dominec Ricupero, and Mary Gorba all celebrated on May 28th. Bill Claar has a birthday on Sunday, May 29. Andrew Glenn, Walter Huberney, and Justin Spaid all on May 30th. May 31st Brandon Erhenfeld, Rudy McCarthy, Andrew Siedlarczyk, Tina Stauski, and Adyn Tremel all celebrate another birthday.

On May 30th Beverly and Chuck Mulhearn and on May 31st David and Peggy Beck celebrate another anniversary. On June 1st Glenn and Peggy Marinak also enjoy another year together. Happy Anniversary to these couples.

You are an old timer if you remember when Thomas Duffy and George Rhawn, both WWI Veterans, took part in the Memorial Day Parades.

Apr 042016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Bryan Petyak was among the top 2% of the University of Pittsburgh students honored at a Convocation if Pittsburgh this past February. His grandfather, Robert Monahan, lives here in Lilly.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Mary Alycee of Florida, she was a daughter of the Vigil family that resided on Jones Street up until the 1950s and a niece of Bishop Adrian Vigil who served in South America.

At the home coming picnic on July 3rdd the Lilly Washington Historical Society intends to recognize those individuals with Lilly ties that include being born here, growing up here, residing here for a while or living here now that are at least 90 years of age’ Also those over 100 years of age who will be specially honored. Please submit names and addresses to Gall’s Insurance Agency or call me direct at 886-4694 or call galls at 886-2961

March 31 finds Carmella Drass, Barbara Plazek, April Stombaugh, Megan Wheeler and Lindsay Wheeler celebrating birthdays followed by John Skura, David Beck Sr.[, Isaac Eckenrode, Duane Misiura Sr., Shirley Przybys\, John Pyo,,Patrick Shedlock and Christine Wheeler on April 2nd;

Other birthdays include Rita Klayko on the 3rd, John Bost, Howard McIntosh, Particia Muldoon, and Francis Risko on the 4th Matthew Nadolsky on the 5th and Amy Davies on the 6th. Happy Birthday to All.

You are a real old-timer if you remember when CA Hughes Company Store made home deliveries in their panel truck.

Mar 232016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 86-4694

Enjoy the early spring Easter weekend. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the smell of the hyathins as they break the suface once again. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh breeze coming off the mountains blowing through the valley chasing away the leaves and dust from the prior winter.

The Lilly-Washington Public Library will be holding the annual Easter Egg Hunt for local children at 1:00 PM Saturday March 26 at the Firemen’s pavilion. Children will be divided in age groups. Please bring bags or baskets. Children are to gather their own eggs without assistance except for the youngest group.

The United Methodist church on Willow Street will have a Seven AM service on Easter morning. There will not be a 10:30 Sunday service. There will be a Maundy service at the sister church in Wilmore on Thursday evening.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel church will have a procession, washing of feet and a Mass at 4:00 PM. On Friday, March 25, there will be Veneration of the Cross, Mass of the pre-sanctified and opening of the grave at 3:00 PM and on Saturday there will be a vigil service at 2:30 PK followed by a Resurrection Mass with a Procession at 4:00 PM.

St. Lukes Lutheran church will have a Maundy service at 7:00 PM at the 1st United Church in Portage. On Good Friday there will be a Tenebrae here at St. Lukes with the Passion according to Saint John at 7:00 PM. On Saturday at St. Lukes at 8:00 PM there will be an affirmation of baptisms and Baptisms at St. Lukes followed by an Easter Vigil. On Sunday there will be a Sunrise service at 6:30 AM at St. Lukes and a 9:00 AM service at the 1st Lutheran Church in Portage. There will be no 11 A:M service at St. Lukes on Easter Morning, March 27th.

Our Lady of the Alleghenies Catholic Church will hold an evening Mass of the Lords Supper at 7:00 PM. On Thursday March 24th, On Good Friday there will be a 1:30 PM celebration of the Lords Passipn followed on Saturday by an Easter Vigil Mass at 8:30.On Easter Sunday there will be Masses at 8:00 and 10:00 A.M

April 25 will find Cynthia Giblock and Adrienne Rabatin celebrating birthdays as will Robert Kunrod, Sandra Burn and Joseph Smychynsky on the 26th and Lillian Guzic, Justin Offman, and Savanna Koval on the 27th. Jon Brickley celebrates on the 29th and Gerald Behe and Frank Fordick get to party on the 30th . March 31 will find Carmrlla Drass, Barbara Plazek, April Stombaugh, Megan Wheeler and Linda Wheeler enjoying cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to All!

You’re an old timer if you participated in the doll show or the greased pig race at the field days at the War Memorial.

Mar 102016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

My article was in error last week as I was undergoing a hospital stay. Apologies for birthdays and anniversaries missed. Looking forward to the very mild weather this week and weekend. Hoping to get the scooter out so I can get some fresh air. I am over-hibernated.

Today, March 10 finds Kathleen Bost and Olivia Sklodowski partying as will Rose Marie Nagle, Evan Boland and Joe Suchta (who will be 95) on the 11th. On the 12th Judy Ann Ehrenfeld enjoys cake and ice cream as will Parker Nelen. Ireland Hall celebrates on the 14th and on the 15th Hadden Fleegle, Mason Fleegle and Greta Hurley enjoy birthdays. Valerie Bolie and Damon Olbert gets to party on the 16th. Happy Birthday to All!

The communities’ sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Robert T. George who died in Delaware. He was a son of the late Francis and Marie (Kearney) George.

This Saturday, March 12 the Lilly Washington War Memorial will be holding the annual spring cleanup day at the War Memorial field. All coaches, players, parents and members are ask to pitch in for a few hours to make the field spotless for the start of the coming baseball season. Bring a leave rake and gloves if able. Your help is greatly appreciated for this clean-up which will start at 8:30 AM.

While you are there for the cleanup stop and admire the bell tower that was recently constructed and installed. Also check out the new pavilion at the Little League field that the Township has recently built with grant funds. Work is underway on the rest rooms there.

During the Great Lilly Homecoming this July 2nd and 3rd there will be several home comings of families and class re unions going on in the Lilly area. One event being featured is an Alumni Dinner Dance open to any graduate of the Lilly High School and their guests. The last graduating class was in 1966. There are classmates from the early thirties remaining. This event will be held July 2 at the Cresson American Legion Ball Room. George Gides will entertain the early arrivals with his guitar music. Contact LeeAnn Cannonie or Sandy Miorelli for details.

If you have any events, visitors, trips etc. that you would like written about give me a call at 886-4694,

The spring 2016 Lilly Historical Society newsletter will contain useful information concerning the home coming events this July 2 &3 following the firemen’s week. This will be mailed in April.

You are an old timer if you remember the wrought iron fence surrounding St. Brigid’s Main Street property

Feb 282016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

Has the early political caucuses driven you nuts yet? I started out not watching them much, then catching a few alerts and then liking or dis liking candidates. I have changed ideas and candidates on both major parties. My bets are it will be Hillary and Trump into November.,

With the nice days out lately it is enjoyable to be hoping spring is not far away. Get out of hibernation and enjoy a short walk or some time outside. I am never happier now when I can get some fresh air. Enjoy, Enjoy!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic Church will be holding a Sunday afternoon Sports Raffle opening at Noon. A Roast Beef Dinner will be served starting at 1:00 P.M. Snacks start at 3:00 and there will be music by a DJ all afternoon. For tickets or details call 814-937-7093. Get out and enjoy better weather, win soe prizes and start to socialize into spring.i

It has been a sad time lately for the Lilly Area with the passing of several natives including Violet Pearson, 103 of Lewistown who died Saturday September 13. She was the last surviving child of Michael and Anne Bodenshatz and grew up in Lilly. Next to die was Veronica McIntosh age 92, she is the widow of Rodger McIntosh Sr. and has children here in Lilly. Marie Trybus also passed away. My sympathy is extended to all three families

Today, Ella Digruilles and Tom Suchta celebrate their birthdays as will Pam Sanders on the 26th
Bill Conley Jr. observes his birthday on the 28th and for two days on Leap Day there are no birthdays. March 1 finds Maddox Laret, Joseph Mardula, Julia Myers and Mary Jo Rainey celebrating. Happy Birthday to All!

You are an Old Timer if you remember when the Lilly Fire Company had carnival grounds and a refreshment stand on Cemetery Street between St. Brigids and the Polish Cemetery in the 1960s.